Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3866


The more than 3,000 Li Family members are elite. The final stage of the selection was actually conducted in this hall.

If you ca n’t stay in the cavern outside pill concocting for more than three hours, all will be eliminated.

Everything that persists is bound to awaken a hint of purgatory power.

Although their purgatory power is only a trace, and they cannot split more purgatory power, it is absolutely impossible for them to stay in this hall for three hours.

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Not to mention that at the time, Devil Body had only thirty Li Family children.

From the day Zhu Hengyu left half a year ago …

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Draining the power of purgatory, tempering the ray of purgatory power in the blood.

It is also with the power of that purgatory that they can summon the lava giant beast with the lava fireball.

Not to mention how the Li Family children learn the fire of purgatory, how to temper the power of purgatory.

On the other side …

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Zhu Hengyu then controlled the demon Battle Physique and jumped into the abyss of purgatory.

This time, Zhu Hengyu will mine some more Fire Crystal stones for the purgatory guards to practice.

hong long! hōng lóng lóng ……

a path of Sen Luo sword energy, the pieces of Fire Crystal stone burst from the barriers.

Just after falling a short distance, those scattered Fire Crystal stones were taken up by Zhu Hengyu volley and put into the ice emperor bracelet.

You know, there are more than three thousand purgatory guards.

The consumption of cultivation is very large!

Each person summons a giant lava giant beast, which consumes more than 3,000 Fire Crystal stones.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu didn’t stop for a moment while mining all the way.

After all, Zhu Hengyu cannot stay here all the time.

If you do n’t prepare enough Fire Crystal stones, in case they run out, do n’t you stop training?

Time is passing by every minute …

In a blink of an eye, three days passed.

The Fire Crystal stone is naturally condensed by the fire of purgatory.

The structure is extremely loose.

Sword energy will break down a large piece of Fire Crystal stone.

So, in three days of mining, Zhu Hengyu mined eighteen dimensional Fire Crystal stones.

The Ice Queen bracelet has a total of 81 dimensions.

Each dimension has a diameter of about 100 meters.

Therefore, Fire Crystal stones in eighteen dimensions are absolutely piled up like mountains.

But this time, Zhu Hengyu planned to fill the space of eighty-one dimensions, and then he was going to stop.

So, after three days, Zhu Hengyu still didn’t stop.

Time goes by day by day …

In a blink of an eye, seven days have passed …

On this day, Zhu Hengyu wielded a sword.

Nashiro’s sword energy ravages, and the entire Fire Crystal stone on the wall of the cave collapses at the same time.

Looking at the tens of thousands of flaming Fire Crystal stones, Zhu Hengyu was instantly happy.

Between the demon wings behind him, Zhu Hengyu put all the scattered Fire Crystal stones into the dimension space.

Only this collapsed large wall of mine has a dozen dimensions.

After a busy journey, Zhu Hengyu loaded the last Fire Crystal stone into the dimension space.

While planning to take off and continue to mine Fire Crystal stones.

next moment ……

Zhu Hengyu suddenly found that under the collapsed Fire Crystal stone.

On the dark abyss cliff!

A thirty-forty meter in diameter and a faint red light cave appeared!

Look closely …

There is a plaque hanging above the cave, which says four big characters-Endless Maze!

This …

Looking at the huge, quaint, big character.

For a moment, Zhu Hengyu’s brain was dizzy.

Endless maze?

How could this be an endless maze?

Between doubt, Zhu Hengyu waved the demon wings and flew towards the dark red cave.

Crap …

a light sound, Zhu Hengyu’s feet fell into the cave.

Subconsciously look on the wall of the cave …

Into the eyes, there is one after another red fruit on the rock wall!

Is the Morro blood fruit?

Extended the hand in doubt, Zhu Hengyu picked a bright red fruit, threw it into his mouth, and tasted it.

Sure enough!


Chewing on the fruit in the mouth, Zhu Hengyu instantly determined.

The fruit here is indeed the blood of Moro in the endless maze!

Wondering …

Zhu Hengyu keenly noticed that there was a smooth stone wall opposite the opening.

The stone wall is carved with dense writing.

Before walking to the stone wall, Zhu Hengyu carefully looked up.

After half an hour …

Zhu Hengyu finally shook the head with a bitter smile, completely figured out what is going on in this so-called endless maze.

The Endless Maze is the first layer of endless purgatory.

The core of the endless purgatory is where the wild and magical fruits grow.

As the Archean era, the Number One Expert of the Devil Clan.

The Purgatory Demon King, above Purgatory Abyss, built Purgatory Inn.

And within the purgatory abyss under Purgatory Inn, there is a passage to the endless maze.

It is worth mentioning that Demon King purged an area of ​​endless labyrinth and completely circled it.

As a training place for Purgatory Guards, Her Majesty Demon King.

A lot of Mora blood fruit condenses here, which can strengthen the power, speed, and endurance of the purgatory guard.

Furthermore, the fire of purgatory here is extremely rich.

The gravity here is far from being comparable to the surface World.

It can be said …

Under the Demon King great generosity, cut a piece from the endless labyrinth to serve as a retention place for the Demon King.

Used to cultivate outstanding offspring of the Li Family.

Unfortunately, Demon King died too early, too suddenly.

Without a lot of information, there is no audio.

Look closely …

The end of the stone wall details how to enter and exit the endless maze.

Actually …

The entrance to the endless maze is inside the cave above.

That’s where the 3,000 Li Family is elite, now practicing.

Excite the magic patterns on the hall hall to teleport the Li Family children in the hall into the endless maze.

It is worth mentioning that in order to teleport to this private version of the endless maze, there are three major conditions that need to be met.

The first condition is that you must have the blood of the Li Family.

The second condition is that you must have a hint of purgatory power.

The third condition is that Devil Body must be under fifty.

Three conditions are indispensable.

But Zhu Hengyu’s Devil Body, isn’t it already sixty-four?

So, why is Zhu Hengyu there?

In fact, Zhu Hengyu himself is at a loss.

He doesn’t know why he can ignore the purgatory law.

With the sixty-fourth Devil Body, you can still freely enter and exit the purgatory abyss.

Ignoring purgatory rules is actually simple.

As long as you have other rules that are comparable to Purgatory Law, you can naturally offset it with Purgatory Law.

Zhu Hengyu, who has the Law of Senro, can naturally offset the Law of Purgatory.

In this way, the law of purgatory naturally cannot work on Zhu Hengyu.

It is impossible to teleport him from endless purgatory.

Except for Zhu Hengyu …

Demon Race cultivator, which has seven other unique inheritance, can also ignore this purgatory law.

It’s just that those people can’t come here so boringly.

After all, endless purgatory is the cultivator below fifty levels of Devil Body.

The cultivator above 50 Devil Body will not have much exercise effect at all.

even more how, in addition to the power of purgatory, and the power of Sen Luo …

The other seven sole inheritances, whether they are born or not, are two.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

How can they come here in no time?

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