Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3858


Giethoorn is the forefront. This is the hardest, most tiring and most dangerous place.

The Great Family, the children of the great forces, will never come here anyway.

Even if you have made a big mistake and been assigned, you will be transferred as soon as you have accumulated enough military skill.

Zhang Kui has been stationed here because he has no background, no background, and no background.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

I’m afraid Zhang Kui has already achieved Demon King for a long time and enjoys endless prosperity and wealth.

Unfortunately, this world has no if, only reality!

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How can Zhang Kui be willing?

It’s just bitter and tired and dangerous, it doesn’t matter.

But the problem now is that he doesn’t see any hope at all.

As long as he doesn’t die, it’s impossible to leave here.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Without high-end resources, his Devil Body rank can never be improved.

This way …

I am afraid that until death, he can only be a demon handsome.

But looking back at Zhu Hengyu, it’s quite different!

Although Zhu Hengyu doesn’t have any background or backstage, but unlike Zhang Kui’s devil, Zhu Hengyu’s background is too scary and exaggerated!

Zhu Hengyu can stand on his own by relying solely on the three thousand days of magic Guard.

Once he is given enough time, let him cultivate these three thousand days of magic Guard.

So … Once, one day, Zhu Hengyu will become the devil.

Within this Demon Race, Zhu Hengyu can run rampant!

If the magic will not betray the Demon Race, there will be a gold medal for death.

So as a devil, as long as you do n’t betray Demon Race, it ’s the Undying Body!

Even Demon King has to coax the devil.

There are many factions in the Devil Clan.

There are also strong and weak between the Great Demon Kings.

You’re not good to me, then I’ll go to other Demon King’s Majesty.

This is a normal transfer within the military department. Can’t be considered betrayal, not to mention betray Demon Race.

Compare with the magic ………

Mousai’s powers are too great and too free.

There are too many checks and balances on the magic.

Now, in front of Zhang Kuimaishuai, there are three choices.

The first option is to pretend you don’t know what to do, so I still get along with Zhu Hengyu.

Until Zhu Hengyu’s six-year term expires, he automatically leaves Giethoorn.

The second option is to show Zhu Hengyu well and give Zhu Hengyu enough convenience and sufficient rights to pay Zhu Hengyu well.

In the next six years, try to make friends with Zhu Hengyu, or even make friends!

The third option is more extreme.

If Zhang Kui has enough courage, he can put down his face and use the respect of the devil to work for Zhu Hengyu, a demon general, to be Zhu Hengyu’s pawn!

Three big choices will definitely get three different results.

Under the first option, the relationship between Zhang Kui and Zhu Hengyu is basically general.

Once Zhu Hengyu leaves, the relationship between them is broken and faded.

Under the second option, Zhang Kui and Zhu Hengyu are already good friends.

Once one day, Zhang Kui asks Zhu Hengyu.

Looking at the friendship in the past, Zhu Hengyu generally doesn’t stand idly by, but rather helps him!

As for the Third Type choice, there is no need to say more.

If Zhang Kui can really let go of everything and use Zhu Hunyu with the honor of the devil and the noble emperor.

So Zhu Hengyu would never dare to treat him anyway.

If Zhang Kui has any needs, he doesn’t even need to speak, Zhu Hengyu will take the initiative to consider it for him.

It’s just …

Zhang Kui can easily put down his face.

Which one is worthy of a hundred people who are worthy of being honored?

In the past six months, Zhang Kui has been embarrassing about this for a long time …

But he has been unable to make a decision.

You know, Zhang Kui has been on the throne of the magic handsome for countless years.

This countless years does not refer to a thousand years, or ten thousand years.

The specific number has been over 30,000,000 years!

In contrast, how long has it taken for Zhu Hengyu to be promoted to a hundred talents?

It’s only a few years.

At this moment, the gap between Zhu Hengyu and Zhang Kui is too big.

On top of the hundreds, there will be thousands of generals, 10,000 generals, and then the magic handsome!

Similar to Zhang Kui, the magic coach who can sit in a subduing a region, let alone those who are newcomers.

The military rank has a hierarchical system.

The rank of magic general is divided into three categories: one hundred generals, one thousand generals, ten thousand generals.

The ranks of Moshuai are divided into one star, two stars, three stars, four stars, and five stars.

Zhang Kui, he is a five-star devil!

As long as Devil Body reaches 80, you can be promoted to Demon King!

Unfortunately, Zhang Kui is lonely in Giethoorn and cannot obtain high-end resources at all.

As a result, his Devil Body rank has been stalled for countless years and has not been promoted.

Zhang Kui’s background is very low …

A slave to a big family!

Since he remembered, he has been bullied.

He once swears that one day, sooner or later, he will overthrow those who abuse him.

In fact, Zhang Kui did.

With outstanding innate talents and talents, Zhang Kui has risen all the way to the sky and has become a magical general!

The young children who had insulted him at the time were killed by him and none were left!

However, Zhang Kui’s approach has also aroused the dissatisfaction of those Great Family and great forces.

If everyone is like Zhang Kui, then this World is not messed up anymore?

So, the Great Family and forces joined forces to sanction Zhang Kui.

Even though Zhang Kui was already a magical general, she was still brutally framed, committed a major crime, and was assigned to Yangjiao Island.

For the next countless years …

Zhang Kui battled and fought all the way, and he repeatedly made great achievements, and as he was promoted all the way, he sat on the throne of Yangjiaocheng.

But what makes Zhang Kui desperate is that no matter how he advances, he cannot leave this Giethoorn.

Even today, his Devil Body has reached 78 paragraphs.

But still can only stay in this Giethoorn city, be his devil handsome!

The Great Family, under the control of the great forces, firmly refused to allow him to leave Giethoorn.

Although Zhang Kui’s military achievements have accumulated to the height of the five-star devil, his Devil Body can no longer be improved.

Although there are only two Devil Body distances from the eighty-segment Devil Body, to Zhang Kui, these two Devil Body are no different from natural sound.

The current situation is …

When Demon King is achieved, Zhang Kui is completely free.

Even the demon emperor dare not easily offend him.

The so-called Demon King is actually selected from Demon King.

If they really offend Demon King, then they can unite together and impeach the Demon King!

At that time, even as a demon emperor, I am afraid it will cause trouble.

Don’t think that the demon emperor can be lawless of the law and of natural morality.

There are more Demon Kings who want to sit on the throne of thrones …

Once someone picks something, they will definitely follow suit.

At that time, even if the demon emperor did not lose the throne, I am afraid that he will have to take off several layers of skin.

The only one who can suppress Demon King is the Demon King.

Maybe, the last thing the demon emperor wants to suppress is Demon King.

As long as Demon King is achieved, Zhang Kui is free.

But it happens …

The Great Family, the great forces, will not allow him to be promoted to the Demon King throne anyway.

Otherwise, Zhang Kui has the character of revenge.

The Great Family, who suppressed him for countless years, must not fall into the deep waters!

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

If you kill all those who offend him, it will be an absolute disaster for those Great Family and great forces!

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