Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3895


The Demon Wolf Clan Military Department has been completely locked out, and every month, a war must be waged.

Otherwise, they would not have enough funds to sustain the lives of those Demon Wolf Clan veterans.

Obviously, such a solution can solve the temporary difficulties, but the source of the trouble is not at all.

For the time being, Demon Wolf Clan can barely support it.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

But new disabled soldiers will keep appearing.

After each battle, a large number of disabled soldiers will be born.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

And the cruelest thing is, knowing that this snowball will roll bigger and bigger, but the Demon Wolf Clan military, can only continue to roll this snowball.

Otherwise …

Once the snowball stops, all the veterans will probably be starved to death.

At that time, Demon Wolf Clan will probably mess up and even crash.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Entering Blood Wolf City, Zhu Hengyu finds more Demon Clan merchants.

But it ’s worth mentioning …

These devil sheep merchants are indeed devil sheep.

But in fact, they will hardly rush back to the Devil Clan.

In a way, they are just immigrants of the Devil Clan in Blood Wolf City.

Many of the sheep and sheep don’t even speak the language of the sheep or sheep.

A mouth that speaks the wolf of Demon Wolf Clan.

But fortunately, although most of the cultivator of the cultivator can no longer speak the language of the devil, the cultivator of the devil cultivator who is good at the devil’s language still has a part after all.

For the next period of time, Zhu Hengyu will go to the tavern set by the cultivator of the Moyang tribe every morning to drink.

Because of being with Demon Wolf Clan …

The cultivator of the magic sheep tribe has also become accustomed to Demon Wolf Clan’s lifestyle and rhythm.

So, like Demon Wolf Clan, they only wake up at noon and go to bed until midnight.

Zhu Hengyu learned more about Demon Wolf Clan through chat.

Demon Wolf Clan, a warlike and belligerent race.

However, Demon Wolf Clan is not good at defending the city.

As a result, Demon Wolf Clan will return to the island after a plunder.

Live their drunken stupor.

Until the money in his pocket is exhausted, he will set foot on the front line again, go to battle, go to kill, go to plunder!

Unfortunately, even if they captured a city, they couldn’t hold it.

After some plunder, you will leave freely.

So for many years, although Monster Race has been devastated, Demon Wolf Clan has never been able to hit the land.

The Monster Race army did not dare to invade the waters of Demon Wolf Clan.

After all, at sea, bows and arrows are the mainstay.

The reputation of Demon Wolf Clan divine archer is not blown out.

Demon Wolf Clan ’s battleship is invincible and invincible in the vast ocean.

Hiding the sky and covering the earth, Monster Race battleship simply is not an opponent.

After learning about Blood Wolf City for a few days, Zhu Hengyu finally heard about the inheritance magic ball.

Demon Wolf Clan has the same inheritance as Demon Wolf Clan.

The so-called inheritance magic ball also has Demon Wolf Clan.

inheritance The magic ball is a precious legacy built by the demon ancestor for his children and grandchildren.

All people of Demon Race can enjoy it.

However, what unexpected to Zhu Hengyu was …

A lot of the precious inheritance in the devil tribe.

In Demon Wolf Clan, there is no market at all.

A lot of inheritance, which belongs to the garbage family in the Devil Clan, is extremely precious in Demon Wolf Clan!

Take Zhu Hengyu’s Demon Guard as an example …

Their magic works, and Demon Wolf Clan is Supreme’s inheritance magic.

But in the Devil Clan, there are 3,000 or more backlogs of Demon Power!

Understanding clearly, Zhu Hengyu finally went to Blood Wolf City’s largest inheritance magic ball Trading Company.

After taking over the book, Zhu Hengyu carefully looked up.

Soon, Zhu Hengyu found the magical power!

Sure enough, as Zhu Hengyu knows.

Magic can move, for Demon Wolf Clan, that’s a magical skill!

Demon Wolf Clan soldiers with magical powers will get the best training and become one of the three wolf cavalry of Demon Wolf Clan-Red Blood Wolf Rider!

Demon Wolf Clan has three major Legions.

They are blood wolf ride, ominous wolf ride, and red blood wolf ride!

Among them, riding a red blood wolf is the best!

Want to become a Red Blood Wolf rider, the most important thing is to have magic power to run!

In legend, the cavalrymen of the Red Blood Wolf ride on the Red Blood Warhorse. They can travel thousands of days and 800 nights.

Furthermore, the Red Blood Wolf rider, who is proficient in magic, can go without a trace, without a trace.

Everywhere you go, you are invincible!

Red blood wolf ride is definitely one of the three great wolf emperors of Demon Wolf Clan, one of the most powerful Legion.

It is worth mentioning that it is different from other races!

Demon Wolf Clan, there are five wolves.

Ominous wolf emperor, Blood Wolf Sovereign, and three red blood Wolf Sovereign!

The five wolf empires all have more than 90 Demon Sovereign Battle Physiques, which are powerful and invincible!

Since three thousand years ago …

After the five Great Wolf Emperors collapsed the battlefield.

Rising all the way, swept Demon Wolf Clan’s series of bull, ghost, and snake gods.

It took only more than 3,000 years to fully control a real Demon Wolf Clan.

As for the original demon wolf emperor, as well as the Demonic Wolf King, all died tragically.

Even their children and grandchildren have been assigned to the front line. Those who die can’t die anymore.

Demon Wolf Clan has been replaced with a new owner.

The Five Great Wolf Kings are so arrogant.

The roots are these five wolf kings!

Although the five great wolf emperors have their own policies, they cooperate with each other.

Ominous wolf ride, blood wolf ride, and three red blood wolf rides work together.

Everywhere you go, you are invincible!

To this day, the five wolf empires are trying their best to control the ethnic group and strongly encourage fertility.

Also, select talents at full speed, powerful five cavalry cavalry.

Now under the cooperation of the five Great Wolf Kings, they have completely controlled Demon Wolf Clan’s politics, economy, commerce, etc …

The five wolves are like a big hand.

Catch the entire Demon Wolf Clan in your palm.

Not to mention how arrogant the five wolf kings are.

This side …

Zhu Hengyu was disappointed to find that all the magical powers were running out and all were sold out.

The opposite is …

Inheritance magic skills that increase strength and defense have a large backlog.

For Demon Wolf Clan, defense is optional.

Once the enemy approaches, even if there is a defensive inheritance magic trick?

For Demon Wolf Clan, speed is everything!

No matter the speed of movement or the speed of shooting, they are the most important qualities.

As long as they have absolute speed, they can always keep their distance from the enemy.

With the range advantage of bows and arrows, they can rely on kite tactics and consume all enemies.

And once approached by the enemy …

Demon Wolf Clan is unlikely to win the battle in close combat.

Mobility has been lost, and Demon Wolf Clan is probably weaker than the Devil Clan.

In the close-up state of the Demon Clan, there are also a pair of horns, which can be used to collide with the enemy.

What about Demon Wolf Clan?

Do you use a wolf’s mouth to bite?

Legion How sharp are the fangs in the war?

simply is not suitable for group operations!

Demon Wolf Clan cannot face the cultivator of the tens of thousands of charge.

So for Demon Wolf Clan …

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Strength, defense, and Devil Body strength are all negligible.

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