Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3851


The stronger Zhu Hengyu is, the stronger everyone is.

The stronger everyone is, the stronger Zhu Hengyu is!

Now, such a good opportunity is in front of you. If you don’t know how to fight hard, everyone will regret it.

哧哧 … 哧哧 哧哧 ……

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

Senior magic stones can be sent out one after another.

Due to the flare of fire, the Goat Demon Soldier in front of him fell down in rows.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

Every breath, thousands of Demon Soldier fell down.

But looking at the entire battlefield, such damage is simply insignificant.

At this time, the Monster Race launched a total of 3,000,000 Demon Soldiers and hit the city wall at the same time.

The commander of Monster Race, sitting in the rear, cannot detect the loss on the front line.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Thus, even the 300-day Demon Guard frantically shot the Demon Soldier of the Goat tribe.

However, the rear of the Monster Race, the commander of the Monster Race, still ordered a full impact, and never allowed to retreat.

But there are deficiencies, kill without mercy!

You can’t blame the Monster Race commander silly.

After all, similar battles have been going on for countless years.

From now until now, the race between Monster Race and Demon Race is actually a battle of attrition.

Until one party runs out of food and the soldiers are exhausted, there is no way to win.

Therefore, no one cares about death and injury and so on.

It doesn’t matter if the soldiers die, as long as they can also consume the opponent’s soldiers, they will make money.

The population of Monster Race is close to one trillion.

It would be a good thing if such a large population could die more.

Time is passing by every minute …

After firing hundreds of rounds of superior mana stones.

The soldiers of the Monster Race finally rushed to a distance of 300 metres.

Zhu Hengyu does not need to give an order, all the Sky Demon Guards will be automatically replaced with intermediate magic stones.

Continue their attack!

And just in the time of the hunted breaths, three hundred name Tianmo Guard fired more than 30,000 superior magic stones.

At this point, there will be a whole day of fighting, only the hunted breaths time will be turned on.

Fortunately, in the next time, it will be enough to consume the intermediate magic stone.

The consumption per unit time can be reduced by a factor of 100.

But even if it is reduced by a hundred times, it will cost 3,000,000 primary magic stones every hunted breath time!

Looking at the city wall, Zhu Hengyu, the monster race army full of pits and valleys, could not help touching the chin, and carefully observed it.

In other paragraphs of the city wall, the goat tribe Demon Soldier has already rushed near the city head.

Starting with the Demon Clan soldiers, entering the stage of short-term contact.

Zhu Hengyu’s location, but there is no Demon Soldier, can be a half step closer to the city!

You know, the city wall of the Devil Clan is 100 meters high!

Although it is said to be on flat ground, in fact, can the speed of running on flat ground be the same as the speed of running on cliffs?

Although the Goat Demon Soldier can indeed run on the vertical city wall, their running speed on the city wall is doubled.

Under the shot of the three hundred days magic Guard, they have no chance to set foot in the city.

Looking at the city wall, the millions of Demon Soldier.

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but stare.

At this moment …

If he smashes a flaming meteor, what will happen?

If you can kill millions of Demon Soldiers here in a few seconds.

Zhu Hengyu’s harvest is too big!

Slightly groaning for a little while, Zhu Hengyu made a decided decision.

Zhu Hengyu is facing Su Ziyun, and Su Xiaowan said, “You two protect the law for me!”

After hearing what Hengyu Zhu said, Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan couldn’t help it.

I don’t understand what Zhu Hengyu is doing.

Facing the doubtful gaze of the two, Zhu Hengyu smiled slightly, but not at all began to explain.

Took a long and deep breath, Zhu Hengyu looked up at the sky, raised his hands, aimed at the red sun above the sky!

Flaming meteor!

咚咚 …

With the launch of Zhu Hengyu, in an instant, two thunderous roars sounded above the sky.

Look up and look into the sky …

As you see it, a fiery flame appeared beside the sun.

One big and one small, two Fireballs, suspended above the sky.

Seeing this scene, Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan couldn’t help but be dismayed!

Obviously, this big Fireball next to the sun was launched by Zhu Hengyu.

But this isn’t this too ridiculous!

Judging from the wave when this magic is launched, this is obviously a taboo-level inheritance magic!

Inheritance magic is not only divided into five levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Ultimate, and Unique.

In fact, inheritance magic beyond these major categories also exists.

However, this inheritance magic cannot be learned directly.

It’s the fusion.

Multiple magics of the same nature, when combined with each other, can produce a powerful magic.

This magic not only has a huge formidable power, but also a huge hit range!

Once launched, you can even destroy a city in one hit!

Thus, this type of magic is also called city magic!

But how can such a terrible magic be an ordinary cultivator?

It has terrible destructive power, and it also has a large strike range.

This way, the magic you need is very scary.

It’s basically impossible to launch with one person alone.

And most importantly …

Once the launch fails, the magic releaser will be disabled if he does not die.

Thus, this type of magic is also called taboo magic.

Once this magic is launched, no matter whether it is successful or not, the initiator will probably lose his life.

Suddenly looking at Zhu Hengyu …

Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan don’t understand.

Now that the form is very good, why should Zhu Hengyu risk his life to launch taboo magic!

咚咚 … 咚咚 ……

The fierce roar, continuously pressing down from the sky.

Blazing heat, burning the earth.

For a moment, two suns appeared in the sky.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu’s magical flaming meteor getting bigger and bigger.

Within the handsome rear of the Monster Race, coldly snorted came.

I saw a silver rays of light that burst into the air, whistling at the demon flaming meteor in the air and stunned.

嘣 … hong long!

The silver light rising from the sky should be an arrow.

Under everyone’s attention, the silver light instantly exploded on the magical flaming meteor.

In the roar of Heaven Falls and Earth Rends, the magic flaming meteor burst into air.

The gigantic devil flaming meteor was instantly blasted into thousands of pieces.

Blazing fire …

The tens of thousands of fragments fell from the sky above and downward.

At a glance, the sky seemed to have a rain of fire.

pu chi ……

The moment the devil flaming meteor was blasted.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

At the same time, Zhu Hengyu’s brain fell into a coma for a moment.

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