Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3879


Monster Race clearly knows Giethoorn is a difficult bone.

Monster Race does not attack Giethoorn, but it does not attack!

After ignoring Giethoorn

Monster Race, crossed Giethoorn and launched a raid on the neighboring islands of Giethoorn!

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Their purpose is simple.

Isolated Giethoorn and Giethoorn.

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Then the supply route of Giethoorn was completely cut off.

At that time

Yangjiao Island was suspended overseas, and the supply line was completely cut off.

Even if Giethoorn is strong, what can it do?

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Zhang Kuimai was anxious immediately.

In Giethoorn, there are hundreds of thousands of troops stationed.

If supplies are cut off, they can starve to death if they are hungry.

Facing this scene, the Devil’s Army is extremely anxious.

In the current situation, the military has only two options.

The first option is to continue to stay in Giethoorn, and immediately send more troops, reinforce Giethoorn, and regain Giethoorn.

In this way, the two cities can become horns and help each other.

But it’s clear that the military department can’t get enough Legion to support Giethoorn, and it’s not able to regain Giethoorn.

So, the only option the military can choose is the second option.

The second option is simple: give up Giethoorn, give up Giethoorn.

Mr. Zhang Kui, who commanded the army, moved to the neighboring island of Yangjiao Island.

As a result, the neighboring island crisis on Giethoorn was resolved.

Zhang Kuimaishuai and his men’s soldiers are also out of danger.

That’s it.

Giethoorn Island, and Giethoorn City, have fallen completely.

Facing the current situation, if the military is not stupid, you will definitely choose the second option.

After all, it is impossible for them to understand why people lose land, people lose land, people save land, and people live.

But in fact, knowing and knowing, whether it can be done, is another matter.

There is a deep reason why the military has refused to abandon Giethoorn.

That shofar island, in the gorge behind shorn town.

There is a giant magic stone mine!

Although for the time being, there is still a War Zone and conditions do not allow mining, but after all, it is a giant magic stone mine!

Once it is mined, it is definitely an astronomical asset.

As a magic energy mineral deposit, it is possible to infinitely gather magic energy stones, inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

A small horny island, although the military does not look at it.

But the giant magic stone mine is absolutely difficult for the military to abstain from.

Until now, the leaders of the military are also very clear.

Even if they can’t bear it anymore, they are doomed to lose.

So, why not die that many soldiers and generals in vain?

After half a month

The military headquarters finally issued a military order.

Zhang Kui is handsome, commanding his army of hunted thousand, and evacuating Yangjiao Island.

Push to the neighboring islands and stand together to resist the invasion of the Monster Race army.

The fall of Giethoorn is an unchangeable fact.

However, you cannot allow Monster Race to continue occupying more islands.

The Monster Sheep ’s living space is reduced by one point each time an island is captured.

If you don’t want the Devil Clan to perish completely, you must resist the crazy attack of Monster Race.


a path of military orders.

Magic generals at all levels have received transfer orders and are ready to leave.

But day by day.

Zhu Hengyu’s side, but he hasn’t received the order from the army!

You know, Zhu Hengyu is guilty.

According to the military order, in the next six years, he must be stationed on Giethoorn to guard Giethoorn.

Unless a military order has been issued, Zhu Hengyu cannot leave without permission.

Once he leaves without permission, his disciplinary order will double.

Facing this scene

Zhang Kuishuai is also anxious for Zhu Hengyu.

Without Zhu Hengyu speaking, Zhang Kuimai Shuai wrote three letters in a row and asked Zhu Hengyu about his order.

But three letters were written in succession, but I never got any reply.

Facing this, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help sneering.


Zhu Hengyu’s order has been suppressed by Liu Feng Mo Shuai.

Zhang Kuimai Shuai wrote three letters in a row, and it must have fallen into Liu Fengmaoshuai’s hands.

In the future, even if the military department investigates, Liu Feng Mo Shuai will have no fear at all.

In fact, Zhu Hengyu’s order has been dispatched, and the military has a record.

However, the cultivator responsible for dispatching Zhu Hengyu’s tune order had an accident at sea. He failed to reach Yangjiao Island, and failed to pass the tune order to Zhu Hengyu.

As for the three letters written by Zhang Kuimai, Liu Fengmaoshuai can infer that he didn’t know and didn’t see him.

As for the three letters, the phase must have been burned, dead men tell no tales!

Liu Feng is not afraid even if the military suspects Liu Feng.

As a devil, he is almost fearless.

At most, punish him for a little money and deduct him for military service.

Liu Feng Mo Shuai could be afraid of this!


Liu Feng Mo Shuai is still more jealous of Zhu Hengyu.

Anyway, he will never allow Zhu Hengyu to come back alive.

Otherwise, once Zhu Hengyu is promoted to the Devil, their Liu Family should be bad luck.

Hate biting teeth

Although Zhu Hengyu has clearly understood everything, but helplessly, he has no evidence at all.

Even if he has evidence, he can’t help Liu Fengmaoshu at all!

So-called, the first level of the government university crushes people, that’s what this is!

Demon Race allows mistakes, but it is strictly not allowed!

For Demon Race, making mistakes is tolerable and forgivable.

But committing it is absolutely sinful and intolerable.

Even if the military knows that Liu Feng is deliberately targeting Zhu Hengyu, he won’t do anything to him.

Unless there is someone on Zhu Hengyu, and stand up and speak for him.

Otherwise, Zhu Hengyu will never have a chance to turn around!

Not to mention how Zhu Hengyu resents

On the other side, Zhang Kui’s magic command has been issued.

Also, the time for the order has arrived.

If Zhang Kui Mo Shuai continues to stay, the military’s battleship will leave.

At that time, even if Zhang Kuimaishuai and his army of thousand thousand want to leave, they will not be able to leave.

Once the route is completely cut off by Monster Race.


Mr. Zhang Kui’s magical thousand army, you must starve to death here.

Unfortunately, although Zhang Kui Mo Shuai really wanted to stay to help Zhu Hengyu.

But considering the life of His Majesty the Hundred Thousand Army, he has to leave.

As a devil!

Legion’s interest must be Supreme, above personal feelings.

Although Zhang Kui is so desperate!

But I still had to board the battleship of the military department as scheduled, and evacuated to the neighboring island-Blood Feather Island!

Blood feather island is a neighboring island of Giethoorn.

Blood Feather Island is shaped like a crooked feather across the sea.

With Zhang Kui’s demon handsome, and his army of thousand thousand arrives.

Defence of Bloodfeather Island has almost doubled!

The Monster Race is trying to capture Bloodfeather Island, but it’s not that easy.


Although the Monster Race army is unlikely to capture Bloodfeather Island in the short term, cutting off the route of Giethoorn is easy.

Zhu Hengyu and his 3000-day demon Guard will completely lose supplies!

Zhu Hengyu is not worried at all. How to cut off his supply!

You know, Zhu Hengyu has platinum battleships and black gold battleships that can dive below the surface.

Has thousands of dimensional rings.

If you just pull in a boat, it will be more than three thousand soldiers.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Zhu Hengyu can rely on Her Majesty’s more than 3,000 days of magic Guard to defend the Giethoorn!

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