Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3900

Demon Wolf Clan can fight well though! But the warrior will die in battle.

Demon Wolf Clan is warlike, but because of this, death and injury are especially serious.

Demon Wolf Clan’s army is only in its early 30s.

The Devil Clan is better.

The fertility of the Moyang tribe is relatively easy.

Even if fertility is not intentionally encouraged, the population will grow very fast.

To this day, the Demon Clan has a total of three thousand monsters.

Every Majesty of the Demon King has at least has a hundred thousand main forces.

Therefore, the army of the Devil Clan is the same as the Demon Clan.

There are 300 million!

It’s just that the gap is far too big in terms of dexterity alone.

As for individual strength, there is no comparability.

For Demon Race …

The status of the devil sheep tribe is exactly the same as that of the goat tribe in Monster Race.

Speak nice, it’s called the vanguard!

If it’s not good, it’s called cannon fodder!

This shows how terrible the development of the barbarian tribe over the past thousand years.

As Demon Race’s strongest melee corps!

The number of them is already as many as the cannon fodder.

It is worth mentioning …

In fact, there are also goats in the Devil Clan.

Like the goat races of Monster Race, they are also very good at climbing walls.

Even if it is extremely steep, the city wall is at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground.

They can also walk as fast as they can.

But overall …

Zhu Hengyu does not agree with this fighting mode.

Zhu Hengyu will never use a combat method that uses human life to fill in hard.

With Zhu Hengyu’s understanding of the demon cow clan …

Zhu Hengyu could not help secretly sighed.

The power of Demon Race is beyond doubt.

Don’t talk too much!

The Demon Wolf Clan, Demon Wolf Clan, Demon Clan, and the three clan are united.

It is enough to condense an invincible Legion!

Demon Wolf Clan can fight well, and is best at surprise and surprise attacks.

Don’t wait for the other party to receive the news, Demon Wolf Clan’s cavalry may have been sent down the city.

Most of the time, Demon Wolf Clan cavalry is even faster than Monster Race scout!

The city of Monster Race has not received any news yet. The Demon Wolf Clan cavalry has already entered the city along the city gate of the cave.

Under a blaze of burning and plundering, this is the return.

It doesn’t matter if the other’s city is closed.

Demon Wolf Clan as lithe as a swallow!

Just shoot your arrows over the city wall!

You can step on the arrow and fly to the city wall.

No, Demon Wolf Clan can also threw away the hook, hang on the city head, and climb all the way up.

Unless Monster Race is waiting in the city’s headrest.

Otherwise, just a little negligence.

Demon Wolf Clan can cross the city wall, open the city gates, and smash into the city.

Demon Wolf Clan’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t defend well.

Even if you lay the city, you can’t keep it.

As a result, Demon Wolf Clan usually leaves after a plunder.

Leave only the ruins of the broken wall, and the blaze rising into the sky!

It would be crazy if Demon Wolf Clan and the Demon Cow could unite!

Demon Wolf Clan’s city can be handed over to the Demon Cow Clan.

The city guarded by the Demon Cows has almost no chance of falling.

The enemies dare to kill in front of the city.

Want to siege?

You have to wait first. Our demon cow tribe will meet you out of town first.

Nothing else, as long as you have the courage not to run away, let’s fight and watch.

In front of heavy infantry and heavy iron riders.

Lian Zhan Elephant Legion all flees, let alone ordinary Legion?

At that time, 30,000 wild cattle and iron riders destroyed 30 million Monster Race troops overnight.

How can the Demon Bulls fear the siege of Monster Race?

Only the city wall can block the demon cow family!

Now that the city wall is on its own side.

Then there is no city wall to defend.

In the face-to-face battle, the Demon Cow is not targeted.

Under the head-on confrontation, they really did not look at any enemies.

Speaked for a long time …

The Demon Cow and Demon Wolf Clan seem to be extremely powerful.

One is the strongest light cavalry, and light infantry.

One is the strongest heavy cavalry, and heavy infantry.

A good attack, a good guard.

But what about the devil sheep?

They are not good at offense or defense.

It seems completely dispensable.

So, why did the ancestors merge the Demon Race into the Demon Race?

Indeed …

The devil sheep can neither fight nor fight well.

Not good at attacking or defending.

However, the most intelligent, patient, and dexterous race in the Demon Race is Demon Race.

Don’t say more …

Demon Wolf Clan can only build wooden battleships.

The Demon Cow simply does not produce giant battleships.

The Devil Clan has now built a super battleship made entirely of steel.

In magic lines, in pill concocting, in cooking, in invention and creation, etc.

The Devil Tribes all have outstanding innate talent.

In these areas, the Devil Wolf Clan and Demon Wolf Clan shook the shadows.

Don’t say more about the Devil Cows …

The so-called stupid is absolutely not to praise one’s intelligence.

Demon Wolf Clan’s wisdom will not be discussed.

Only their delicious, lazy, warlike personality is destined to be unsuitable for these.

You know …

The Demon Clan is also very good at forging.

They can forge a reloaded rune Battle Armor.

They can forge sharp flying tomahawks.

As far as Dao of Refining is concerned, the Demon Cow is definitely a leader.

But on Dao of Refining, the Demon Cows are more dependent on their strong bodies and huge strength.

Instead of mastering and controlling the way of the moire.

So …

Although the demon cow tribe is good at refining.

But apart from this, the demon cow tribe has nothing to do.

As for pill concocting, cooking, magic lines, etc …

Although it can’t be said that nothing has been achieved, the reach and depth they can reach is very shallow.

Considering the Devil Clan …

But in these two areas, I don’t know how far.

No need to doubt!

Another 100 million years for the Demon Cows, they can’t design and manufacture platinum battleships!

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

On the contrary, Demon Wolf Clan and Demon Wolf Clan are the most powerful backing!

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