Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3878


The sheeptail city on Blood Sheep Island was broken by Monster Race.

The devil handsome of Yangwei City, in order to cover the army breakout, died on the spot!

The monster generals and soldiers of Yangwei City fled into Yangjiao City.

Facing this news, although Zhu Hengyu was unwilling, he had to leave for Blood Yang Island.

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Looking ahead, the city of Giethoorn is overcrowded.

Every house is full of people.

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Within the battlefield, you must live in a house at night.

On that house, carved with magic lines, against Extreme Yin baleful qi.

The cultivator cannot stay outside for a long time without houses and magic weave shelter.

The cloudy evil energy on the battlefield will be extremely intense at night.

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Therefore, every time Zhu Hengyu enters and exits Giethoorn, he has to rush late at night.

At this time, Monster Race soldiers will never run outside.

The cloudy evil energy at night is not something that ordinary soldiers can resist.

So, as long as you’re in the middle of the night, you can come in and out freely.

No interception or attack.

All the way back to Giethoorn.

Zhu Hengyu immediately rushed to the barracks of the city wall.

Looking at it, all the soldiers and soldiers have gone into deep sleep.

A full three thousand and six hundred name Tianmo Guards are all sleeping in the barracks under the city wall.

Looking at the red blood on their armor, Zhu Hengyu could not help frowning.


Each of these guys received a set of dragon scales.

Three-pointed rocket guns are also on his hands.

But outside their bodies, they do n’t wear platinum light armor.

And most importantly, there is no Sen Luo shield of Zhu Hengyu outside their Devil Body.

Thus, the three thousand and six hundred name Tianmo Guard is covered with scars all over the body.

Some cultivators have broken limbs.

But fortunately, look closely, not at all vacant beds.

Therefore, for the time being, there should be no soldiers killed.

Between Zhu Hengyu’s observation.

After learning that Zhu Hengyu returned, Zhang Kui was handsome and immediately rushed over.

As soon as they met, Zhang Kuimai was guilty and said: I’m sorry I have been guarding the city wall every day, but I still let Tianmo Guard lose 17 people!

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard Zhang Kui’s magic.

I never thought that the Guardian of Heaven was lost.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu’s regrets

Zhang Kuimai handsome smiled bitterly: If it wasn’t Monster Race’s main attack was Yangwei, our losses would only be more, bigger, hey

Under nodded.

Although Zhu Hengyu was distressed at the death of the seventeen name Tianmo Guard.

But war is like this. How can it not die?

It is useless to regret and pity.

The most important thing now is how to avoid more injuries.

Long breath, Zhu Hengyu said:

Anyway, please ask Mo Shuai to help raise a batch of platinum light armor, the price is easy to say!

Unsurprisingly, the Monster Race army will kill soon, as soon as possible

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s request, Zhang Kui’s devil handsome nodded seriously: I’ve already contacted you for a long time, but you also know that I have no magic stone on hand and I don’t really strong win. So

Strengthly nodded, Zhu Hengyu said: I have the magic energy stone, please do it as soon as possible!

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s request, Zhang Kuimaishuai didn’t say much.

Soon, under the auspices of Zhang Kui Mo Shuai, Zhu Hengyu acquired 3,300 sets of platinum light armor.

And immediately, gave it to the three hundred and three hundred days magic Guard, dressed up.

After the transaction is completed

The demons will turn around and leave the barracks.

Watching everyone leave, Zhu Hengyu narrowed his eyes slightly.

Although he wanted to immediately recruit these magic generals, Zhu Hengyu also knew that he couldn’t recruit rashly until didn’t touch their details.

Fortunately, although Zhu Hengyu is not very clear and does not know much, but in the past period, Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan must know them well.

Zhu Hengyu groaned for a while, then handed over 54 obstacle-breaking Golden Cores made from six golden light nuclei to Su Ziyun.

From Su Ziyun, go and recruit those monsters!

With the demise of Yangwei City

The sheeptail city magician, under the cover of the magic handsome, all fled to the sheephorn city.

At this time, there are more than 100 members who have fled into Giethoorn.

Therefore, with the Golden Core in hand, Zhu Hengyu is not worried that he will not be recruited.

Before the change, Zhu Hengyu will definitely go out and recruit these monsters.

Zhu Hengyu will hold on to his own hands with such a mighty magic general.

But now, Zhu Hengyu has no such thoughts.

These monsters will be stronger, after all, they are just monsters.

Compare with Legion, who also has the power of Purgatory, and the power of Morrow.

Nothing at all.

Especially selected by Zhu Hengyu, the eighteen Li Family elites.

But there is hope to surpass the existence of their ancestors, the Number One Expert of the Devil tribe, and the Demon King of Purgatory.

Legion of Purgatory, and eighteen Masters of Prison World.

Zhu Hengyu’s control over these magic generals faded.

After all, human energy is limited.

Zhu Hengyu cannot cover everything, grasp everything.

Since he can’t grab it, he can only let others grab it.

And this other person is Su Ziyun!

Su Ziyun not only has innate talent and talents, but also has a brilliant intelligence and outstanding IQ.

It can be said that the wrist has the wrist, and the ability has the ability.

If you give this to Su Ziyun, Zhu Hengyu need not worry at all.

Zhu Hengyu believes that Su Ziyun will never do worse than Zhu Hengyu.

Su Ziyun was overjoyed after taking over fifty-four obstacle-breaking Golden Cores from Zhu Hengyu.

In addition to the previous twenty-seven members, this time Su Ziyun’s Majesty will have a full eighty-one members

You know, most of the Majesty’s Majesty does not control so many magical generals.

A Thousand-man Commander in every other area already has so many bossy subordinates.

How can Su Ziyun not get excited?

Su Ziyun did not disappoint Zhu Hengyu either.

After only three days, he selected fifty-four from more than one hundred magical generals and recruited them.

It is worth mentioning

The eighty-one members, not at all, are compiled separately.

In fact, these eighty-one members are integrated with the demon Guard.

Their task is to guard the Guardian of the Demon.

When Monster Race’s Eagle General started to hit the city.

They must stand up against the Eagle General Monster.

Anyway, never give the opponent the chance to hurt the Guardian.

For the next week

Calm and tranquil in Giethoorn.

The army of Monster Race, not at all.

Facing this scene, Zhang Kuishuai and Zhu Hengyu are both confused.

You know, after Yangtze City fell, the entire Yangtze Island is the only lonely city left.

As long as Giethoorn is captured, the entire Giethoorn is completely occupied by Monster Race.

But it was unexpected that Zhu Hengyu and Zhang Kui were handsome.

After the capture of Owl City, the Monster Race army stopped attacking.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

After investigation, the news came quickly.

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