Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3881


A large group of members must rush back immediately to convene their proud children and make all preparations.

Once Zhu Hengyu leaves Yanggau Island, they will challenge Zhu Hengyu.

Although Zhu Hengyu has taken over the position of devil, now he is not correct.

Zhu Hengyu is just a magician.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

Big leaders at all levels of the military have absolute confidence in helping their children and grandchildren to defeat Zhu Hengyu and win a handsome position!

Liu Feng’s face was bitter as he watched a group of military leaders leave.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

Sure enough

As Liu Feng was worried.

Half an hour after the army’s big men left.

A military order was issued by a senior military official.

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The work of the Archives Department naturally counts and organizes archives.

It does not need to say more about its functions.

Basically there is no real power at all.

For this, Liu Feng couldn’t help crying.

Obviously, this is the cruelest punishment for him.

This position of the Archives Department not only has no real power, but also does not see any benefits.

Basically, this is exile within the military.

Waiting with a wry smile, he sat on the chair with a look of despair in Liu Feng’s face.

I knew this already. I shouldn’t have targeted Zhu Hengyu at the beginning.

But who can think, that guy is so cunning.

Not only did he fail, but he took the opportunity to jump to the throne of the devil!

Weakly sitting on a chair

Liu Feng squinted his eyes and sneered.

Those heads of the military must be waiting for Commander Zhu Hengyu to leave Giethoorn.

But I don’t know why, Liu Feng doesn’t think so.

If Zhu Hengyu is so simple, how will his Liu Feng end up now?

In the view of Liu Feng

Zhu Hengyu will never leave Yangjiao Island easily.

As long as you are in Yangjiao Island, Zhu Hengyu’s job as a devil is as stable as Mount Tai!

In this state, Zhu Hengyu is still on the front line, and his handsomeness cannot be challenged.

Change coaches before the battle, that is definitely a taboo for soldiers.

As long as Zhu Hengyu does not leave, no one else has the right to challenge.

Of course

The Ministry of Military Affairs can also issue an order for Zhu Hengyu to leave Yangjiao Island.

That’s it.

You have to send a devil to replace Zhu Hengyu!

Ask me

With Giethoorn, Giethoorn is in its current situation.

Which devil is willing to go there to die?

If the supply line is completely cut off, even if you can keep Giethoorn, you will have to starve to death!

The most important thing is that Zhu Hengyu wants to leave, and always sends battleship to pick him up, right?

But the problem now is that the route to Giethoorn has been cut off by Monster Race.

Send battleship now, shouldn’t you drive into the Monster Race battleship group to die?

So Zhu Hengyu will not leave Yangjiao Island for a short time.

Even if he wants to go, his army can’t go.

In the view of the military department

Although Su Ziyun ran out, it was understandable.

Within the Dimension Ring, you can mount a Thunder Boat.

At Su Ziyun’s speed, you can definitely escape the chase of Demon Soldier.

Therefore, it is not a big problem to say that there are only a few people.

But it is impossible for everyone under Su Hengyu to be Su Ziyun.

It’s impossible to break out, right?

Thus, in the event that the route is cut off.

Zhu Hengyu didn’t want to come out, he couldn’t come out at all.

Not to mention how bitter Liu Feng is, how to regret it

On the other side, after Su Ziyun received the approval of the military, he immediately took a platinum battleship and hurried back to Yanggak Island.

Along the way, platinum battleships are stealth below the sea.

Although there are many battleships for Monster Race, Zhu Hengyu’s platinum battleship is not found at all.

As for Giethoorn

Monster Race soldiers are not at all siege in Giethoorn.

If Zhu Hengyu wants to command the army to leave, the Monster Race army will definitely line up to say goodbye and will never use force.

To this day, Monster Race has completely occupied Yangwei Island.

If Zhu Hengyu wants to leave, it will be in the heart of Monster Race.


As Liu Feng thought, Zhu Hengyu simply didn’t want to leave.

Three thousand demon guards are guarding here, and Zhu Hengyu simply doesn’t worry about Yangjiao Island falling.

Zhu Hengyu is absolutely not afraid even if the opponent dispatches a demon handsome.

Despite Zhu Hengyu’s Devil Body, he still stays at 64.

But once the enchantment is cast, the demon Battle Physique condenses.

Zhu Hengyu’s battle strength will reach 70 four stages!

It can completely confront the handsome monster, even crush it!

Zhu Hengyu has no fear even if the opponent dispatches Monster King.

Although Zhu Hengyu cannot beat Monster King under one-on-one!

But don’t forget, Your Majesty Zhu Hengyu, but there are three thousand days of magic Guard!

Under the fire of the three thousand and six hundred name Tianmo Guard, even Monster King cannot escape the fate of being spiked!

Of course.

The real Monster King is almost impossible to snipe.

Using the wisdom of Monster King, how can you easily fall into the trap.

Let San Qian name Tianmo Guard kill him?

Her Majesty King, there are a lot of monsters.

Your Majesty, there are many Monster Generals!

Stop slaying Monster King!

It’s almost impossible to get a heads-up on Monster King.

According to the tacit understanding between Demon Race and Monster Race

Monster King and Demon King will not appear on the front line.

They will just sit in the rear and practice while supervising the battle.

As far as going to the front line to kill the enemy in person, it is almost impossible.

Monster King and Demon King are not so idle and not so boring.

Furthermore, the addition of Monster King and Demon King will make the battle turn white-hot.

If this is the case, then both Monster Race and Demon Race will suffer.

Once the Monster Race and Demon Race are down, will Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, rise up?

Therefore, according to the hidden rules, the king-level cultivator will not go to the front to participate in the battle.

If you really meet Monster King, you can only blame Zhu Hengyu’s bad luck.

And, I really met Monster King’s words.

Zhu Hengyu and the eighty-one magical generals all turned on demonization.

Although there will be heavy losses, there is definitely a great possibility to defeat Monster King!

A few days later

Su Ziyun rushed back to Giethoorn and back to Giethoorn.


The general commander Zhu Hengyu was given to Su Xiaowan.

And dispatched Su Xiaowan to rush to Xuangui Island to receive a series of materials from the devil.

As a newly-developed devil, Zhu Hengyu can receive a large number of sixth grade medicine ingredients.

Especially that day, you can get three of them every year.

So Zhu Hengyu can upgrade Devil Body from 64 to 67!

Apart from this, Zhu Hengyu can also receive a lot of medicine ingredients and supplies.

This is a high-end resource that is only qualified by Moshuai.

Go here and back

Su Xiaowan spent only three days.

Originally, when Zhu Hengyu wanted to come, he could only get three Tianxiang Devil Fruits.

But never thought about it

When Su Xiaowan returned, she brought six heavenly incense fruits.

On closer inspection, Zhu Hengyu understood it.

This year’s Tianxiang Devil Fruit is indeed three.

But in another month, it will be the next year.

At that time, Zhu Hengyu will be able to receive three Tianxiang Devil Fruits again.

In order to save trouble, Xuangui Island Army Headquarters sent the Tianxiang Devil Fruit next year together in advance.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Without a word, he entered the pill concocting chamber and began to make Tianxiang Modan!

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