Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3873


Three thousand Xuanbing guards can summon out 30,000 Xuanbing Legion!

Its strength is not under the purgatory Legion at all.

It’s just …

Legion of Purgatory is known for its super-destructive power of aggression.

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The two major Legions are both extremely powerful Legion.

So, Zhu Hengyu must not ignore Xuanbing Legion.

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Give those Xuanbing seeds to the three thousand Xuanbing guards, and you can summon the Xuanbing giant beast.

No need to doubt, it’s a super existence that can rival Purgatory Legion.

In principle, it is similar to Purgatory Legion and comes in the second sequence.

All are to be vigorously cultivated as trump cards.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

They would rather grow a little slower and definitely have a firm foundation.

You know, everything is about fate.

haste brings no success ……

If you want to quickly build a huge force, you must sacrifice the future.

As long as you use the resources at your disposal to quickly ripen the 3000-day Demon Guard, it will be enough to help Zhu Hengyu run rampant for a while.

Even if Purgatory Legion and Xuanbing Legion are unable to form battle strength for the time being, it doesn’t matter at all.

Legion in hand …

What if it’s temporarily gone?

Once these two Legions grow up, it will be enough to help Zhu Hengyu to move unhindered in the whole world.

Finally, the sixth thing.

This sixth thing is the last thing.

This matter, Zhu Hengyu until now, actually attaches great importance to it.

However, although Zhu Hengyu attaches great importance, until now, the degree of intervention is too low.

This is the most powerful legion of His Majesty Zhu Hengyu.

If you say that Purgation Legion and Xuanbing Legion are the trump cards in Zhu Hengyu’s hands.

So, this last Legion is Zhu Hengyu’s life-saving card!

Ace is powerful, but invincible …

However, compared to life-saving hole cards, it’s still far worse.

This Legion is nothing else …

It is the Poison Dragon Legion that Zhu Hengyu commissioned to Haishan!

until now, after Zhu Hengyu handed over 3,000 First Grade Transforming Dragon Pills to Haishan.

I won’t bother anymore …

Poison Dragon Legion From selection, to training, to giving resources.

From entering Dragon Transformation Pond to rising all the way …

In the whole process, Zhu Hengyu’s participation was really low.

All Poison Dragons only know Haishan, but they don’t know Zhu Hengyu.

Although Haishan is loyal enough, it is clear that Zhu Hengyu’s control of Poison Dragon Legion is not effective.

No matter what Zhu Hengyu wants to do, he has to pass Haishan.

Zhu Hengyu cannot command and maneuver this Poison Dragon Legion across Haishan.

You know, this is Zhu Hengyu’s best, life-saving hole card!

Is there really no problem with this low level of mastery?

Although Poison Dragon Legion, he will never betray Zhu Hengyu.

But more, Zhu Hengyu has positioned this Legion as a coalition!

Obviously, this is Zhu Hengyu’s biggest mistake.

His life-saving hole card turned out to be his own ally!

Isn’t that giving people a handle and putting their lives under the control of others?

Although Haishan will not betray, but the old saying is good, he will be out, and his fate is not affected!

Moreover, if Haishan is unhappy, he can ignore Zhu Hengyu’s orders.

It’s really urgent. Although Haishan can’t resist, others can’t work hard.

You want me to come …

I’ll be right there!

However, I was forced to catch up to ten days.

Did you say I was disobedient?

But I don’t!

Did you say I didn’t disobey?

But at the critical moment, you can’t count on them at all.

So this is definitely the biggest mistake Zhu Hengyu made.

A powerful life-saving card must be held tightly in your hand.

Not to mention Haishan, even Zhu Hengyu’s own son cannot be trusted.

Listen to the narrative of the Jiu Cai Light Troupe …

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help sweating.

Horror! This is really terrifying.

Zhu Hengyu never expected that he had made so many mistakes.

Want to come …

In the future, I will often scold myself for the wrong decision I made before.

Especially this Poison Dragon family, although the possibility of betrayal is low.

But I have to say that such a Legion cannot be expected.

until now, the devil sheep are just food for the sea snakes.

Zhu Hengyu has so little contact with Poison Dragon Legion.

Inwardly, where can Poison Dragon Legion’s in mind, Zhu Hengyu’s identity and status go?

It’s not bad to disdain Zhu Hengyu and not to look down on him.

At the critical moment, I still hope that they are desperate to save each other, that is really thinking too much.

As for the many favors given by Zhu Hengyu …

That was alloted by the hand of the seamount.

For those cultivators of the Poison Dragon clan, Haishan is given to them, not Zhu Hengyu.

Although Haishan will not betray, he cannot change Zhu Hengyu’s image and status in everyone’s mind.

So Zhu Hengyu must take advantage now!

Poison Dragon Legion has just been recruited and hasn’t had time to train them before they are recruited.

Only the children who have been bred by themselves are trustworthy and reliable.

Finally, Zhu Hengyu must take advantage of the fact that the sea snakes are elite and the Battle Physique rank is still low.

They planted the power of Sunra into their Sea of ​​Consciousness, occupying the core of their souls.

Only in this way will they be extremely loyal to Zhu Hengyu.

It’s not just Poison Dragon Legion …

The same is true of Guardians, Purgatory Guards, Xuanbing Guards, and Poison Dragon Legion.

Which …

Heaven Guard, Purgatory Guard, and Xuanbing Guard are Three Great Legions on the bright side.

Poison Dragon Legion is hidden in the dark.

It belongs to Zhu Hengyu’s life saving card!

This huge Legion of 10,000 taels and a thousand people needs to be implanted with the Sin Luo Yin snake.

Only by implanting the Sunra Ghost Snake can they be absolutely loyal.

Listening to the statement from the Jiu Cai Group, Zhu Hengyu frowned.

Looking at the nine-colored light group with a bitter smile, Zhu Hengyu said, “Well … can Purgatory Legion also be planted with the Sunra Yin snake? Isn’t it … the power of Sunrao and the power of Purgatory cannot be mutually Offset? “

hahaha ……

After hearing Zhu Hengyu’s words, the Jiu Cai light group couldn’t help laughing.

In the laughter, the nine-colored light group said: “The power of Sen Luo and the power of purgatory are the two poles of the power of the soul.”

Which …

The power of Senro is the cathode of the soul.

The power of purgatory is the anode of the soul.

By combining the two forces, you can synthesize Morrow’s Purgatory!

That is the complete form of the power of the soul.

So, the power of Sunrao and the power of Purgatory will not only conflict.

Once they encounter each other, they will merge with each other and promote each other to form a complete power system.

Between speaking …

The Jiu Cai light group shivered violently.

While shaking, the Jiu Caiguang regiment said: “dying, my strength is about to dry up and I can’t keep it up.”

crash-bang …

With the sound of the nine-colored light group, a path of colorful light spots began to drift out of the nine-colored light group.

Seeing this, Zhu Hengyu said anxiously: “Is there anything else to explain?”

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s inquiry, the Jiu Cai Group quickly said: “The core of the rune ancient tree is sealed with the purgatory power of the Purgatory Demon King. You can get it and merge it into the Morrow Purgatory.”

Between speaking, the speed of the nine-colored light group dissipates even faster.

Raindrops of colored light spots have risen from those nine colored light groups, and merged into the void.

Facing this …

The nine-colored light group smiled weakly and said with a soft voice: “Finally … I hope you can be better with Yin Linger, she may be in this world, who loves you most …”

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Hua made that colorful light spot …

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