Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3894


In the battle in Giethoorn, the Monster Race dispatched the Goat, Griffon, Goshawk, and Golden Eagle.

Among them, the Griffin, Goshawk, and Golden Eagle, these are the three Great Imperial Family of Monster Race!

The flying shot of the griffins!

Thorhawk Monster General!

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

All of them participated in the battle!

Even the griffins’ servants, the vultures, participated in the battle.

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In contrast, the battle in Giethoorn, but from start to finish, only the cultivator of the devil tribe is resisting.

Where is the demon wolf?

Where is the demon bull riding madly?

You can’t even see a shadow.

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In such an asymmetrical situation, the Devil Clan is still defeated but not defeated. This is really rare.

Demon Race is down …

Of course, this is because of insufficient attention to the devil and excessive persecution.

In fact, it is more important, because in Demon Race, there is no powerful person who can control all races and combine Demon Race into a whole.

Inside Demon Race, although it looks outside, Demon Race is a whole.

But in fact, there are internal wars.

If the various races of the Demon Race can be united together to form a coalition.

Monster Race, no matter how powerful it is, how dare to invade Demon Race!

But all of this, for the time being, has nothing to do with Zhu Hengyu.

He’s all in the Devil Clan.

What does the relationship between Demon Wolf Clan and the Demon Clan have to do with him?

Now, the only thing Zhu Hengyu wants to do is to acquire a large number of magic snipers.

Increase the number of Guardians from 3,000 to 10,000!

Demon Wolf Clan entered all the way, Zhu Hengyu appeared, but not at all attracted too much attention.

Although, Demon Wolf Clan is far from the Devil Clan.

Access is very inconvenient.

It can even be very dangerous!

But because of this, the business opportunities here are actually bigger.

Although ordinary person, they will not come here, but they can’t stop them. Those businesses are going back and forth to make money.

So …

Demon Wolf Clan’s cultivator is no stranger to the Devil Wolf cultivator.

Often encountered on the street.

Although from the heart, Demon Wolf Clan ca n’t really see the Devil Race, but there is no denying that everyone is a Demon Race, so even if you look down, or even look down, but Will not attack.

As a member of Demon Race, cannibalism is absolutely forbidden.

Walking all the way, Zhu Hengyu found an Inn who could see it and stayed.

It is obviously impossible to buy inheritance magic ball in this remote port.

To buy a large number of inheritance magic balls, you must go to Demon Wolf Clan’s trading metropolis.

Only those super metropolises have shops like Demon King Building to sell inheritance magic balls.

However, although the inheritance magic ball is not available here, it does not prevent Zhu Hengyu from observing and understanding Demon Wolf Clan.

With Zhu Hengyu’s keen eyes, as soon as he entered Demon Wolf Clan, he found a huge business opportunity!

Other than that, as far as architecture is concerned, it is a very good starting point.

Demon Wolf Clan has money, some money!

They also want to live in big luxury houses, but they do n’t have enough technology or talents to build them.

If Zhu Hengyu can hold Demon Wolf Clan’s real estate business in his hands.

So, does he need to worry about making no money?

No matter which World.

No matter what era.

The real estate business is definitely the most profitable business.

Of course, although Zhu Hengyu discovered this business opportunity, he may not do it.

At the very least, he won’t start immediately to do this business.

Zhu Hengyu is most concerned about developing his own forces.

As for money, although it is not unwanted, it is not the top priority.

Not to mention how Zhu Hengyu observed and understood.

For a while …

Zhu Hengyu passed several Demon Wolf Clan islands all the way, all the way to Demon Wolf Clan’s trading metropolis, Blood Wolf City rushed past.

On the way, every time an island passes by, Zhu Hengyu will board the island and learn something.

Observing Demon Wolf Clan’s social culture and customs.

After detailed investigation and understanding, Zhu Hengyu has a preliminary impression of Demon Wolf Clan.

Demon Wolf Clan, it’s not good to say, it’s delicious, lazy, and combative.

Factors of war and battle, flood every cell in Demon Wolf Clan cultivator’s body.

Until now, they still maintain the ferocious nature of the wild wolf.

In the old saying, wolves are rectal creatures.

It’s not just delicious, it’s not just edible.

The most important thing is that they eat endlessly.

When there is no battle, they usually sleep until the sun is half a day high.

After getting up, I invited three or two friends to go to the tavern together and ate shouted.

It’s half-afternoon after eating this meal.

At the same time that people are full of wine and rice, people also become slightly sloppy because of drinking.

After taking a nap, when it wakes up again, it’s evening time.

After going to the toilet, their stomachs are almost empty again.

Demon Wolf Clan is not only a rectum, but food is digested especially fast!

After a short rest, it’s stomach rumbling with hunger again.

So, Demon Wolf Clan cultivator, in the evening, he started eating again.

Eating till midnight, this dragged the drunken body, rushed home, and fell asleep.

With this sleep, you can sleep from midnight to noon the next day.

Then the next cycle begins again.

For Demon Wolf Clan …

When you have no money, join Legion and loot at Monster Race.

After the plunder, I rushed home all the way.

With the money, they started eating shouted.

With the fast and effective digestion system, while they are eating shouted, the Devil Body rank has been rapidly improving.

As a result, Devil Wolf Clan cultivator’s Devil Body rank is generally about ten ranks higher than the Devil Clan.

The individual strength is also much higher than the cultivator of the devil tribe.

All in all …

Demon Wolf Clan is an aggressive, tasty, lazy, non-productive race.

They are very rich and very willing to spend money.

Basically, the money they earn in battle will be consumed in a short period of time.

Good shot and very hospitable.

Facing such a Demon Wolf Clan, Zhu Hengyu feels funny and feels pity.

Although Meng Yi sounds, Demon Wolf Clan’s life seems to be smart, but all of this is based on the fact that they can fight good wars, or … can also fight.

Once Demon Wolf Clan can’t fight, he immediately loses his financial resources.

In this way, Demon Wolf Clan’s life is too miserable.

Demon Wolf Clan has no habit of saving.

Spend it whenever you have money.

Therefore, those Demon Wolf Clan cultivator who lost combat capability because of war is very miserable.

If you do n’t have enough food or clothes, even the most basic livelihood depends on the Demon Wolf Clan military to distribute basic subsidies.

Fortunately …

Demon Wolf Clan’s military department, that’s really rich.

Every time you go to the Monster Race to plunder, you can grab a lot of wealth.

So, even if you raise it for a long time, you can raise a lot of people for a long time.

However, with the ebbing of time, more and more Demon Wolf Clan cultivator disabled due to war.

On the battlefield, all lifespans are eternal.

As long as it is not killed, it will hardly die.

Demon Wolf Clan is very rich.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Even if there is more money, it is not enough for them to consume.

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