Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3880


Watch Zhang Kui’s demon handsome, and his army of thousand thousand left.

Zhu Hengyusen smiled coldly

Liu Feng’s abacus is really good.

But, how can he deal with Zhu Hengyu so well?

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.


Su Ziyun’s eyes suddenly widened when he heard what Zhu Hengyu said, his face was incredible!

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

And the 3,000 commanders of the military must have vacancies before they can apply.

Most importantly, applicants must be on the front line.

And in his area, not at all was completely abandoned by the military!

Various conditions are very complicated.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

But think about it

Giethoorn has not fallen yet.

Zhu Hengyu’s order has not yet been issued.

In other words, the military has not completely given up Giethoorn.

In this way, Zhu Hengyu and his three thousand heavenly demon Guard became the only military force on Yangjiao Island!

At such a moment, Zhu Hengyu can indeed take the post of commander of Yangjiao Island.

The rank is the same as Zhang Kui Mo Shuai, the same as the Demon Race commander!

Suddenly staring at Su Ziyun

Zhu Hengyu laughed: In addition, as the Demon Race commander, I specially enclosed Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan, as the captain of Yangjiaodao, please review the military together!

This! This! This

Listening to Zhu Hengyu, it’s not just Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan.

Even the eighty-one members around them were completely stunned.

Smiling and turning his head, Zhu Hengyu looked at the eighty-one magician and smiled:

I believe everyone has seen the strength of Sky Devil Guard.

Here, I promise you all!

As long as everyone is standing on the city wall, they will be successful.

So, the remaining eight captains and 100 Thousand-man Commander positions of His Majesty Zhu Hengyu are waiting for everyone to compete.

Time to now

His Majesty Zhu Hengyu has only eighty-one members.

Therefore, as long as everyone is willing to stay, we will go out of trouble together with Zhu Hengyu.

So worst, Zhu Hengyu will also block them as a Thousand-man Commander.

Those heroes with outstanding merits are even more likely to be captives as captains!

Facing the benefits offered by Zhu Hengyu

The eighty-one magician suddenly blinked his eyes.

So many years on the front line, everyone present has long been bearish on life and death.

They just got the obstacle-breaking Golden Core, breaking through the sixty Devil Body puppets.

Now, I have the opportunity to increase the ranks!

Who can refuse such a good thing?

Although staying here may seem a little dangerous, they have seen the strength of Tenmon Guard.

There is a Guardian of the Demon here, so there is nothing to worry about.

It’s definitely not as dangerous as you think.

The key is

Fame and fortune, I had to fight for it.

If you want to sit at home in peace, then it is impossible to join the ranks.

So, just groan.

The eighty-one members will respond at the same time.

They are willing to stay in Giethoorn and work together with Zhu Hengyu to overcome difficulties!


Su Ziyun boarded the platinum battleship and hurried to Xuangui Island to submit Zhu Hengyu’s documents to the military.

Zhu Hengyu’s self-control over Yangjiao Island’s devil was instantly alarmed by the army.

In fact, the military has abandoned Giethoorn.

All orders have been dispatched.

But I never thought, but Zhu Hengyu was not at all, and he was left there.

In this way, Giethoorn is not abandoned.

Under anger

The military department began to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Soon, as the water recedes, the rocks appear.

Facing the military investigation, no one dared to conceal or deceive.

Don’t dare even Liu Fengmaoshuai himself, let alone other people!

As judged by Liu Fengmao Shuai and Zhu Hengyu.

Although it was learned that Liu Feng was targeting Zhu Hengyu and intentionally framed him, the military department did not at all severely punish Liu Liu’s devil.

Just fined Liu Feng for some money, deducted some military achievements, and passed.

But next

The military department has to face Zhu Hengyu’s paperwork.

To this day, Zhu Hengyu did not receive a military order.

In this way, he will still be the defender of Giethoorn!

As the highest military commander on Giethoorn.

Zhu Hengyu does have the right to take the post of Demon Race commander.

More coincidentally

The devil handsome of Yangwei City happened to have died a few days ago.

Originally, within the military department, they were vying for this vacant job of the devil.

But I never thought about it, but was far away from the front line, and was assigned to Zhu Hengyu, who took it away!

In the face of Zhu Hengyu’s self-control of the devil

The military ministry wants to reject it directly, and strongly disagrees.

But the problem now is that Zhu Hengyu’s actions are all in accordance with the military law of the military.

Even if you want to dismiss, the military can’t find a reasonable statement.

Since Giethoorn has not been abandoned.

Since there are still garrisons on Giethoorn.

Since Zhu Hengyu is the highest military commander in Giethoorn.

Now that there is a vacancy in the rank of Devil.

Then Zhu Hengyu definitely has the right to take the post of magic commander!

Simply has no right to stop or veto.

The old saying is good

country cannot live a day without monarch

Especially on the front lines, the battle situation is constantly changing.

Now that the devil in Yangwei is killed.

Also, on the island of Giethoorn, another devil has been transferred.

Then the highest military commander in this War Zone can take the position of self commander.

Similar military regulations are not limited to is Demon Race.

In fact, Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Monster Race, and even the Immortal Sect have the same military regulations.

You can even say far away

Since the birth of Heaven and Earth.

All the way to an infinite future.

Even until the moment World is destroyed.

This military rule will definitely exist in the army of all ethnic groups and will be resolutely implemented.

Except for approval and approval by the military, nothing can be done.

This military rule was set by the demon ancestor

Even the demon ancestor has no right to change this military rule.

As for others, let alone.


The military department quickly approved Zhu Hengyu’s application.

Even Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan’s post as captain of the army directly approved.

However, within the military department, the faces of all the officers are ugly.

Everyone was ready to give up Giethoorn completely.

Once you give up Giethoorn, everyone can compete for the vacant position of Devil.

But now, Zhu Hengyu is taken away by the position of Devil.

Everyone wants to fight, but there is nothing to fight.

Did you blame Zhu Hengyu?

Indeed, if it weren’t for this guy, the position of Devil Marshal would still be there.

But the problem now is that although Zhu Hengyu is also in the ranks of being blamed, everyone doesn’t hate Zhu Hengyu too much.

After all, Zhu Hengyu didn’t want to stay there, he was just a poor worm targeted by Liu Feng.

The real culprit is not others, but Liu Feng!

The military department apparently gave up Yangjiao Island, but he chose power for personal gain and left Zhu Hengyu there.

If it wasn’t for Liu Feng’s secret conspiracy, how could Zhu Hengyu have such an opportunity?

What depresses you most

After approving Zhu Hengyu’s position to lead the devil.

Zhu Hengyu’s disciplinary order also expired simultaneously.

Zhu Hengyu’s punishment order can only punish the magic general, but not the magic handsome!

In this way, Zhu Hengyu can command the army and leave Yangjiao Island.


He can’t take back his job as a devil.

Others want to fight, it’s not impossible.

But the process is the same as before.

Only seven battles with Zhu Hengyu, who have to win four games, can be in the commanding position.

In the eyes of everyone

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

A large number of members of the military department left Liu Feng with a glaring glance.

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