Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3855


Under fear

Zhu Hengyu took three steps and did two steps to reach the city wall at full speed.

On top of the entire city, even a silhouette of the Demon Guard can’t be seen.

In accordance with the military law of Giethoorn.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

Otherwise, once you enter the city wall, you must never leave.

In other words, except for the magic general! Once on the city wall, you cannot leave before the battle.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

This is enough to show that they have died collectively!


Between Zhu Hengyu’s frustration.

In the direction outside the city wall, the horn of Monster Race’s all-out attack sounded harshly.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

As you can see, the tide-like Monster Race army swept from the sky.

Seeing this, the generals of the Devil Clan did not dare to neglect.

At an order, 36 drummers picked up the drumsticks.

Strike the 36 snare drums.

dong dong dong

Deep drums, a series of crisp footsteps rang from behind Zhu Hengyu.

Turn your head and look in the direction of the sound.

In the sight, Zhu Hengyu almost burst into tears with joy!

Under Zhu Hengyu’s gaze

Three hundred name Tianmo Guard. From the exits next to it, Yuguan walked out.

No one noticed the presence of Zhu Hengyu

As soon as all the Demon Guards appeared, they quickly reached the city wall before reaching the city wall.

At the same time, the thirty members of the demon generals also took out their weapons and stood guard next to the demon Guard.


With Su Ziyun’s order.

in an instant, a fiery blast of fire erupted from a rocket gun in the hands of three hundred name Tianmo Guard.

Look and see

Three hundred Tianmo Guard lined up, guarding the city wall in the nearby 300 metres area.

Between the flames of fire in hand, rockets roared and shot out from the muzzle.

Half a year ago

When Zhu Hengyu was unconscious.

The three hundred name Tianmo Guards will take a breath before they can launch a magic sniper!

But half a year later, when Zhu Hengyu finally woke up from a coma.

The three hundred name Tianmo Guards can be launched once with only 0.6 breaths!

The firing frequency has almost doubled!

Dudu Dudu Dudu

Amid the sharp whistling sounds of rockets burst out from time to time.

moved towards city wall, the densely packed Demon Soldier spilled.

Rocket Passing

The densely packed Demon Soldier fell into pieces.

There is no Demon Soldier in front of the city wall within 300 metres, and you can stand there.

Just at this time

Monster Race’s camp slammed three gray silhouettes.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s gaze, the three members of the Eagle General Monster General, pushed by the equipment, Hengkong stunned towards the city head.

I saw Su Ziyun coldly smiled

Bend bow and place arrow, one of the Monster Generals was locked in his eyes.


The Monster General, headed by Eagles, is approaching the city for a moment.

Su Ziyun loosened his left hand and hit an arrow. He blasted the Eagle General Monster out of the air.

An arrow just shot

Su Ziyun not at all stopped attacking, and under the bend bow and place arrow again, a shock arrow shot out instantly.


During the dull sound, the monster general Monster Monster was set in midair.

Under the concussion of the concussion arrow, the Monster General Monster stunned.

The huge body suddenly fell down.

Seeing this, Su Ziyun shouted aloud-set fire!

With Su Ziyun’s voice.

in an instant, the surrounding demon Guards turned their muzzles at the same time.

More than three hundred rockets, moved towards the air, the free-falling Eagle General Monster shot in the past.

ding ding dong dong hong long!

The sniper shots that the magic can snatch are all blocked by the steel armor of the Eagle General Monster General.

However, it’s not that simple to kill.

Even if a steel armor resists it, it is not immune.

The biggest feature of magic can kill is that every time it hits the target, it will cause the opponent’s total life strength to be at least 1% damage

Moreover, when the opponent’s life strength is below 10%, a sniper effect will appear.

That hawk Monster General, after suffering ten consecutive blows.

Finally sniper!

When the corpse of the Monster General Monster finally landed on the ground.

I ca n’t die anymore

However, Su Ziyun alone can only deal with one Monster General.

Soon, two other Monster Generals flew over the city.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiaowan was coldly smiled. Between the moments of her right foot, the freezing magic started instantly!

Two Hawk General Monsters have just flew into the city and have not launched an attack yet.

Frozen magic, frozen in the air!

I saw the twenty-seven magic generals in charge of guarding the surrounding area, and immediately rose into the air, beating the two members of the Hawk General Monster General!

Two Monster Generals, each attacked by thirteen or four generals.

The two members of Monster General were extremely embarrassed. After barely supporting two moves, they were instantly scared witless.

However, the strength of the Eagle General Monster General is beyond doubt.

Although one of the Monster Generals failed to withstand the siege of the magic general, he was killed on the spot.

But another Hawk general, Monster General, avoided the fatal blow in time.

Unfortunately, he accidentally jumped off the city wall.

With his wings, he glides in the direction of the Monster Race army.

Of course the three hundred name Tianmo Guard can’t let him go.

Since it’s here, it’s not so easy to leave.

More than 300 muzzles in the air locked the Eagle General Monster’s body and shot intensively.

xiu xiu xiu xiu xiu

A sharp cracking sound.

Countless rockets chased behind the Eagle General Monster General, firing all the way.


These rockets, not at all have auto-tracking capabilities.

You cannot change direction once you shoot.

Faced with the rockets coming in, the magic can snipe the puppets.

The Eagle General Monster General finally shows an extraordinary side.

The Eagle General Monster flickers in the air, soaring freely.

Because you can’t let it go, avoid the shots from one rocket after another.

Looking at the extremely flexible Eagle General Monster General, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help stunning.

Under the shooting of more than 300 name Tianmo Guard.

The Monster General Monster actually forcibly relied on dodge to avoid all rocket firings and fell into the community of Demon Soldier and disappeared.

Horror! Too scary

The Eagle General Monster can hardly be locked by long-range strikes.

Under the blast of a storm, you can find a safe passage and leave.

If Su Ziyun does not have infinite lock, I am afraid that there is nothing to do with this Eagle Monster Monster.

If it’s not Su Xiaowan’s frozen magic, it’s a range attack and there is no way to avoid it.

I’m afraid they can’t threaten these Hawk generals in the slightest.

Between Zhu Hengyu’s admiration

next moment, Su Xiaowan found Zhu Hengyu.

Seeing that Zhu Hengyu finally woke up, Su Xiaowan suddenly made a cheering sound.

Following Su Xiaowan’s ecstatic gaze, everyone found Zhu Hengyu.

For a moment, cheers arose above the city.

Not to mention, Su Ziyun, Su Xiaowan and the others, how to cheer for joy.

The other side

The news of Zhu Hengyu’s awakening soon passed to Moshuai House.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Magic Zhang Kui, send someone over for the first time, please Zhu Hengyu go to the handsome account for a while.

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