Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3893


As we all know, houses with civil structure cannot be built too high or too large.

Moreover, the age is slightly longer, it is easy to crack and even collapse.

Comparatively, the buildings are still made of stone and have been preserved for longer.

Of course, the advantages of civil construction are also incomparable gigantic.

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Rock-structured houses need to mine stone, and then transport the stone to the construction site thousands of miles away.

Then, very skilled craftsmen are needed to build up these magnificent buildings with those rough stones.

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After all, although this is very labor-intensive, material, and financial, as long as you have money, you can definitely solve it.

Obviously, Demon Wolf Clan cannot be short of money.

Actually, the biggest problem is the carving of magic lines!

The collapsed battlefield is full of Primal-Chaos Qi, Yin-Fiend Qi, and demonic energy.

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Is it easy to carve a magic pattern on wood, or is it easier to carve a magic pattern on stone that is as strong as steel?

Obviously, a three-year-old child can use a carving knife to make a magic pattern on wood.

Stone is different …

It’s definitely not just anyone who can sculpt.

Without hundreds or even thousands of years to practice, simply cannot carve a beautiful magic pattern.

Even if it is barely carved, it is still full of mistakes and can’t excite the magic shield at all!

The demon wolf is extremely belligerent.

They can get everything they want through war.

Therefore, simply no one is going to delve into the magic pattern.

In contrast, the Demon Clan is extremely kind.

The personality is very peaceful, and you won’t be angry when you are idle.

Few people quarrel on the street, let alone get into a fight.

The Devil Tribes are not good at fighting, but they are very kind, very patient, and very hardworking.

Most cultivators of the Devil Clan are not suitable for combat.

Only the geniuses and elites of the Devil Clan are eligible to become warriors and go to the front.

So …

Most sheep sheep cultivator need to find a way out.

Those cultivators with a clever mind, but not too talented in battle, went to become the weavers.

Therefore, there are a lot of magic weavers of the devil tribe.

They are not very talented, though.

But IQ is very high, definitely genius.

It is said that the magic pattern divisions of the devil sheep clan have the ability to never forget.

No doubt …

In terms of IQ alone, the Devil Clan is absolutely superior.

But unfortunately …

The usefulness of the Wizard is not so great.

Usually, it takes a year for a wizard to build a building.

But they don’t make as much money as an ordinary Demon Wolf Clan warrior.

Finally, every race has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of Demon Wolf Clan is that he is extremely good at fighting.

They were born almost for fighting.

In contrast, the devil sheep are extremely bad at fighting.

They were born almost to be hunted.

Demon Wolf Clan, however, has relatively poor patience and relatively low intelligence.

The Devil Clan is extremely patient and has very high intelligence.

The Devil Clan is actually not suitable for battlefields. It is more suitable for logistics, development, and construction.

Demon Wolf Clan is not suitable for logistics, development, and construction, but it is extremely suitable for the battlefield.

Every race is imperfect.

It is imperfect that they have characteristics.

Because of their different characteristics, they work differently.

Unfortunately, although everyone belongs to Demon Race, in fact, Demon Race is divided into many factions.

Although there is communication between each race, it is very rare.

In general, it is difficult to see the Demon Wolf and Demon Wolf Clan in the territory of the Devil Tribe.

Similarly, the Devil Wolf Clan and the Demon Cow’s territory can hardly see the Devil Wolf’s cultivator.

The reason why this is actually related to racial identity.

Demon Wolf Clan didn’t go to the Demon Cow because it was too far apart.

It takes half a month to get the Demon Wolf Clan from Demon Wolf Clan, even at the terrifying speed of platinum battleship.

If it is an ordinary battleship, it will not be possible to simply arrive without half a year.

Furthermore, the area under the control of Monster Race is very dangerous.

I want to get to Demon Wolf from Demon Wolf Clan …

It must start from Demon Wolf Clan, and it takes half a year to reach the Devil Clan.

After crossing the territory of the Moyang tribe, and then rushing for another half a year, you will basically reach the Mobo tribe.

The distance between each other is really too far.

And along the way, you have to cross the Monster Race and the waters controlled by the stars Immortal Sect.

That’s really dangerous!

Hundred fleets. In the past, ten ships arrived safely, which is already pretty good.

Therefore, within Demon Race, the flow between various races is very small.

Of course …

If the light is far away, it is not insurmountable.

Just build a huge fleet of hundreds of battleships.

It’s generally safe to reach …

But the problem is now.

Demon Wolf Clan can’t survive when he goes to the domain of the demon sheep and demon cattle.

All the resources of the Demon Clan are in the hands of the Demon Clan Army.

Demon Wolf Clan has no resources at all in the Devil Clan.

Even joining sect is an unattainable thing.

The Devil’s Army, which only trains Devil’s people.

The same is true for Demon Wolf Clan and the military unit of the Demon Clan. They cannot package valuable resources and give them to other cultivators.

For them, it’s tantamount to grab!

If Zhu Hengyu wants to come to Demon Wolf Clan to develop, then simply cannot develop.

Not to mention that all kinds of medicinal materials are not available.

There is no way to join sect and all the major forces, each Great Clans.

And most importantly …

No matter how strong Zhu Hengyu is personally, he has no promotion channel in Demon Wolf Clan.

Demon Wolf Clan only recruits Demon Wolf Clan’s soldiers, and only covers Demon Wolf Clan’s magic generals, handsome men, and even Demon King!

Zhu Hengyu is useless even if he is strong enough to kill Demonic Wolf King in a second.

In Demon Wolf Clan, he can only be a civilian, he can never have any power!

This natural barrier cannot be overcome anyway!

For the major races in Demon Race …

Within every race, there is rigorous portal.

Demon Wolf Clan is absolutely inconceivable. A devil sheep cultivator will be their Wolf King, or even the Wolf King!

Similarly, the cultivator of the devil sheep family will definitely not accept the Demon Wolf Clan cultivator and become their king, and emperor!

Therefore, although Demon Race is a whole, it has its own internal affairs, no one is a bird.

There is very little or no communication between them.

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help sighing as he looked at the run-down Demon Wolf Clan city.

Obviously, Demon Race is extremely powerful!

Even if the is Demon Race is the weakest Devil Race, you can play with Monster Race all the time.

Demon Race seems to be too weak.

Take the Devil Clan as an example, being chased by others by Monster Race.

One island after another, one after another.

Isn’t this Demon Race weak?

But is this Demon Race really weak?

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

The Monster Race on the offensive, they are not just goats!

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