Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3847


For the next month or so, Zhu Hengyu will go to the tavern to drink, besides pill concocting.

everyday all and different people …

However, not everyone is willing to drink with Zhu Hengyu.

Speaking of which, I do n’t know if it ’s a coincidence, or it ’s doomed.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest update.

In the process of drinking, although I ca n’t say how happy it is, I still have endless words.

The other fifteen people simply rejected Zhu Hengyu and did not treat him.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

Of course, Zhu Hengyu doesn’t care.

Anyway, he does n’t have that many broken golden cores. If they all agree, he still does n’t know how to choose.

After more than a month …

Zhu Hengyu finally went through all the magic generals, and issued invitations to the eighteen of them.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

As for Zhu Hengyu’s invitation, the eighteen members of the magical generals all agreed.

Anyway, they are idle, even extremely boring.

Why not go if you have wine, meat, and that many friends?

After hearing this, the magic generals who once refused Zhu Hengyu’s hospitality, even wanted to go.

But obviously, since they rejected Zhu Hengyu, Zhu Hengyu can only refuse them now.

Not how stingy Zhu Hengyu …

In fact, he only has eighteen broken Golden Cores.

If there are more than eighteen people, there will be no way to distribute Golden Core.

Night …

After training for more than 300 months, the 300 battle elites can finally rest and relax.

On the playground of the barracks, a huge bonfire was set up.

All kinds of meat and wine are served.

The whole bonfire dinner was called an in a frenzy.

Gorge oneself, but not at all drunk!

The reason for this is because Zhu Hengyu not at all prepared too many drinks.

He called everyone this time, not for drinking.

The real purpose of Zhu Hengyu is to recruit these demons.

So it is impossible for Zhu Hengyu to prepare too many drinks.

Once everyone is drunk, what will happen to the next conversation?

But fortunately, everyone drinks every day. Everyday is drunk. There is no shortage of drinks.

On the contrary, I am very interested in the meat that is grilled on the spot. The oil flowing from the corner of my mouth is so refreshing!

After you’re full of rice …

Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan, commanding three hundred name Tianmo Guard, returned to the barracks and went to rest.

For a moment, there were only Zhu Hengyu and the eighteen members of the magic camp by the bonfire!

right hand In a wave, eighteen small white jade bottles appeared on the case in front of Zhu Hengyu.

Looking around for a week …

Zhu Hengyu said indifferently: “I have eighteen Golden Cores here, I don’t know if everyone is interested!”


Breakthrough Golden Core!

I heard the name of the broken Golden Core, the eighteen magicians at the scene, and my eyes widened.

You know, everyone present has already owned sixty Devil Body.

Every time they have eaten wild ancient magic fruits, they have the ability to demonize.

The reason why it is still stuck in Devil Body 60 is because of the lack of this broken Golden Core!

Looking at the eighteen bottles of broken Golden Core in front of Zhu Hengyu.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes released sharp rays of light.

Looking at everyone’s excitement, Zhu Hengyu not at all continued to talk.

Breaking obstacles Golden Core means what it means, it does not need Zhu Hengyu to explain.

Zhu Hengyu believes that since they can achieve magic, there must be no problem in IQ.

They are desperate because they cannot see hope.

At this moment, hope is here. Do you want to catch it? It’s all up to them.

For everyone’s choice, Zhu Hengyu is not worried.

The Golden Core is the hope of the eighteen magicians present.

As the saying goes, this is their life-saving straw!

Unless they are really tired, they really do n’t want to continue living.

Otherwise, if everything is sacrificed, they will definitely catch everything in front of them!

A long silence …

Finally, a middle-aged magi with a strong body and a clumsy face said solemnly: “I want to know, what do we need to pay to get the Golden Core broken?”

Looked deeply at the middle-aged magician, Zhu Hengyu said calmly:

“It doesn’t matter what I want, what’s important … Do you have what I need?”

“Think about yourself. If you were me, what kind of person would you give this broken Golden Core to?”

In the face of Zhu Hengyu’s words, everyone was meditating.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s guidance, everyone subconsciously shifted their angles and meditated silently.

Yeah …

If they changed to Zhu Hengyu, who would they give this broken Golden Core to?


No no no …

Each person here has more than eighteen children.

Everyone has only one child, but after countless years, their grandchildren, grandchildren, probably have thousands, even tens of thousands.

In fact, everyone here has a few children.

Ask yourself, will they give them expensive golden light Barrier Breaking Pill like this treasure?

No no no …

Unless their children and grandchildren are shocking and stunning.

Available in the endless purgatory, you can snatch a wild fruit.

Otherwise, even their own sons, biological parents, must not be assigned a barrier-breaking Golden Core.

It has nothing to do with filial piety, it’s all because it’s not cost-effective.

If so precious, just waste it.

So how do their forces build up?

Tap lightly on the glass of wine, everyone thought a lot.

Thinking about it, everyone found it uniformly.

Golden Core, such a precious barrier, they will only give to those who can use them, and will use them, and loyal to them.

Even if they are not their own brother sisters, nor are they their relatives or friends.

As long as they are loyal, as long as they are willing to use them, as long as they can help themselves.

So …

They will never mind, and give them a broken Golden Core!

If the masters are willing to be their left and right arms, loyal and loyal to them.

So giving them these broken Golden Cores, isn’t it equivalent to giving them?

The other way around …

If those so-called masters are unwilling to use them.

In other words, the loyalty of those masters cannot be guaranteed.

So …

Such a precious treasure, they would rather throw it into a puddle than the cheap-eyed wolf!

Thus, thinking about it is just a sentence …

For me to use, you can get it.

If it’s not for me, don’t think about it.

Thinking here, everyone looked up silently and looked at Zhu Hengyu.

Obviously, Zhu Hengyu took out these eighteen broken Golden Cores in order to recruit them.

As long as they are willing to swear allegiance to Zhu Hengyu, it will be used by Zhu Hengyu.

Everyone present can get an obstacle-breaking Golden Core

Otherwise, although there are many broken Golden Cores here, they have nothing to do with them.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

A bitter smile gradually appeared on his face!

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