Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3857


Compared to the city wall, there are more than thirty magical generals.

Zhu Hengyu is simply Deity!

On his own.

You only need to use the power of your little finger to suppress Monster Race.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

Private conversation with the Demon Guard

At the beginning, the handsome Zhang Kui was very angry.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

These guys are so derogatory to the magic generals, why not say that he is incompetent?

But after more than a month of watching.

Zhang Kuimaishuai has to admit that these Demon Guards are really too strong.

A demon can kill threw away, but it can be said to die if you touch it, and die if you rub it!

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

The destructive power of these demon guards has been rapidly improved.

Although the progress of each day is not too big.

But in the whole month, the destructive power of these Demon Guards has doubled!

This is too bad!

You know, the Devil Body of these Demon Guards has reached sixty paragraphs!

Unless you grab the magical fruit of the ancient times, you can eat a Golden Core.

Otherwise, their Devil Body will no longer improve.

But with the same Devil Body.

Their attack power is rapidly increasing at a speed visible to naked eyes.

Time to now

The griffins and vultures shooters that have risen up in the air are already difficult to stop them.

A distance of 2000 metres, they can shoot a griffin shooter and a vulture shooter in one shot!

Although this improvement is getting slower and slower, it shows no sign of stopping!

Such an army of horrors, His Majesty Zhu Hengyu, has more than three thousand, which is too horrible.

How terrifying it would be if such an army was allowed to grow up!

The most shocking Zhang Kui Mo Shuai was even shocked:

He has personally experienced the formidable power of Demon Sniper.

Although the sniper can’t break his defense, it will cause him substantial damage.

However, every time he is hit, his Devil Body will suffer severe shocks and shocks.

I have already blocked the magic sniper

But he still lost 1% of his total life strength under the shock of the magic sniper!

In other words, if a hundred monsters can hit and shoot.

Even his diignified Demon Slayer will be sniped on the spot under the 91st Demon Sniper.

This is too scary

Especially with Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan.

The three hundred demon Guard is invincible.

With a long distance, Su Ziyun cooperates with infinite lock, which is enough to prevent him from approaching.

Even if you approach, you will be instantly blown away.

Not only that, Su Ziyun’s concussion arrow will also set him in place.

Although it hasn’t been long.

But during this time, it was enough for the three hundred name Tianmo Guard to fire three or four rounds.

Also, even if he is closer now?

Su Xiaowan’s freezing magic, but the range hit.

Once it enters the range of freezing magic, it is impossible to evade, and it will be frozen.

In front of the three hundred name Tianmo Guard.

As long as you are set to rest, it is already dead.

Horror! horrible

This monster can snipe, if there are only one or two, or a dozen, maybe it is not too terrifying.

But once more than one hundred soldiers who are good at sniping can be almost invincible.

In the past six months

Hundreds of Monster Generals who died in the hands of Tenmon Guard are no longer known.

If, everything is exactly what those Devils Guard said.

Similar to the Devil Guard, there are more than 3,000 words.

So how terrible is a Legion?

Just because the soldiers are powerful, that ’s all.

The most important thing is that I learned a horrible message after Zhang Kui’s demon handsome knocked.

This terrifying message is Zhu Hengyu’s strength.

Just because soldiers are overbearing, they are not terrifying.

A flock of male lion commanders can defeat a lion commander of sheep.

As a Legion, the most terrifying thing is to be a peerless admiral forever!


Zhu Hengyu is such a peerless general.

On the information that Zhang Kui Mo Shuai has, Zhu Hengyu is already beyond description.

Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan who are so arrogant are all willing and willing to worship His Majesty.

Furthermore, Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo Shield has become the life barrier of the Demon Guard!

On one occasion, Zhang Kui Mo Shuai knocked side by side and asked Su Ziyun.

Have you ever thought that the commander is guarding the 300-day demon Guard against Zhu Hengyu to grab a class and seize power!

Facing Zhang Kuimaishuai’s inquiry, Su Ziyun screamed in shock, was I crazy? We haven’t lived enough yet!

Su Ziyun did not say any specific information though.

But apparently, his subconscious answer has exposed a lot of information.

Even if Su Ziyun sieges Zhu Hengyu with a 300-day demon Guard, he will definitely die very miserably.

It has nothing to do with loyalty

Su Ziyun’s horror and horror are all derived from the fear of Zhu Hengyu’s personal strength.

In Su Ziyun’s eyes, even if he joins the 300-day Demon Guard, he is still not Zhu Hengyu’s opponent.

Once you really fight, you will definitely die very miserably.

How could Zhu Hengyu’s strength be so strong!

Others may not know it, but Zhang Kui, who is a devil, is very clear.

Zhu Hengyu’s Devil Body is just sixty-four paragraphs.

Zhang Kuimaishuai asked himself, even if he went out of his own hands, he could not defeat Su Ziyun and his 300-day Captain Guard.

So how did Zhu Hengyu rely on the Devil Body of 64?


No matter how Zhang Kui Mo Shuai knocked side by side, Su Ziyun kept silent.

Obviously, it is Zhu Hengyu’s secret that Su Ziyun will not say.

Someone other than Su Ziyun did not know this information at all.

Especially those Devils Guard don’t even know it.

In the eyes of the Demon Guard, the three hundred of them are invincible.

Even if that person is Zhu Hengyu, there is no exception.

Therefore, even though Zhang Kuimaoshuai tries his best, he still cannot detect useful information.

But it is clear that Zhu Hengyu’s strength is beyond doubt.

Not to mention anything else, just the taboo magic he had performed before he was unconscious.

The so-called one-man army

As long as Zhu Hengyu can grow up smoothly.

When his Devil Body reaches more than ninety paragraphs.

He can use his own power to launch the magic flaming meteor.

Flaming meteor can destroy even a city instantly.

In front of such a master, the quantity is completely useless.

A forbidden spell was dropped, as long as there were no masters on his side to stop him.

So no matter how many opponents there are, they will be destroyed in one hit!

In the past six months

Zhang Kuiyu has mastered a lot of news about Zhu Hengyu through constant side-by-side attack.

Nothing else.

Only Zhu Hengyu’s inheritance of magic skills and magic, he has already heard the details.

Magic Imprisonment, Magic Flaming Meteor, Magic Shield, Unlimited Firepower, Power of Senro!

The four magic tricks in the front are also that ’s all. What surprised Zhang Kui Mo Shuai most is the power of Sen Luo!

The power of Sen Luo is one of the only nine inheritances.

The reason for the increasing destructive power of those Demon Guards is not actually that they have improved their strength.

It’s because of the power of Sen Luo donated by Zhu Hengyu in their bodies, that they have improved a little bit.

Zhang Kui is handsome. He has been stationed on Yanggau Island for countless years.

This is enough to show that Zhang Kui is by no means a powerful person with a background, a background, and a background.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

I don’t know how many years ago, I’m afraid I will be transferred to other places and have greater power.

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