Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3898


Iron horse rider is a heavy cavalry!

The mounts are all in color, all are colorful Barbarian Ox King.

The heavy cavalry is covered with steel Battle Armor, it is impervious to sword or spear!

The place where the Niubi Iron Ride passes is absolutely invincible!

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The wild cow guards are heavy infantry!

Just like the Iron Bull Rider, the Wild Bull Guard is covered with a Steel Battle Armor.

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The defense is naturally higher!

Every barb guard is holding a heavy shield and a battle axe.

Even if facing cavalry of other races, the Bull Guards can face up and win!

Finally, it’s Guardian!

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But the quality of Wild Bull Guard is the highest.

They are not only wearing nine-forged heavy armor, but also His Majesty’s mount, and they are also colorful Barbarian Ox Sovereign!

The number of Wild Bull Guards is only three thousand, but they can be called World’s First soldiers!

Not only can they drive the colorful bulls into charge, they can also throw away the tomahawk in their hands, enemies beyond strikes 1000 meters.

Burberry Guard’s flying axe is the most destructive long-range strike within the battlefield!

Even with a heavy steel shield, it is difficult to prevent the attack of flying axe!

The long-range flying axe, the short-range wild cows collide, this is not the wild cow Guard, the most terrifying place.

The most terrifying thing about Wild Cow Guard is …

The colorful bull rides on Magical Powers with the Eye of Death!

In the eyes of death, there is a certain probability of being killed by the eyes of death!

The stronger the opponent’s strength, the lower the chance of the Eye of Death to kill.

The weaker the opponent’s strength, the higher the chance of the eye of death killing.

Below the colorful Physique of the colorful savage cattle, they must be killed by the eye of death!

Even if the opponent’s Battle Physique is much higher than the colorful bulls, it is not very useful.

You know, even though Guard Niu is a small number, it’s three thousand!

Three thousand colorful bulls cast the Eye of Death together.

Even if the probability of killing is only 1%, the opponent is almost certain to die!

Nothing else …

Monster Race alone …

The demon handsome who died under the guard of the barbarian Guard has more than 4,000 people.

Monster King, who died under the death guard of Barbarian Guard, has more than 300 people.

Monster Sovereign, who died under the guard of the barbarian Guard, has seven positions in total!

Therefore, although the Bull Guard is not the strongest on the battlefield, but the Bull Guard is definitely the strongest Legion on the battlefield!

Although there are only 3,000 Guardians, even Monster Sovereign, Demon Sovereign, and the Dragon Emperor will be killed instantly.

If luck is good enough to be abnormal.

So wild cow Guard, you can instantly kill 3,000 Monster Sovereign in seconds!

If Guardian’s luck is so good.

Thousands of wild guards, you can kill the power of your ancestors instantly!

Even if Ancestral Dragon, Zu Feng, Zu Qilin are close, there is a certain probability that they will be killed on the spot.

Of course …

This probability is very low.

Low to almost negligible.

But! Even if the probability is low, there is still a chance.

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but marvel at the power of the demon cow clan.

No need to doubt!

The Demon Race is definitely one of the most powerful races on the battlefield.

The situation of the Demon Clan is much better than the Devil Clan.

But compared to Demon Wolf Clan, the Demon Cow is also very downright.

In relative terms, the situation of the Demon Clan is similar to that of the Demon Clan.

The character of the demon cow tribe is very simple and simple, hard work and hard work.

However, the Mo Niu and the Mo Yang tribe are more similar to herbivores.

They don’t like war or fights.

Basically trapped in the Demon Islands, rest and rest, and build infrastructure.

Therefore, the construction of the city of the demon cow tribe is the best among the three races.

However, the Demon Cows have super battle strength.

But! The Demon Cow Clan is not good at siege warfare!

Bull Cow Iron Ride, and Bull Bull Guard are more suitable for charging in open areas.

Once faced with the city wall, these two Legions will be abolished.

The hardness of the rock that collapsed the battlefield, and the height and thickness of the city wall.

I can’t hit the iron bull ride …

So, once faced with the city wall, Wild Bull Iron Ride and Wild Bull Guard will be dumbfounded.

If they jump off the wild cows, they will be nothing.

Slow moving without saying …

The point is, their steel Battle Armor is too heavy.

simply is not suitable for climbing the wall!

It’s not just Barbarian Iron Ride and Barbarian Guard.

Even the wild cow guards have this problem.

A steel Battle Armor, although it gives them a solid defense.

But it ’s really impossible to climb a ladder against a steel Battle Armor and fight on the wall.

Not to mention, is there such a strong ladder.

It’s useless even if there is one! They are too slow and their movement rate is too low.

Before they rushed up the city wall, the ladder was lifted.

Of course, they can also choose to take off the Steel Battle Armor.

But once you take off the Battle Armor, the barbarian iron rider is useless.

Everyone is a fleshhy body, and they can’t resist arrows and blades.

Once the Iron Battle Armor is taken off, although the Bull Race is still very strong, it may not be easier for Monster Race soldiers to kill than the Monster Sheep.

A stab in the knife can kill the attack of the demon sheep clan, as well as the demon cow clan!

The biggest feature of the Demon Clan is that it is very strong and powerful.

Due to their strong body and great strength, the Demon Cow can wear heavy armor and hold heavy shields.

Changed to the Devil Clan, once you put on heavy helmets and heavy armors, and put on heavy shields in your hands, I’m afraid I can’t even move a step.

What more fights!

So, if the barbarian tribe defends the city, it is absolutely solid.

But it ’s absolutely difficult to use siege to attack the city!

The three major arms of the Demon Cow are all heavy arms.

Whether it is heavy cavalry or heavy infantry, its speed does not need to be expected.

Even if the Demon Cows are dispatched, it is difficult to sneak attack.

Wait for the Iron Riders of the Demon Cow Clan to reach the city battlefield.

The army of Monster Race has already returned to the city.

With the city wall clinging to it, it will be harder for the Demon Cows to get in.

The Demon Clan is the race best suited for defending the city, but not the best for siege.

The strongest battlefield of the Demon Cows is to line up on the open plains!

Where Niubi Tieqi has passed, he is invincible!

Perhaps, in this world, there is a Legion that can defeat the Bulls.

Legion also exists.

However, none of them dared to confront the Niu Tieqi and charge each other.

The savage Bull Iron rides Peak and even defeats the Monster Race’s Legion!

Under that battle …

Although the Niu Tieqi was severely injured.

But the Legion of Monster Race is annihilated!

As far as strength is concerned, it is obviously not as good as Legion.

However, the speed of the Iron Bull Rider is much faster than that of the Legion.

Threw away the flying axe, which can strike Legion in a long range.

While waiting for Legion to approach, it is already a mess.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

The difference between the two is a hundredfold.

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