Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3899


Even if they are head-to-head …

Buffalo Iron Rider can also use its absolute quantity advantage to attack the battle elephants.

Ten thousand wild cows, the killing of the war elephants.

Maybe a wild cow.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

Even if the war elephant was hit by iron, it must be hit into scum!

That’s the truth …

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In the first collision, the war elephant Legion defeated the first row of barbarian iron riders with absolute strength.

But it’s really big.

With the end of the first collision …

The speed of the war elephant has slowed down.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

The war elephant lost all speed and stopped there.

Next …

A scarlet cow with red eyes, rushing over frantically.

Destroyed against the war elephant standing there!

The war elephant insisted on only seven rounds of impact and was completely defeated.

Broken to the ground …

After that, millions of bulls and iron riders, like a torrent of steel, trampled one after another from the body of the war elephant.

When the battle is over …

The three thousand war elephants, Legion, have been trampled into mud, mixed with mud.

You can’t find a big broken bone in the palm of your hand!

Since that war …

The battlefield collapsed, and the title of the first Legion has been faintly fallen on the head of the bull Niu Tieqi.

Faced with this, how can the Monster Elephant Race accept it!

Soon, the Monster Race sent the strongest 3,000 War Elephant Guard to the battlefield.

Vow to compete with Niu Niu Tieqi!

Barbarian Ox Sovereign sent Guardian to the challenge of the warlike Legion!

That’s also the Guardian of the Bull. It appeared for the first time in the world.

Under that battle, the battlefield collapsed, and the name of the first Legion was completely suspenseful.

Three thousand wild cattle Guard, faced three thousand war elephant Guard!

The charge of three thousand war elephants …

Three thousand wild cows Guard, sitting on the colorful wild cows, launched the colorful eyes of the wild wild cows.

Three thousand dead gray rays of light in a flash!

The three thousand war elephant Guards on the opposite side fell down more than 800 in an instant.

A lot of Monster Race executives can be described as inexplicable.

They don’t even know how the 800-plus war elephants died!

The battle continues …

It was originally a different cavalry.

Buffalo Guard, maybe only release one eye of death.

But I have to say that the speed of the Legion is really too slow.

Don’t compare it to the Warhorse …

Even if it’s slower than a cow.

Although the Guardian is running, it can be described as The earth shook and the mountain quivered, and the dust is flying.

Speaking of momentum, it is absolutely too big!

But in terms of speed, it looks like Legion, which is too slow.

Therefore, they were hit by the second round of the Eye of Death during the battle of the Elephant Legion!

Dead grey rays of light flash again …

The remaining 2,100 war elephants have fallen more than 700 heads again!

In this way, the number of War Elephant Guards is only over 1,500!

Before the official battle, you have already lost half of it!

And right now …

The remaining fifteen hundred war elephant Guard finally rushed into the guard of the wild cow, and the axe hit.

It’s a normal long-range attack …

Whether it is a Fireball, an ice arrow, or a sharp arrow fired by a strong bow.

It’s hard to really hurt the War Elephant Guard that skin is rough, flesh is thick!

But the Bull Guard is different, it’s really different …

Axe Guard Axe Guard threw away, it is heavy and profitable.

On the entire battlefield, the strongest long-range attack is the flying axe of Guardian Bull!

With the natural brute force, it cooperates with the hypergravity environment on the battlefield.

Buffalo Guard can spin the sharp tomahawk up to 1000 meters.

Cut an axe …

Even if it’s as strong as Guard, it can’t resist it.

The heavy armor they were wearing was instantly punctured.

It’s more than that!

The sharp axe cuts flesh instantly, even into the skeleton of a war elephant.

What’s more, even the bones can be cut!

wū wū wū ……

Whistling whine.

A row of rows of flying axes, whistling across a distance of 1000 meters.

Fall in the community of War Elephant Guard.

Under the storm of a flying axe.

The war elephant was shaking violently.

In a blink of an eye, the remaining 1,500 war elephants like Guard.

The whole body was shot with sores.

Blood’s blood, along the hole of each and everyone, I flow and gush …

Finally, there is no War Elephant Guard that can reach the range of 500 metres in front of the Bull Guard.

Since then, the name of the strongest Legion in the Northern Domain has collapsed, and it falls on the head of the Bull Guard.

But even so …

It still can’t be changed, the fact that the Demon Cows are not good at attacking the city.

A tall and sturdy city wall can stop the footsteps of the demon army.

So, for all these years, the Demon Cows have not feared the invasion of Monster Race.

But it can still only be the same as the Devil Clan, and can only stay in the Demon Isles.


It’s really a pity …

The more you know about the Demon Cow Clan, the more sorry Zhu Hengyu is.

The cavalry of the Demon Cow is actually divided into several levels.

Nine colorful bulls with 99 Devil Body.

Colorful Barbarian Ox Sovereign with ninety Devil Body.

Colorful Barbarian Ox King with 80 Devil Body.

Among them, the mounts of the Three Great Demon Sovereigns are all colorful cattle.

In the barbarian tribe, these three nine-colored barbara are all ancestor level existence.

Old Ancestor level existence of each branch …

Their Devil Body has reached the realm of 99 white light Saint Physique.

Under this, the mount of the Bull Guard is the colorful Barbarian Ox Sovereign of the ninety segment Devil Body.

The mount of the Niu Niu Tie Qi is an 80-level Devil Body with colorful Barbarian Ox King.

Under this, there are actually a lot of 70 heavy Devil Body riders!

And the massive sixty Devil Body, the Bull Cavalry!

The three demon bull emperors are the same as the five Demon Wolf Clan emperors.

Both encourage fertility …

Therefore, the number of Demon Wolf Clan and Demon Wolf is the largest!

But the cultivator of the demon cow tribe, although there are a lot of them, the number of horse riders is limited.

It is impossible to say how many wild cow cultivators there are, there are as many wild cows as horses.

So …

The infantry of the barbarian clan is the most.

The barbarian infantry is also strong and strong, as powerful as a cow.

Demon Wolf Clan, Demon Clan, and Demon Clan.

The only race that can wear the Heavy Steel Battle Armor.

Although the Demon Cows are not good at attacking cities, they are experts in defending the city!

So for the past billions of years.

Although the Demon Cow can’t invade Monster Race, the Monster Race can’t dare to invade Demon Cow territory.

Otherwise, no matter how much you come, you must stay here!

The bull Niu Tieqi is really not good at siege.

But once an enemy commits a crime, the Niubi Iron Rider is invincible.

On the city wall, guarded by a wild cow guard.

While Niu Tieqi just cuts the grain path, and then kills all the way from behind the enemy line.

Under the iron hoof of a savage cow rides, no matter how many enemies there are, it looks like a mustard.

No matter what goats or griffins.

Whether you are the Eagle General Monster General or the Golden Eagle Commander.

Everything that appears in front of you will be trampled and crushed in front of the Iron Bull!

Even if the Hawk General Monster flies, it will still be shot by the flying axe.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Not even the Steel Battle Armor!

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