Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3843


After three days …

Zhu Hengyu commander with 300 elites in battle, accompanied by Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan, arrived at Giethoorn Island, entered Giethoorn City, and went through the check-in formalities with the Mo Shuai stationed by the military.

Giethoorn, located in a valley.

The reason to build a village here is because there is a clear spring in the valley.

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The three major freshwater resources are the clear spring in Giethoorn, the deep well in Yangwei, and a natural lake in the center of an island.

Among them, the natural lake is safe and secure and is in the hands of Monster Race.

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If you do n’t occupy three fresh water sources, there is no water to drink on this Giethoorn island.

Thus, the clear spring in Yangjiaocheng and the deep well in Yangwei are the must-see!

Monster Race wants to occupy this Giethoorn island, it must occupy these three major freshwater resources.

As long as the three major freshwater resources are monopolized, the Moyang tribe cannot be stationed here for a long time.

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Whoever controls the freshwater resources controls the Giethoorn!

To this day, two of the three major freshwater resources are in the hands of the Moyang tribe.

It can be seen how fierce the battle between Giethoorn and Sheeptail City is.

After the transfer is completed, Ghost Town Desire not at all directly lets Zhu Hengyu leave.

Rather keep him …

Sit on top of the handsome seat, and Shoujiao Moshuai sits behind the case.

Serious looking at Zhu Hengyu, the horned city devil handsome said solemnly: “I’ve heard about you …”

This …

Zhu Hengyu’s complexion suddenly sank when he heard the words of the shofar devil.

Zhu Hengyu is very clear that what he has sinned against is the entire class of devil.

So wherever you go, will not be welcomed by this class.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu’s somber complexion, Ghost Town Demon handsome said: “You don’t have to worry too much. Although I received a message from Liu Feng, you must know that I and he are not the same person!”

In the military department, there are actually two Great Sect lines.

The first faction is a local faction, also called a combat faction.

This faction has a lot of coefficients.

They are usually stationed at the front, commanding the army, and fighting with foreigners for years.

The second faction belongs to the military faction, also called the military and political faction.

This faction is generally not on the front lines.

They are mainly responsible for the military and political construction and personnel management in the military.

Responsible for verification of military merits, and promotion and reduction of military ranks and ranks.

The devil handsomes of the actual combat group are all heavy soldiers in their hands, which can be said to be one of power.

Muscles of the military and political schools are usually not in charge.

But they have the power of the military in their hands.

The patriarch Liu Feng of the Liu Family is the commander of the military and political factions.

And Zhang Kui, the magic coach of Giethoorn, is the commander of the actual faction!

Although outside the military headquarters, in the eyes of the poor, the entire military headquarters is in harmony.

In fact, within the military department, there are also two Great Sect lines.

Also, the struggle between the two Great Sects is also very tricky.

The combatants look down on the military and political factions.

The military and political factions don’t look at the actual factions.

So, although Liu Feng sent a message, he said it was aimed at Zhu Hengyu.

But in fact, Zhang Kui doesn’t look at Liu Feng at all.

Everyone is a devil, why do you order me?

On the contrary …

If Liu Feng’s hand can be stretched into Zhang Kui’s account.

You can decide the life and death of His Majesty Zhang Kui at will.

So what prestige and prestige does Zhang Kui have?

How could everyone obey him obediently and obey his commandments?

Therefore, Zhang Kui will not only deliberately target Zhu Hengyu.

Instead, he will protect Zhu Hengyu as much as possible.

Anyway, the generals under Zhang Kui’s account can’t be framed by other magic handsomes casually.

In Zhang Kui’s opinion …

Liu Feng tried to step in, just disrespecting him.

Everyone is not a faction. You still want to do it now, who are you Zhang Kui?

So to express indignation, to express anger.

It is also to demonstrate the rights and status of his position.

Not only did Zhang Kui immediately put Zhu Hengyu and his Majesty Legion on the front line.

Instead, Zhu Hengyu was given a three-month adaptation period.

In the next three months, Zhu Hengyu and his army will not be on the front line.

While preparing for training, go to the front to observe, adapt to the situation of the front, and make all preparations in advance.

Anyway …

Zhang Kui will not take Zhu Hengyu as cannon fodder, and sacrifice it casually.

Liu Feng has to deal with Zhu Hengyu. Zhang Kui will not stop him.

But that must be after Zhu Hengyu left Giethoorn.

Now, since Zhu Hengyu is the majesty of Her Majesty Zhang Kui, no one is allowed to harass him.

Otherwise, it’s hitting Zhang Kui’s face!

Facing Zhang Kui’s protection, Zhu Hengyu is naturally grateful.

Zhu Hengyu knows very well that Zhang Kui isn’t acting like a fool.

Otherwise, he would not be able to give Zhu Hengyu a trimming and observation period of three months.

Just sending him directly to the front line is enough for Zhu Hengyu to drink.

Unprepared, Zhu Hengyu can save a small life.

But he has no ability to protect his 300 elites.

If the loss is too severe, then things will be troublesome.

Once his army is too small, Zhu Hengyu will not be able to complete the task assigned by the magic handsome in the future.

Thanks to Zhang Kuishuai sincerely, Zhu Hengyu took Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan and left the handsome account.

According to the command issued by Zhang Kuimai, Zhu Hengyu rushed to a vacant military camp at the northern corner of Western District, Yangjiao.

Entering the barracks, Zhu Hengyu turns around in the barracks.

This barracks is apparently just vacated.

The surrounding litter and debris are obviously new.

There is very little ash on the ground.

After a circle, Zhu Hengyu gave orders to Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan.

Next, Su Ziyun is responsible for arranging 300 elites to live in each barracks.

Su Xiaowan is in charge of logistics.

Responsible for your food, clothing, and transportation, as well as bedding and beds.

After everything is settled, Su Ziyun will be responsible for the next training.

Although Su Ziyun’s inheritance magic skill is not the same as these elites.

But overall, they are both long-range shooters.

A lot of things are connected.

It’s absolutely appropriate for Su Ziyun to train these elites.

As for Su Xiaowan, of course, she will not be idle.

Su Ziyun’s main training …

Su Xiaowan focuses on housework and ideological education.

Su Xiaowan and Su Ziyun, one civil and one military, are a perfect match!

And Zhu Hengyu, of course, will not be idle anymore …

He needs a lot of medicine ingredients from Genki Island to make them into medicine pill.

Only by making enough medicine pill can you quickly upgrade the Devil Body of those warriors.

Everyone ’s Devil Body rank is high enough to better kill the enemy.

Only everyone’s Devil Body is high enough to help everyone survive better.

Of course …

Don’t blindly train.

Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan, and Zhu Hengyu.

everyday all takes a certain amount of time, commanding 300 soldiers to go to the front line to watch the battle on the ground.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Otherwise, if you step into the battlefield, you don’t even know how you died.

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