Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3896


Between all the way …

Soon, Zhu Hengyu finds the magic eye!

Obviously, this magic eye is also an inheritance magic technique that is very beneficial to Demon Wolf Clan.

Eye of magic can help cultivator see through the mist and see farther away.

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In particular, Demon Wolf Clan’s traditional divide archer requires the help of the magic eye to see through the mist.

Look out for distant targets.

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The name of the divine archer was created with the help of the magic eye.

So, in Demon Wolf Clan, the magic eye is also the most precious inheritance magic trick.

Seeing this, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help laughing.

To this day, Zhu Hengyu can’t help worrying.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Unsurprisingly, Demon Wolf Clan will definitely not miss it.

Soon, Zhu Hengyu found the inheritance magic department where the magic can snipe.

Looking ahead …

Zhu Hengyu suddenly found out!

The inheritance magic skill that the devil can snipe is even more neglected than the devil tribe!

Zhu Hengyu was still worried.

Worrying about this monster’s ability to snipe, it’s like the monster’s speed, and the eyes of the monster.

Respected by Demon Wolf Clan and bought short.

But at a glance …

Demon Wolf Clan’s magic can snip, and has accumulated more than 17,000!

Looking at the long string of numbers, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t believe his eyes!

Looked blankly at the Shopkeeper of the Trading Company.

Zhu Hengyu wondered: “This … this devil can snipe, it seems to be long-range shooting, why is there so much left?”

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s question, the Trading Company shopkeeper couldn’t help laughing.

In the eyes of Zhu Hengyu’s inquiry, the Trading Company shopkeeper explained patiently.


The magic can kill, it is indeed long-range shooting.

It’s even super long range shooting.

However, this is completely useless for Demon Wolf Clan.

First point!

Demon Wolf Clan went to the battlefield in order to make money, and then came back chic.

However, this magic can sniper, but you need to use the magic stone as a medium to launch.

This way …

After a battle, Demon Wolf Clan cultivator not only failed to make money, but lost money.

Why is this devil able to snipe?

The second point!

The formidable power that this devil can kill is really too weak.

Zhu Hengyu values ​​the ability of the sniper to kill, because he has the power of Sen Luo and can bless those shooters.

What Zhu Hengyu values ​​most is actually the range that the magic can snipe!

For Zhu Hengyu, the most precious thing about magical sniping is that it can cross the limit of distance.

Over a long distance, he can throw his power of Senro on the enemy’s body.

Thanks to the horrible killings of Sunra’s power, he will deal a huge blow to the enemy!

But those Demon Wolf Clan shooters, how can there be more blessings?

Without the power of Sen Luo …

The formidable power that can be attacked by magic alone is really too weak.

I am afraid that even shooting dozens of arrows may not kill the enemy.

How many times have the enemies rushed in front of me for so long?

The third point!

Demon Wolf Clan is built on strong war bows and sharp arrows.

Especially that pierce gold and split stone’s gale fang arrow is the soul and core of Demon Wolf Clan Sagittarius!

This monster can snipe, in fact, it is a magic skill, you don’t need a war bow, and you can’t use a gale.

So, in the eyes of Demon Wolf Clan, this simply garbage is useless.

All in all …

The magic energy of formidable power is low, consumes a lot of money, and loses money. You can’t use the bow to increase the speed, and you can’t use the gale spike.

So for Demon Wolf Clan cultivator, even if they find money for them, they will definitely not learn this magic can kill!

With hundreds of millions of years of accumulation, there are more than 17 thousand magical snipers!

Basically, Demon Wolf Clan can’t leave the Gale Fang.

So for Demon Wolf Clan, it’s not just magic killing!

Demon Wolf Clan ignores all remote magic and magic.

Take the Magic Fireball as an example …

Even if the formidable power of Magic Ball Fireball is as big as it is, can it be sharper than the Storm Spike?

Don’t you know that shooters overpower all mages?

Between looking all the way, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes gradually lightened.

inheritance Within the magic ball, the magic and magic of the seal are divided into four major lines.

Earth, water, fire, wind!

Ice Arrow Technique of Water Element.

Fire Element Technique for Fire Element.

Earth stabbing.

Wind Element’s Wind Blade Technique.

There are four major inheritance magics

For Demon Wolf Clan, the four major inheritance magics are simply useless.

The range is not as long as a bow and arrow, and the formidable power is not as large as a bow and arrow. What is it for?

If it’s advanced inheritance, the magic is stronger.

For example, Zheng Xiaoyu’s bursting demon flame, there are still people who can value it.

Demon Wolf Clan also has his own magic Legion.

But for the basic ice arrows, Fireball, Ground Spike, and Wind Blade, no one can really catch the eye.

For Demon Wolf Clan, bows and arrows are everything!

The reason why Demon Wolf Clan is invincible and world is by shooting, not magic.

Therefore, Demon Wolf Clan sniffs at the four major inheritance magics.

There are stronger bows available. Why use magic?

Thus, the four inheritance magics are all hoarding as much as 17 thousand coins!

In addition to the magic sniper, and the four primary inheritance magic.

Zhu Hengyu also found a lot of magic power, magic arm battle armor, and magic power charge!

These inheritance magic skills are totally unsuitable for Demon Wolf Clan.

Demon Wolf Clan is thinner and thinner than the Devil Tribe.

In addition, Demon Wolf Clan is really not that powerful, even worse than the Devil Clan.

Demon Wolf Clan also wears soft leather armor.

So, the so-called Juli, Battle Armor, and simply charge are simply useless.

This magic can charge, although Mengyi sounds, it seems to have an acceleration effect, which is very suitable for Demon Wolf Clan.

But the opposite is true!

The magic charge is to increase defense, increase strength, and increase the inheritance magic of impact.

Exactly …

Magic Charge is a magic technique unique to heavy cavalry.

Suitable for heavy cavalry, used to break through enemy lines.

During the charge, the speed of the cavalry does not actually increase, but instead decreases.

At the expense of speed, increase weight, defense, and impact.

This runs counter to the speed that Demon Wolf Clan is after.

Once the Magic Charge is cast, the speed will not only become faster.

Instead it will decrease!

Thus, this magical charge can be abandoned directly by Demon Wolf Clan.

Once it’s done, the speed doesn’t increase but decreases. What’s the point?

Although the magic charge is used, the strength and defense will increase.

A magic shield will even condense around the body to resist the damage from the impact.

But the question now is …

Demon Wolf Clan, wearing light armor, slender, and very weak, how can he charge and confront the enemy?

Demon Wolf Clan will be defeated even if you charge the Devil Clan, right?

It can be said …

A Demon Wolf Clan cavalry who has launched a magic charge. They must be tired and anxious to die.

Demon Wolf Clan’s charge is absolutely the weakest on the entire battlefield.

Even the Demons are more deterrent and more destructive than their charge.

Demon Wolf Clan Unless he wants to die … he will never learn this magic charge.

After reading the manual several times, Zhu Hengyu finally made a decision.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

A total of eight inheritance magic skills, Zhu Hengyu all packaged and acquired!

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