Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3865


Between groaning …

Zhu Hengyu turned his head and told Li Hao: “The strength of this lava giant should be consistent with your Devil Body.”

Flatly nodded, Li Hao said: “Yes … the higher the cultivator’s Devil Body level, the stronger the lava giants are. They are completely proportional to each other.”

Under nodded, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help calculating it quickly.

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Zhu Hengyu got twelve sets of magic dan from Xie Yu.

Originally, Zhu Hengyu wanted to put these twelve sets into Magic Dan, and divide them into 108 First Grade into Magic Dan through Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace.

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Once you use the magic magic, and cooperate with the Golden Core, you can help the cultivator to break through the sixty sections of the Devil Body.

Although such a breakthrough cultivator, you cannot master enchantment, nor can you gather the demon Battle Physique.

However, it is enough to help the cultivator, breaking through the sixty Devil Body.

In the original view of Zhu Hengyu, these 108 entrants to the magical dandelion are definitely the guardian of the demon.

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The Demon Guard ’s Demon Sniper that day was able to snipe, although it was also increased by the Devil Body rank.

But overall, the percentage of increase is very low.

The Li Family’s purgatory guards are different.

The Lava Giant they called, or Lava Giant Beast, is exactly the same as the cultivator.

Devil Body Li Hao in the 50th stage, summoned the giant beast of the lava, which is also the strength of the 50th stage.

This way …

If you can increase their Devil Body rank by entering the magic dan.

The higher their Devil Body rank, the stronger the lava giant beast is.

This increase is a complete increase!

Comparatively, it is more cost-effective to use the magic magic for the purgatory guards.

As for the demon guards, they have a range advantage, and they will basically not contact the enemy’s short soldiers.

No matter how high the Devil Body is, it doesn’t really make much sense.

The demon guards still rely on the power of Sen Luo to cause injuries.

As for your Devil Body position, it is not so important.

Zhu Hengyu also intentionally hid this purgatory guard as his ace Legion.

Until the critical moment, Zhu Hengyu does not intend to let them appear in the eyes of the world.

Between groaning …

Zhu Hengyu quickly made a decision.

The elites of these Li Family have already made an oath of regret.

So Zhu Hengyu can fully trust the elites of these Li Family.

Others have betrayed their vows, but at best they have died.

These eternal vows from the Li Family elite.

Once you betrayed your vow …

They will eternal life and fall into purgatory, burned by the endless purgatory fire.

Eternal life must not be detached!

So it is absolutely impossible for these purgatory guards to betray.

For purgatory guards, death is not terrifying …

They would rather die once than live forever and fall into purgatory forever.

The reason why these so-called Li Family elites are so easy is to take such a heavy oath!

Because of the elites of the Li Family.

until now ……

Since the Demon King of Purgatory, after the battle with the sect master of the star Immortal Sect.

Li Family ’s children, magic affinity is almost cleared.

No one knows why …

In short, the Demon King of Purgatory battles the sect master of the star Immortal Sect.

Whether it is the main or branch of the Li Family, the offspring of the new Li Family has a terrifying magic affinity.

Let the children of the Li Family work hard and practice hard.

Their strength has been increasing very slowly.

Most, it’s hard to improve after 30 Devil Body.

Shocking and stunning Li Family children like Li Hao, Li Crape Myrtle, and Li Ziyan are no exception.

Li Hao, Li Crape Myrtle, Li Ziyan, and the mother of the three are all powerful with Ninth Grade bloodline.

But when it comes to their three people, the magic affinity is only Third Grade!

Thirty Devil Body is already their limit!

No matter how you think about it, it is impossible.

Their magical affinity has limited their limits.

But since half a year ago …

After Zhu Hengyu ’s suggestion, the Li Family ’s 3,000 elites formally formed a purgatory guard and swore allegiance to Zhu Hengyu.

In the half year, Li Family’s 3,000 elites, and their magical affinity have increased rapidly.

Furthermore, according to everyone’s exploration, it seems that the more loyal to Zhu Hengyu.

The firmer your determination to follow Zhu Hengyu, the faster your magic affinity will increase!

The well-known figure is Li Hao, Li Crape Myrtle, and Li Ziyan.

In the past six months, their magic affinity has increased by two!

Under the cultivation of Li Tianxiao, their Devil Body rank has also reached fifty!

Mixed the magic affinity of two products for six consecutive months, and increased twenty Devil Body in a row.

All of this comes from loyalty to Zhu Hengyu!

And those Li Family children who are taciturn, don’t look at anyone, and insist on not being loyal to anyone.

They are all eliminated now.

Because they are resolutely unwilling to serve anyone, they are not loyal to anyone.

In the past six months, their magical affinity has basically remained unchanged.

Seeing this …

Everyone does not know, the importance of allegiance to Zhu Hengyu!

Now the reality before you is …

As long as my heart firmly worships Zhu Hengyu.

Unconditional allegiance to Zhu Hengyu.

The faster your magic affinity will increase.

The more determined and determined you are, the better the improvement will be.

So this …

After half a year has passed, everyone is under hypnosis.

Then swore an oath of regret.

It turned out that when everyone was facing the sky, they made an oath of regret.

Sure enough!

The magical affinity of everyone, the speed of promotion has reached the limit!

After a lapse of half a year, the magic affinity of the 3,000 Li Family Elites has already surpassed Sixth Grade, and has started to move towards Seventh Grade!

So although Zhu Hengyu actually did nothing, in fact, the three thousand Li Family was so elite that he brainwashed himself.

Zhu Hengyu didn’t need to do anything at all, they became Zhu Hengyu’s most loyal followers.

As the vow says …

Don’t regret it!

Facing such a loyal purgatory guard, of course, Zhu Hengyu can be completely trusted.

Although Zhu Hengyu himself, he doesn’t quite understand the specific reasons and processes.

But since the swearing-in pledge is made, they will definitely die and will not betray them.

Since it is his own ace Legion, how can Zhu Hengyu slap him.

Arrange all the purgatory guards to continue to return to the cavern after drawing the fire of purgatory.

Zhu Hengyu alone, entered the pill concocting chamber.

Now, except Zhu Hengyu, no one can fight the ultra-high temperature in the pill concocting chamber.

It’s their limit to stay in the cave and draw the fire of purgatory.

It is worth mentioning …

The summoning of the lava giant must be compatible with the Li Family bloodline.

The Demon King of Purgatory in the ancient times has the power of Purgatory.

This power is mixed in the blood and passed on to his descendants.

Everyone can only inherit a little power of purgatory, but even so, it is enough to summon a giant lava giant beast.

Comparison …

If the Demon King of Purgatory owns the mother snake of the Sinuo Yin snake.

So Li Hao, Li Crape Myrtle, and Li Ziyan’s descendants have nothing but the Sun Luo Yin Snakes that have split.

With a hint of purgatory power in the blood, the descendants of Li Family can summon giant beasts of lava.

Of course, not all children of the Li Family can awaken the power of purgatory.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

As for those who are eliminated, they have no power to awaken purgatory.

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