Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3872


To be honest …

Others don’t know, but Zhu Hengyu knows his own affairs.

Originally, he planned to use the method of dividing the Dan to separate the First Grade Golden Core and the first grade into the magic fruit, and improve the strength of Purgatory Legion as soon as possible.

It seems clear that this approach is inappropriate.

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So-called, the foundation is not strong, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

It is difficult to reach the highest realm without a good foundation.

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Between Zhu Hengyu …

Nine colorful light groups continued to talk …

The fourth thing is the magic guard that day.

This Legion will be Zhu Hengyu’s main force Legion.

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But anyway, this is already the terrifying existence of the second only to Purgatory Legion.

Originally, as Zhu Hengyu planned.

I want to quickly mature Purgatory Legion with the resources at hand.

Anyway, the strength of the giant beast of lava is only increased by the elite Devil Body of the Li Family.

So, as long as you can improve the elite strength of Li Family as soon as possible, you can have a powerful Legion.

As for the foundation of Purgatory Legion, Zhu Hengyu didn’t care about it.

On the contrary, the magic guard that day, Zhu Hengyu devoted himself to carefully training.

After all, the ability to sniper is increased by the strength of the demon Guard.

Obviously …

Zhu Hengyu is training the Demon Guard as a shooter.

Individually weak shooters, simply have no formidable power at all.

Legion of Purgatory, Zhu Hengyu was trained as a summon teacher.

Zhu Hengyu values ​​the lava giant beast from Purgatory Legion summon rather than Purgatory Legion itself.

As long as the Devil Body level rises quickly, you can summon more powerful lava giant beasts.

As for the Purgatory Legion itself, it doesn’t matter.

But it is clear that Zhu Hengyu’s view is completely wrong.

On the contrary …

The Demon Guard is to quickly mature.

Although the demon sniper of Sky Demon Guard can be attacked, it is increased by the Devil Body attribute.

But in fact, the formidable power of the magic can be too low.

Even with the increase in Devil Body, the improvement is extremely limited.

Comparatively, it is more effective to improve the Devil Body rank.

As long as you quickly raise the Devil Body segment of the Devil Guard, with the crushing of the segment, they can burst into super-destructive power.

And, after all …

The Sky Devil Guard exists by virtue of the power of Sen Luo and the sniper special effects of Demon Sniper.

Simply increasing the formidable power of sniper magic is of little significance.

Legion, on the contrary, emphasizes personal strength.

The giant lava giant beast from their summon is actually just a guardian force.

Comparatively …

If the lava giant beast is the ghost king.

The Purgatory Legion itself is equivalent to the Ghost Emperor!

And Zhu Hengyu’s approach …

Equivalent to paying more attention to the Ghost King who is responsible for guarding, and ignoring the training of the Ghost Emperor.

While Legion can summon huge amounts of lava giant beast.

It’s really powerful, but it’s Legion itself, not the giant beast of their summon.

Those lava giant beasts that slaughter ordinary soldiers and soldiers are certainly invincible and invincible.

But to the real masters, these lava giant beasts are still a bit meaningless.

If Zhu Hengyu’s training direction is wrong, this purgatory Legion will be completely abolished.

To ordinary soldiers, it’s definitely crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

But when it comes to really powerful Legion, it’s not enough.

The lava giant beast is characterized by high defense but insufficient destructive power.

Listening to the statement of the Jiu Cai Light Troupe …

Zhu Hengyu could not help frowning.

Although the Jiu Cai Group did not say it, Zhu Hengyu knew that he had no future self, and he left this message to himself.

There must be something wrong with his understanding of Legion.

Just a moment’s thinking, Zhu Hengyu knew where he was wrong and how bad he was.

Legion is a top-level Legion, but similar Legion, in fact, there are all races.

Legion of Purgatory is by no means without rivals.

Don’t say it, just against the Guardian of Heaven, Purgatory Legion may not win.

If the Purgatory Legion is not strong enough, but the lava giant beast is strong.

So one day, once you encounter the top Legion, what will the situation be like?

The lava giant beast is powerful and powerful …

But the lava giant beast is actually known for its defense, not its destruction.

This way, it is difficult for the other party to destroy the giant beast of lava.

But lava giant beast, it seems difficult to destroy the opponent.

Legion itself is too weak.

In this way, Legion of Purgatory has fallen into an embarrassing situation where he can only be beaten, but is unable to do so.

Lacks powerful, destructive power that instantly destroys opponents.

Light is resistant to crickets and is useless.

Even if the lava giant beast is an iron golem, it will sooner or later be crushed.

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but feel a cold sweat.

Another example is Zhu Hengyu, who is preparing to focus on training the Demon Guard.

They don’t really need to be strong at all.

Tian Mo Guard relies on one, the crushing of the Devil Body.

The second is the blessing of the power of Sen Luo.

The third is that the magic can kill, that fixed killing effect.

As for the strength of the Guardian, simply doesn’t matter.

I really want to be rushed in front of the enemy, and the Demon Guard is actually defeated.

For Sky Guard, distance is the lifeline!

If you want a high-quality book, it can only be everything, loose, and mediocre.

Take Su Ziyun as an example …

Although he is also proficient in melee combat, he has an excellent sword technique.

But in fact, if he gets closer, he’s lost.

You can’t expect Su Ziyun to defeat Gao Pengyi in a close-up state.

In front of Gao Pengyi, Su Ziyun is close to him, he can’t resist Gao Pengyi’s three moves!

Under the three swords, even a piece of iron goblet, Gao Pengyi can smash it!

So Zhu Hengyu’s previous thought was completely wrong.

And it’s too wrong …

The real ripening is Sky Guard.

After quickly cultivating the Demon Guard, they can quickly slaughter more enemies and gain more flexible intelligence.

In this way, Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo’s power will become more powerful.

The more powerful the power of Sen Luo is, the more magical the Demon Guard can kill, the more destructive it is.

This is the way that Demon Guard should go.

As for the Purgatory Legion, the opposite is true.

Don’t pay too much attention to the lava giant beast they came out of.

The infernal Demon King is really powerful, it is the infernal Demon King itself, not the giant beast of Lava he summoned out.

The first warrior of the devil tribe is Demon King.

This has nothing to do with those giant beasts, simply.

Next …

This is the fifth thing!

until now, Zhu Hengyu seems to ignore a powerful Legion.

This Legion is nothing else, it is the Ice Demon Heavy Industry, which is presented to Zhu Hengyu’s Ice Emperor Guard!

You know, Emperor Xuanbing … but has the existence of Xuan Power of Ice.

In those days, when Demon King was able to move unhindered in the whole world, only Xuanbing Demon King of that year could block the attack of Demon King.

Although I have been going through it.

Although I have been unable to fight back.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Also, Xuanbing Demon King’s Xuanbing Guard can summon the existence of Xuanbing Giant.

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