Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3846


After all the drunkards have harvested a large amount of money, they greet the shop second.

No longer willing to drink those inferior water and wine, but ask them to take out the best drinks in the store.

Originally …

Zhu Hengyu has planned to leave after acquiring Platinum Light Armor.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest update.

It’s more than two months before we set foot on the battlefield. Don’t worry.

So curious …

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

Sit gently beside the magician, Zhu Hengyu said solemnly: “May I ask you for a few drinks?”

How many drinks can I have?

He looked up in confusion, and the demon would look at Zhu Hengyu with his sleepy eyes.

Obviously, he didn’t quite understand why Zhu Hengyu asked him to drink.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

The people sitting in this tavern have no future, no future living dead.

Although they are still alive, they see no hope.

Sooner or later, they will surely die here.

Dying on the city wall of Giethoorn!

Fortunately, no one will refuse to ask someone to drink.

You don’t have to spend a penny to get good wine, so why refuse?

Soon …

Zhu Hengyu asked the shop’s second child to get a good spirit.

Zhu Hengyu and the magician then whispered.

No need to say more about the specifics of the conversation.

The demon is already drunk. When he talks, he doesn’t talk about the preface.

Moreover, the content expressed is intermittent.

However, from the other party’s cluttered statement, Zhu Hengyu sorted out the truth.

In this tavern, there are really no future for the twenty or thirty member magicians sitting at this moment.

These generals, like Zhu Hengyu, were exiled to Giethoorn after making mistakes.

But Zhu Hengyu was only assigned for six years.

After six years, Zhu Hengyu can leave here and continue to be cheerful.

These generals in the tavern were actually Eternal Exile.

As long as they are not dead, they must stay in this Giethoorn city against the Monster Race army.

They will not be released until after death.

To this day, the soldiers of the Majesty will be dead.

Even if you are on the city wall, there are no soldiers.

Thus, these demons will be in despair and can only hide in this tavern, drunken stupor every day.

Mousai doesn’t want to use these guys either.

But the problem is now!

These guys are desperate.

For them, early death and later death are death, they are not the handsome command of the bird devil!

Of course …

The magic commander can also order them by force.

But the problem now is that there are twenty or thirty magicians here!

Also, these guys are completely desperate.

It really annoys them. Once these guys join forces, they can really kill the magic handsome on the spot!

Several magic coaches have complained to the military for this purpose.

But what about the military?

According to the current military law, as long as the demon will not betray Demon Race, he will never be sentenced to death.

They are now in Giethoorn by Eternal Exile.

Before the opponent did not betray Demon Race, this was already a capital punishment, and there was no way to punish them.

In fact, there is a reason why the other party is disobedient.

The soldiers under their command are dead.

I want them to be on the city wall! You made up for my soldiers!

The problem now is that the military does not directly recruit and train soldiers.

All the soldiers are recruited and trained by the magic themselves.

Therefore, the military did not have any soldiers.

This way …

These demons will not be able to leave Giethoorn and cannot recruit and train soldiers.

The military did not add soldiers to them.

So they can justify and hide in this tavern, drunken stupor.

Through the adjustment of the Ministry of Military Affairs, these thirty-three magicians will still obey the command of the handsome commander at critical times.

In the event of a major crisis on the city wall, they will still rush to the city wall as soon as possible to fight the Demon Soldier.

But at other times apart from this, they are not birds.

If it is not forbidden, even if the commander of the devil is handsome, they are not birds.

Listening to the statement of the drunkard, Zhu Hengyu finally understood.

These guys are desperate because they really don’t have a future.

What really makes them despair is because there is no hope!

Eternal Exile, this is really cruel.

Unless they die, they can never leave Giethoorn.

Otherwise, it is against the military order.

In violation of the military order, betrayed Demon Race.

And once betrayed Demon Race, it is definitely kill without mercy!

Therefore, they dare not fight the military orders, and they see no hope.

What can you do besides drunken stupor in the tavern?

Looking at the tavern, the eyes of the thirty-three magical generals, Zhu Hengyu, gradually lit up.


If you think about it, he seems to give everyone hope!

There are still eighteen Golden Cores in Zhu Hengyu’s dimensional bracelet!

Once the Golden Core is used, they can break through the sixty Devil Body crickets.

Once the sixty-segment Devil Body breaks through, raise the Devil Body position to seventy.

Then accumulate enough military power! They can be promoted to the magical handsome!

At that time, they can return to freedom, leave Giethoorn, and do whatever they want.

You know, no matter what convictions they’ve been convicted before, it’s just against the generals.

Once they’ve been promoted to Devil.

All previous disciplinary orders will be invalid.

No one can punish them unless they make another big mistake again.

At first, Zhu Hengyu didn’t know about this regulation.

The reason why it is so clear now is from Su Xiaowan.

Su Xiaowan is also Eternal Exile.

Until she die, she cannot leave the Outer Sheep Islands.

Leaving this time without authorization actually violated the military order.

If the opponent is fierce, Su Xiaowan can be convicted of betrayal of Demon Race.

But it is clear that everyone knows that Su Xiaowan did not really betray the Demon Race by leaving the Outer Yang Islands.

She just wants to go to Liu Family and ask for forgiveness.

So Su Xiaowan and Zhu Hengyu were exiled to Yangjiao Island.

It was also because of Su Xiaowan that Zhu Hengyu learned a lot of secret military methods.

For example, once Su Xiaowan is promoted to Devil Marshal, all disciplinary orders will be invalidated instantly.

The warlords who can sanction the magic generals cannot be sanctioned by the magic handsome!

Demon Race is full support for the Devil.

As long as you do n’t betray Demon Race, there is almost no taboo.

In fact, the Marshal himself can already participate in the formulation of military law.

Therefore, the restrictions on military commanders by the military law are really minimal.

Looking around for a week, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

They are desperate because they don’t see the slightest hope.

So, he gives them hope.

With hope, I believe that these veteran magical generals will definitely cheer up again.

If you can use the Golden Core to break obstacles, recruit eighteen magicians.

So …

With the protection of eighteen members of the old-fashioned magical generals, the life safety of the Tianmo Guard is really guaranteed!

Between thinking, Zhu Hengyu’s breathing couldn’t help but rush.

However, Zhu Hengyu still has to think twice about this.

There are thirty-three members here.

Also, there are definitely not here today.

Zhu Hengyu’s barrier-breaking Golden Core is only eighteen in total.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

From these more than 30 members, choose the best among the best, and choose the 18 most powerful and reliable members!

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