Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3890


Zhu Hengyu’s name is unknown.

Never tried to inquire.

But in fact, it doesn’t matter.

The most important thing is that this female devil is really too smart and too powerful.

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The more you think about it, the more Zhu Hengyu feels that the female devil is smart and cunning.

Before, Zhu Hengyu also had some comments on the magic skills of the female devil handsome.

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But now, this is irreplaceable.

Tested …

Those seemingly mediocre three magic skills have their own special features.

stealth, blinding, poisonous blade!

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The change from a short duration to a near-permanent one …

That’s all right.

But if this is the case, these three magic skills are too weak.

Inheritance magic skills, although there are elementary, intermediate and advanced points.

But that’s just the order of discharge according to energy consumption.

In fact, inheritance magic skills are not inferior.

Well used, the basic inheritance magic skills can also be peerless in the whole world.

Take Su Ziyun for example.

His penetrating arrows, impact arrows, shock arrows, and even these three inheritance magic skills, he could not even see the shadow.

Did you say …

Stealth, poison blade, blinding, break this law?

Compare the impact arrows with poison blades.

Impact arrows are super destructive, and they can fly the target out with a range of 100 meters.

The formidable power of the poison blade is very ordinary, which can make the target enter the poisoned state, but the range is only ten meters.

Contrast arrows with blindness.

Concussion Arrow is super destructive and can stun the target with a range of 100 meters.

Blindness has no formidable power at all, it can make the enemy lose sight, and the range is only ten meters.

A little comparison will reveal.

formidable power, the gap between the two is really too big, without any comparability.

Su Ziyun crushed the female devil with her absolute advantage.

On the effect of control, Su Ziyun can fly and stun opponents.

Women can only poison each other and cause blindness.

You know, whether it ’s a fly or a stun, it ’s hard control.

Poisoning and blinding are nothing more than soft control.

In this respect, Su Ziyun still crushed the female devil with absolute advantage.

The end is the range.

Su Ziyun has a range of up to 100 meters. There is only ten meters of range with the female devil handsome. Need to say more?

Ten times the gap is still completely crushed!

But that’s it …

The problem arises!

Okay, all magic skills are equally powerful.

But why is this comparison so much worse?

This is no longer a weak issue.

This is absolute, it’s all over!

Obviously …

The law cannot be broken.

All inheritance magic skills must be extremely powerful.

Even if there is a gap, there will be no crushing.

Su Ziyun’s three magic tricks are not indispensable.

It depends on the ultimate inheritance lock to guarantee that every arrow will hit.

In contrast, the female devil is handsome …

The three inheritance magic skills she chooses all have their own effects.

Stealth don’t talk about him. This is what he showed himself. He didn’t have to hide if he wanted to hide.

It is worth mentioning that it is blinding and poisonous blade!

Take Zhu Hengyu’s magic imprisonment, and Su Ziyun’s concussion arrows and impact arrows as examples.

Once released, you must hit the target to start the magic effect.

And once the magic is evaded, it will naturally be useless.

The blindness and poisonous blade of the female devil handsome are different …

Although the formidable power is a little smaller, the distance is a little closer, and the control is a bit softer, but once activated, it will inevitably hit.

Unless the opponent can, like the Golden Eagle Demon, rely on eagle eyes to become immune to blinding effects.

Otherwise, as long as the blindness is activated, the other person’s eyes will lose effect instantly.

The most powerful thing about blinding is that it is launched directly on the target.

Once activated, the other person’s eyes were instantly dark, and there was no possibility of evasion.

If stealth is launched on its own, it cannot be avoided.

Then blindness is launched with the enemy as the carrier, which is also inevitable.

As for the poisonous blade …

Poisonblade has three characteristics that most magic skills cannot match.

First of all, although the poison blade can only be launched from close range, its flying speed can be called against the sky, and the naked eye cannot capture it!

Second, when the poison blade is flying, it is silent and cannot be perceived.

Again, once the poison blade is launched, it is locked on the target and will inevitably hit.

It is worth mentioning that although the poison blade cannot be avoided, it can be blocked.

Meng Yi sounds like it seems easy to do.

As long as you are alert, you can successfully block!

However, when the eyes are so dark, facing the enemy’s flying knife fired at close range, how to block?

Hearing noise to distinguish position?

But the poisonous blade is silent and the speed of flying is extremely fast!

stealth, blinding, poison blade …

These three magic tricks are all overwhelming.

All come with a lock feature.

The combination of the three magic techniques is equivalent to the ultimate inheritance with infinite lock.

Especially that poisonous blade, not only cannot be seen quickly with naked eye, but also it is silent and invisible when flying.

As long as you can’t block in time, you will be hit by poison blade.

With the Poison Dragon blade that saw the blood-sealed throat, as long as you scratch a layer of oil skin, that’s dead.


It’s really scary!

Within ten meters, a shot of Poison Dragon hits 100%.

No one can survive three breaths in front of the Poison Dragon Blade that sees the bloody throat!

Unfortunately! It’s really a pity …

If the female devil is too confident, too careless, and bad luck.

Want to come … no one can kill her at all.

If you can see her silhouette, it is already pretty good.

Especially now …

Under constant tempering of the power of Sunra and the power of purgatory.

The power, speed, and strength of this Devil Body will increase madly.

In addition, in addition to the four inheritance magic skills, this Devil Body is equivalent to having two unique inheritances-the power of Sen Luo and the power of purgatory!

This existence is already stronger than Zhu Hengyu.

Of course, if you really fight, Zhu Hengyu will still win.

Zhu Hengyu’s infinite magical affinity directly breaks the female devil’s stealth.

As for blindness, he is shielded by Sen Luo and immune.

Poison Dragon Blade is powerful though!

It can be said that it’s a hundred hits, see the blood seal the throat!

But don’t forget, Zhu Hengyu has a black turtle shield.

It’s better if the opponent doesn’t send a dart!

Once you really launch the Poison Dragon blade at Zhu Hengyu.

In front of the Black Turtle Shield, it will be reflected back instantly.

This way …

The female devil can’t kill Zhu Hengyu in seconds, but was killed by himself.

In fact, if the female devil is not too bad luck, he will be under the siege of thousands of monster races.

Even if she is face to face with the Golden Eagle Demon, she can win.

Unfortunately, she is really bad luck.

After the line was broken by Hawkeye …

Under the siege of hundreds of Monster Generals and tens of thousands of Demon Soldiers.

It’s still tragic and besieged …

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Her relatively weak Devil Body, after all, can’t withstand endless blows.

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