Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3844


Giethoorn is built at the entrance of the canyon, and the entrance passage is tightly blocked.

If you want to enter the canyon and completely capture Giethoorn, you must break through the high city wall.

The soldiers of the Moyang tribe are stationed on the city wall that is more than 3,000 meters long.

The city wall of more than 3,000 meters is not a straight line.

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The protruding part of each wavy city wall is nearly 100 meters long.

Once the Monster Race army is killed, the magic general will have to command his own soldiers, resist on the city wall, and fight!

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Otherwise, the magic generals stationed in this City Wall section will be detained and even punished.

The day after he settled in Giethoorn, Zhu Hengyu witnessed a fierce and unimaginable battle.

Originally, in the opinion of Zhu Hengyu …

There is a city wall that can block the enemy. Such a city should not be too difficult to defend.

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The first assassin of the Monster Race is the goat race of the Monster Race!

The Goat tribe cultivator is basically the same in appearance as the Devil tribe.

The only difference is that the goats are thinner and slimmer.

Although the goats are young, they have a handful of gray beards on their chins.

Goat tribe soldiers are really too strong.

Between flying and flying, it not only jumps like flying on flat ground.

Even if you are on a vertical and steep city wall, you can run and jump freely, which is terrifying!

For the goat cultivator, this city wall is just like peace, and it ran all the way.

If only the Demon Soldier of the goat family would say …

But the problem is that the vultures of the Monster Race and the cultivator of the griffins are more difficult.

The vulture and griffin archers can fly into the air under the impetus of ordnance.

Although they can’t fly, they can hover in the air for a short time, stay high, and shoot at the magic sheep soldiers on the city wall.

An arrow rains down, often causing a lot of killings.

Changed to a normal cultivator, once it is flying into the air by an ordnance bomb, it is necessary to fall to death.

But the griffins and vultures have wings.

Although they were unable to fly due to the collapse of the battlefield’s hypergravity, they couldn’t even glide.

But their strong wings can protect them and fall safely from the air to the ground.

Such waves of arrows shot down, the height advantage of the city wall was completely reversed.

However, Griffins and Vultures are difficult to entangle.

But in contrast, the Monster General of the Hawks is even more terrifying.

The Monster Generals of the Hawks all have more than sixty Battle Physiques.

Under the impetus of the ordnance, they can not only get into the air.

You can even glide in the air with your wings!

Driven by the elasticity of ordnance …

The Eagle General Monster General can glide over the city wall at any time.

It even landed on the city, killing soldiers on the city wall.

Once damaged, the Hawk General Monsters can jump off the city wall at any time, glide for some distance in the air, and return to the rear of the Monster Race army.

For these Eagle General Monsters, there is really no way around the Devil Clan.

They come when they come, they kill if they kill!

No one can stay after killing.

Facing such a dangerous city wall offensive and defensive battle, Zhu Hengyu, Su Ziyun, Su Xiaowan, and three hundred million battle elites are extremely serious …

It is absolutely impossible to imagine such a terrible battle situation without witnessing it!

Stand behind the city wall, on top of the towering tower.

Looking ahead, the battlefield ahead is chaotic!

Look down and look …

Demon Soldier, an intensive ant-like goat family, rushes all the way. It runs along the steep city wall like a flat ground, and the city wall is impacted by the waves.

In the Demon Soldier camp in front of the city wall, batches of vultures, griffins, and archers burst into the sky one after another, raining the arrow rain.

At the same time, hundreds of Eagle General Monsters kept rising into the sky, landing on the city wall, setting off foul wind and bloody rain.

Where the Eagle General Monster passed, the broken arm and stump flew together.

Blood and blood are splashing around …

The eagle claws that can penetrate the gold stone, all the Battle Armors are like paper, and they can’t provide any protection at all.

After the big kill, Eagle General Monster turned around and jumped off the city wall.

In the air, the Eagle General Monster spreads its wings and glides all the way back to the Monster Race formation.

After a short rest, I quickly bounced up again, rushed to the city wall again, and started killing!

Every moment …

There were countless Moyang tribe soldiers killed on the spot.

The tragic battle is beyond words!

After watching several battles in a row, Zhu Hengyu, Su Ziyun, Su Xiaowan, and the Three Hundred Demon Guard all have solemn expressions.

Although those veterans of all battles have participated in tens of thousands of battles, even tens of thousands of battles.

But in fact, they are just confronting them. They are only shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

What is the strength of shrimp soldiers and crab generals, let alone him.

The point is, they are all types of melee.

The methods and methods of attack are slightly monotonous.

Comparing the Monster Race army outside the city, it is really impossible to compare.

Heaven, earth, mid-air …

Monster Race’s attack is a full-three-dimensional strike.

Even if they need to be stationed, there is only a 100-meter-long City Wall section, which is really too difficult.

Holding is not a problem …

The problem is that casualties are really inevitable.

And once the first casualty occurs, the second casualty will soon appear.

So, for a week at most, these three hundred people may be dead and wounded.

Facing such a brutal battle …

Zhu Hengyu can’t come up with a great solution.

You know, those Goat Demon Soldiers who hit the city wall all have more than 40 Battle Physiques.

The vultures Demon Soldier rising from the sky and raining in the sky, and the griffin Demon Soldier, all exist in more than fifty Battle Physique.

As for the monster generals that rushed to the city wall, they all have the terrifying existence of Battle Physique in more than sixty and even seventy.

With a heavy heart, Zhu Hengyuentire group left the high-rise rooftop and went all the way down …

Led by Zhu Hengyu, everyone entered the Conference Hall and started today’s discussion.

However, Zhu Hengyu did not stay here for too long.

Within less than a quarter of an hour, he got up and left.

The following discussion will be moderated by Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan.

As for Zhu Hengyu, his most important task is to refine medicine pill and improve everyone’s Devil Body.

If you can’t raise the Devil Body level to more than fifty before entering the battlefield.

I am afraid that even the impact of the Goat Demon Soldier is difficult to resist.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

All the Demon Guards, all stood up, respectfully watched Zhu Hengyu leave.

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