Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3859


It’s been a long time …

Finally, Zhang Kui is handsome, but he still can’t let his face down.

Of the three major choices, Zhang Kuimaishuai chose the second choice.

Zhang Kuimaishuai can’t convince himself, can’t pull his face down, he respects the noble, and works for a centurion.

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In any case, in the next six years, he must forge a deep friendship with Zhu Hengyu.

It is also from this perspective that Zhang Kui was willing to pay for his own pockets to add magic stones to Guardian.

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Why is Zhang Kui Mo Shuai doing this?

Aren’t you going to show Zhu Hengyu well and want to make friends with him?

Otherwise, why should Zhang Kui’s money be spent for Zhu Hengyu’s subordinates?

Although Zhang Kui could not completely pull his face down and loyal to his subordinates, making friends with his subordinates was completely within his acceptance.

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Zhang Kui even gave Zhu Hengyu absolute freedom.

The reason is that the military order is out of the question.

Zhu Hengyu was given the right to freely enter and exit Giethoorn.

Even if the military department blame the crime, Zhang Kui will bear all the responsibilities!

Zhang Kui’s idea is simple.

With his five-star devil’s identity and status, there is no guilt, which he cannot resist.

And once I made this friend Zhu Hengyu.

Wait until the future, when Zhu Hengyu rises against the sky.

As long as he asks, Zhu Hengyu will definitely help him.

Do not ask for anything else …

As long as Zhu Hengyu helps him upgrade Devil Body to 80, he can be promoted to Demon King.

At that time, there will be nothing to restrain him in this world.

In the face of Zhang Kui’s goodwill, of course, Zhu Hengyu could not refuse.

Although he can leave secretly, if it is discovered, Zhu Hengyu cannot explain.

A bad one will double your guilt.

After six years of exile, it will become twelve years.

This is absolutely what Zhu Hengyu does not want to see.

But with Zhang Kui helping him, Zhu Hengyu has no fear.

when and where …

Zhu Hengyu comes as soon as he wants, and as soon as he wants to go, no one can do anything to hold him.

Although Zhu Hengyu also knows that after accepting Zhang Kui’s show, there must be some reward in the future.

But Zhu Hengyu himself is not the kind who has been favored by others, but he does not know how to repay.

With a little hesitation, Zhu Hengyu made a decision.

Looking at Zhang Kui gratefully, Zhu Hengyu smiled and said, “So many thanks for the magic!”

I saw Zhu Hengyu accepting his kindness.

Zhang Kuimai could not help laughing.

Although he has decided to pay Zhu Hengyu.

But in fact, Zhang Kui is also very embarrassed if Zhu Hengyu refuses to accept it.

With Zhu Hengyu’s background and potential, there is no need for him to owe anything to others.

Now that people have accepted his offer, it means that they want to make him a friend.

Nothing makes Zhang Kuimo handsome happy.

Be happy …

Zhang Kui’s right hand took a handsome command.

Pass the command to Zhu Hengyu: “If found by the military, you can show this command and say I sent you!”

What! You … this …

Looking at the five-star commander, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but stare!

You know, there is only one such command.

Equivalent to this is Zhu Hengyu’s general.

Within the military, seeing orders is like meeting people.

Zhu Hengyu’s general will be temporarily in charge of Su Ziyun.

With his general, Su Ziyun can take full control of Zhu Hengyu’s army.

Same …

Zhang Kui is handsome and also has a handsome order.

Seeing this handsome command is like meeting Zhang Kui.

Carrying a handsome order with you is equivalent to Zhang Kui always following Zhu Hengyu.

In this way, even if the military department finds that Zhu Hengyu left privately, he has no right to confess his crimes.

The Ministry of Military Affairs has no right to bypass the Devil and directly punish his Majesty.

But handsome is no small feat.

Without a handsome commander, Zhang Kui will have a lot of trouble when he does things.

Hesitantly looking at the token in Zhang Kui’s hand, Zhu Hengyu hesitated to hold out hands to receive.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu’s hesitant look, Zhang Kui suddenly looked up.

brows tightly frowns looked at Zhu Hengyu and said, “What are you worried about?”

Facing Zhang Kui’s questioning, Zhu Hengyu opened his mouth, worried, saying, “Without a handsome command, I’m afraid … I’m afraid it would be inconvenient …”

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s worries, Zhang Kuimai could not help laughing.

Possessing his chest proudly, Zhang Kui’s words are quite loud!

For Zhang Kui, this Giethoorn is his home.

In Giethoorn, no one dare not obey his orders.

Whether the commander is with him or not, this will not change.

As for the military …

Zhang Kui will never go to the military headquarters or have any contact with the military headquarters.

So for Zhang Kui, this handsome command is absolutely dispensable.

Seeing Zhu Hengyu stunned …

Zhang Kui laughed: “There will be … You can transfer me all your three thousand Guards this time when you go back this time.”

This …

Looking helplessly at Zhang Kui, Zhu Hengyu said, “I’m just a hundred people now, and I don’t seem to have the right to mobilize thousands of soldiers.”

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s worries, Zhang Kui waved his hand and said categorically: “You don’t need to worry about this, I am now promoted to Zhu Hengyu, Su Ziyun, Su Xiaowan in the name of the devil. ! “

Between speaking, Zhang Kui was chuckled and said: “In this way, you can dispatch the three thousand soldiers!”

Generally speaking, the promotion of the generals is controlled by the military.

But there is one thing that is absolutely exceptional.

This place is the front line!

The battles on the front lines are extremely brutal.

A lot of times, when the battle is too horrible, each Legion will be destroyed systematically.

In order to form Legion in time to fight against the enemy.

The frontline devil has the right to temporarily promote the demon general to a thousand generals or even 10,000 generals!

Looking at Zhu Hengyu’s stunned look, Zhang Kuimai was proudly said with a smile: “The time you have joined Giethoorn is too short, otherwise … I will directly promote you to become the captain!

Looking at Zhang Kui silently, Zhu Hengyu didn’t speak for a long time.

That’s the relationship, the background, and the advantage.

Zhu Hengyu did nothing, and he was promoted to the captain.

Not just himself!

Even Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan have been soaked in the light and directly promoted to the captain.

In contrast, those cultivators that are okay, have no background, and have no support.

Even if military merit is enough.

Even if the Devil Body rank is reached.

But it ’s still difficult to really get promoted.

This Kuimai is handsome, although his rights are limited.

You can only promote positions below the magic coach, and promote ranks below the magic coach.

But for Zhu Hengyu now, this is enough.

Even if he promotes Zhu Hengyu to the captain, it is already extraordinary.

As for Captain Wan, there is no ten-year period and you cannot be promoted anyway.

Even if you build a great military skill, you can’t be promoted to the captain in a short time.

This is the death rule of the military!

Even the devil’s own son cannot break this rule.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

A friend like this, Zhu Hengyu has made a deal!

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