Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3870


The power of Sen Luo in this sacrifice monument is just an energy, not the Sen Luo Yin snake separated by the Yinlinger.

In fact, the power of Eighteen is only the mark left by the ghost.

This has no effect on Yin Linger itself.

It can really make this Eighteen’s power, addicted to Blood Sword, and last forever.

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Force of Eternal, with the help of Mother Earth …

Chu Xingyun’s Avatar Nine, the power obtained from the ancestral land of chaos.

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Become an eternal being …

For Emperor Nether Soul, this is the body protection sign Zhu Hengyu left to him, the strongest hole card!

However, this hole card can protect him, but if he dared to violate the commandments on the monument, then this Eighteen sword energy will also kill and kill him on the spot.

After leaving the monument to kill …

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After asking the Emperor Nether Soul for the location of the entrance to the Iron Canyon, the two immediately left the place.

Watching Zhu Hengyu and Yin Ling’er leave, the Emperor Nether Soul lies on the ground for a long time and refuses to stand up.

Although the cultivation base of Emperor Nether Soul is ten out of ten, the realm of Emperor Nether Soul is still there.

As long as he has enough energy, he can become the Emperor of Nether Soul without any obstacles.

Until Zhu Hengyu and Yin Ling’er left for a full hour.

The Emperor Nether Soul was frightened and stood up from the ground.

Looking at the direction where Zhu Hengyu and Yinlinger disappeared, the Emperor Nether Soul stood for a long time, silent and motionless.

The Emperor Nether Soul knows it …

Even if he is allowed to practice for hundreds of millions of years, he is definitely not an opponent of Yin Linger.

Don’t say victory …

To Shangyinlinger, he even mentions the courage to do not raise.

If the naughty child wants to eat him, he simply cannot resist.

Yinlinger stared at him, and his Spirit Physique was instantly paralyzed, as if he had been petrified.

He can’t do anything but painful twitches and twists.

But fortunately, both Yin Linger and Zhu Hengyu, who have Yin Linger, have a kind heart.

Although he plundered his billions of years of cultivation base, not at all hurt his life.

A King of Nether Soul, who wants to be promoted to Emperor Nether Soul, that’s really difficult.

This is not pure cultivation, it will definitely succeed.

If the Emperor Nether Soul continues to cultivate, he will become the Emperor Nether Soul!

Once that time, he becomes unying and unextinguished, and exists with Heaven and Earth.

Although for the time being …

The Emperor Nether Soul lost all his energy and fell into Demon King.

But for Emperor Nether Soul, this was not a big deal.

Actually, for cultivator, the simplest and easiest is the accumulation of energy.

What really stuck all the cultivators was not the accumulation of energy, but the heavenly materials earthly treasures needed to destroy the puppet, and the medicine pill.

For Emperor Nether Soul …

Just give him enough time.

At least one year, at least three years!

He will still return to Peak, and he will still be the Dignified Emperor of Nether Soul!

In this way, he can continue to cultivate, and moved towards the direction of Emperor Nether Soul.

Don’t look down on Emperor Nether Soul because he is so insidious in front of Yin Linger.

In fact, the Emperor Nether Soul is indeed afraid of the ghosts.

In front of Yin Linger, he can’t even do the basic resistance.

But if he wasn’t facing Yin Linger, everything would be said.

At least …

The Emperor Nether Soul is actually not afraid of Zhu Hengyu!

If Nether Soul does not intervene, Emperor Nether Soul is confident to crush Zhu Hengyu and even kill him on the spot!

The reason why Yin Linger released the power of Sen Luo, on the words of Zhu Hengyu’s quitting, left Soul Seal.

In fact, because Yin Linger knew, Zhu Hengyu still underestimated Emperor Nether Soul.

In fact, Eighteen sword energy left by Zhu Hengyu is useless to Emperor Nether Soul!

But once Soul Seal is left on by the ghost, everything is completely different.

With the power of the underworld child, and the sword energy of Soul Seal.

The Emperor Nether Soul cannot defend or resist.

Even defense and resistance, does not raise.

Cooperate with the power of Sunra left by Yin Linger, and the mark of Sunro.

Eighteen sword energy is the only way to hurt or even kill Emperor Nether Soul.

Otherwise …

Only relying on Zhu Hengyu’s Blood Sword addiction and eternal sword intent, he could not kill the Emperor Nether Soul.

If it is not the killer left by Zhu Hengyu, it is not enough to threaten the Emperor Nether Soul.

Why does Yin Linger do this all the more to leave the power of Sen Luo and the mark of Sen Luo?

In fact, Zhu Hengyu thought of it on the spot.

It’s just that he won’t say it on the spot.

si si ……

Under the watchful eye of Emperor Nether Soul …

The quit killing monument stands in the lingering white mist.

a path of a slight sound, the power of Nasra, driven by the mark of Senra, is constantly devouring the free psionic energy in the air …

While in the Eighteen Senrow sword energy, the power of the Eighteen Senrow is also improving in the slightest.

Facing this, the Emperor Nether Soul smiled bitterly.

This quit killing monument, to him, is just a puppet.

With the monument to quit killing, he can’t slaughter the cultivator of the devil sheep tribe.

But fortunately …

It is closed all year round. It has been hundreds of millions of years without seeing the cultivator of the devil tribe.

So for Emperor Nether Soul, he doesn’t need to worry too much.

A long sigh …

The Emperor Nether Soul raised his head to the sky, silently absorbing the psionic energy in the air, and fully restored his cultivation base.

Not to mention how the Emperor Nether Soul devoted himself to cultivation and restored his cultivation base …

On the other side, Yin Linger returned to Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Zhu Hengyu also rushed all the way towards the entrance of the Iron Canyon.

Between Mercedes-Benz, Zhu Hengyu quickly found the entrance to the iron canyon.

Enter the soldering iron canyon and watch the cracks covering the earth.

Looking at the towering, red mountain range around.

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help smiling.

After watching for a while, Zhu Hengyu cleared his mood and moved towards the depths of the Iron Canyon.

There are no creatures in the Iron Canyon.

Only the fires of purgatory erupted from time to time, but not enough to threaten Zhu Hengyu’s safety.

Expanding his wings, Zhu Hengyu hovered all the way inside the iron canyon, looking for the entrance to the endless purgatory.

Falling along …

It took less than a week for Zhu Hengyu to go through the entire Iron Canyon and found a way to endless purgatory.

Demon King has surrounded a large area for his children and grandchildren.

But compared to real endless labyrinths, steamer plains, and iron canyons.

The area surrounded by Demon King is only about 10%.

Zhu Hengyu’s search is relatively easy.

Otherwise, even at Zhu Hengyu’s current speed, it would take more than a year to go through the real endless maze, steamer plain, and iron canyon.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

With great expectations and great hope, Zhu Hengyu crossed the passage all the way into the endless purgatory.

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