Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3874


Aiya ……

So beautiful …

Seeing this scene, Zhu Hengyu’s eyebrows froze sharply.

In the air, Yin Linger happily fluttered in the colorful light rain.

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One after another disappeared.

Not even a trace was left.

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Finally, a hot breeze swept across.

The light rain finally disappeared.

Only the Yin Linger was left, his face hovering in the air blankly.

for a while …

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Watch the disappearance of the colorful light rain …

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but sigh.

An inexplicable sorrow, rising from my heart.

Dare to immerse and sad for a long time …

Zhu Hengyu looks up at the ancient rune tree that towers into the clouds.

Between Zhu Hengyu’s wings, the crown of the ancient tree moved towards rune flew over.

According to the Jiu Cai Group, at the core of the rune ancient tree, the purgatory power of the Purgatory Demon King is sealed.

This is too scary …

By combining the power of purgatory, Zhu Hengyu’s power of Morrow can be evolved into Morro Purgatory!

At that time, under the complete law, what Zhu Hengyu possessed was the real power of Sinuro Purgatory!

Before Morrow’s Purgatory …

Every sin will be purified!

All evil spirits have nowhere to hide, nowhere to run!

Being flying all the way, Zhu Hengyu soon entered the crown of the rune ancient tree.

Surrounded by the twigs of the ancient rune tree, a red altar rising with a blazing flame is standing there.

Between doubts, Zhu Hengyu flapped his wings all the way and flew over the flame altar.

Look down and look …

The flame altar is a huge altar three meters high and nine meters in diameter.

The whole of the altar seems to be formed by lava solidification.

On the altar, right in the center …

A blood-red treasure tower is spinning there.

From a distance, the treasure tower seems to be formed by lava.

One after another lava, sticking down along the barriers of the treasure tower.

Fly close, and look carefully at the blood-red treasure tower.

As you can see, there is a thick liquid flowing above the treasure tower. What is lava?

That’s more like a path of, thick waves of plasma!

Of course, Zhu Hengyu is very clear, although it looks like this, and it looks like that.

But in fact, it is neither lava nor plasma.

The flowing, plasma-like liquid is actually the power of purgatory!

In a hurry, Zhu Hengyu stretched out his hands and took in the blood treasure tower.

But …

Just as soon as Zhu Hengyu’s magic reached the altar.

in an instant, a fiery flame that burst into flames.

The raging flames wave from above the purgatory treasure tower.

In an instant, the entire rune ancient tree is burning.

Zhu Hengyu’s all around instantly fell into a sea of ​​fire.

Zhu Hengyu is not panic.

In the middle of your thoughts, the Ice Queen bracelet on your wrist is instantly excited.

Between the blue light shining, a blue ice armor instantly covered Zhu Hengyu’s demon Battle Physique.

Under the rising of white spirit, Zhu Hengyu stepped forward.

Strongly facing the fire of purgatory ejected from the treasure tower, he stepped on the altar.

On the feet of Zhu Hengyu, he stepped on the purgatory altar.

The surrounding flames first rose, and they burst into the air in an instant.

But then, just as Zhu Hengyu’s feet, stepped into the purgatory altar.

All flames!

Including the burning flame on the rune ancient tree, it suddenly converged.

speaking of which is slow …

But in fact, it was the moment when Zhu Hengyu stepped on the purgatory altar.

All flames go out instantly.

The entire purgatory altar emits a path of dark magic.

The entire package of purgatory altar is strictly wrapped.

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help laughing, feeling the magic of comfort.

Walking to the very center of the purgatory altar, Zhu Hengyu digged out with his right hand and grabbed the purgatory treasure tower in his hand.

Looking at the treasure tower in his hand, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help laughing.

The purgatory treasure tower is the purgatory Demon King that has spent billions of years.

Treasure tower condensed with the power of purgatory!

This purgatory treasure tower is actually the seed of the purgatory fire.

More precisely, this purgatory treasure tower is actually an inheritance magic ball!

I took a long breath …

Zhu Hengyu condensed the power of Sen Luo and the flame of magic energy, and began to sacrifice this purgatory treasure tower.

Zhu Hengyu observed while meditating.

This purgatory treasure tower looks very weird.

The usual treasure towers are thin on the top and thick on the bottom.

But this purgatory treasure tower is completely different. It is thin at the bottom and thick at the top!

Especially above the stout bottom of the treasure tower of Purgatory, it is not flat.

Looking closely, the bottom of the purgatory treasure tower turned out to be a gold and jade in glorious splendor, a luxurious golden scarlet palace!

Between doubts, Zhu Hengyu not at all stopped practicing altar.

While worshiping, Zhu Hengyu kept watching.

Treasure tower, a total of 18th-layer.

For the time being, the space inside this treasure tower is empty.

But on the walls inside the treasure tower, the close and numerous moire patterns show that this purgatory treasure tower is not so simple!

Time is passing by every minute …

After nine hours …

Finally, Zhu Hengyu completely refining that purgatory treasure tower.

Opening his eyes with great satisfaction, Zhu Hengyu immediately concentrated his mind and looked into the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

next moment ……

Zhu Hengyu looked inside and saw everything in the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Looking at the unimaginable treasure tower in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Zhu Hengyu suddenly widened his eyes.

If you look closely, the purgatory treasure tower does not seem to be a tower!

Or, that’s an inverted tower!

Look closely!

It’s right in the center of Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

A palace built of gold and jade in glorious splendor, made of gold scarlet materials, appeared.

The 18th-layer purgatory treasure tower, simply disappeared.

Exactly …

That glorious palace is just the base of the treasure tower of purgatory.

Under that palace, it is divided into 18th-layers.

That’s the real 18th-layer purgatory treasure tower!

Looking at the magnificent and magnificent palace, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help laughing.

This treasure tower, simply, turned the tower upside down and inserted into the earth.

But don’t forget, this is Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The location here is within Zhu Hengyu’s God Palace.

Under this so-called earth, it is equivalent to Zhu Hengyu’s spine!

frowned, Zhu Hengyu closed his eyes and realized with all his strength.

Unconsciously, Zhu Hengyu opened his eyes in surprise.

That’s really it!

The infernal purgatory treasure tower merges with Zhu Hengyu’s spine.

The devil sheep cultivator has six cervical vertebrae and twelve thoracic spines.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

These eighteen vertebrae fit into the 18th-layer purgatory treasure tower.

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