Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3901


Since Demon Race does not have a powerful emperor, it can dominate Demon Race.

The demon wolf, demon wolf, and devil sheep have been fighting for themselves.

The demon wolf clan is not good at guarding, so the city that is captured will be turned away and turned away.

The Demon Cats are not good at attacking, so they can’t attack the city at all and can only trap the Demon Islands.

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If it is shot by the Devil Clan …

The Battle Armor and weapon of the Demon Clan will definitely be multiplied, or strengthened several times.

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Monster Race is pressing harder, and the Devil Clan is extremely bad at battle.

As a result, 80% of the energy of the Devil Clan is now used to fight Monster Race.

The demon cows next to it are doing their best.


demon wolf tribe also patronizes and plunders and robs Monster Race.

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Since others don’t care about the devil tribe.

So how can the Devil Clan help others?

Demon Race 40% Under the cracks, it became a loose sand.

Don’t say more …

As long as the demon wolf, the demon ox, the devil sheep, and Three Great Races unite.

So what is Monster Race going to resist?

Attack? Can’t attack it.

Shou? Can’t hold it.

Except for defeat, there is no other possibility.

After knowing everything about the Demon Cow Clan, Zhu Hengyu can’t do anything except sigh.

Zhu Hengyu is in the Devil Clan, but he is just a new devil.

Although identity and status are given, they have no real power.

He was even abandoned by the military, and threw himself on Giethoorn.

At this moment.

Most people in the military department actually wished he couldn’t die immediately.

Then they can compete for the position of the devil handsome vacated by Zhu Hengyu.

Zhu Hengyu can’t even affect the demon sheep family now, what can I say to affect the demon wolf family, the demon cow family?

After a general investigation of the situation of the Demon Clan …

Zhu Hengyu has finally arrived at Demon Ox City, the trading city of the Demon Clan!

Sure enough, Zhu Hengyu did not expect it.

Demon Ox, the monster can snip and store more than 13,000.

There are more than four thousand less than the demon wolf clan.

However, this is only because there are fewer magic snipers in the inheritance altar of the demon cow tribe.

In fact, simply the Magic Bulls do n’t need remote magic and magic.

For the mighty Demon Cows, the Flying Axe is the best ranged weapon for them.

With Axe, the strongest long-range strike method.

How can they learn what magic can kill?

For the Demon Cow, all speed magic and magic are no one wants.

Inheritance magic and magic that increase strength, increase defense, and increase the strength of the Devil Body are the rarest.

Zhu Hengyu’s raid …

Magic Energy Sniper, Magic Energy Fireball, Magic Energy Frostbolt, Magic Energy Spike, Magic Energy Wind Blade, all swept away.

None of the magical powers that the Barbarians like, such as the Battle Armor inheritance magic, have any.

Next, Zhu Hengyu looked forward to it, and began to look for other magic inheritance …

The magical energy is running fast, the magical energy eye is even more important!

Exploring …

Zhu Hengyu was suddenly surprised.

Zhu Hengyu was still worried that these two inheritance magic skills might be bought by the demon wolf clan.

But in fact!

These two inheritance magic skills have not been bought.

The backlog has reached more than 27,000!

In this way, Zhu Hengyu has made up the 30,000 sets of inheritance magic skills required by the Demon Guard.

Each set of inheritance magic skills are separately for the magic energy, magic eye, and magic energy sniper!

So far, the tasks of Zhu Hengyu’s Demon Clan and his party have all been completed.

Zhu Hengyu can ride the platinum battleship to get back to the Devil Clan.

But the problem is now!

Zhu Hengyu didn’t want to leave.

After learning about the power of the Demon Clan, Zhu Hengyu wanted to recruit a group of heavy infantry of the Demon Clan.

With good guarded infantry, Zhu Hengyu no longer needs to worry about the defense of Giethoorn.


In the hands of Zhu Hengyu, he has more than 33,000 sets of heavy infantry inheritance magic skills.

Yes …

It is from the demon wolf family, which is extremely suitable for the cultivator of the demon wolf, the magic power of the monster arm, and the magic charge.

Coordinate with the Iron Armor of the Demon Cow to reload the infantry and the flying axe.

The shofar city will definitely stay strong!

But what can we do to recruit a group of powerful heavy infantry?

I want to come in Zhu Hengyu …

The Elites of the Demon Clan must be in the hands of the Devil’s Great Family, great forces, and even the military.

It is definitely difficult and difficult to recruit the elite of the demon cow tribe.

But when Zhu Hengyu tried to understand.

Everything that has been discovered makes Zhu Hengyu completely speechless.

The barbarian tribe, just an elite warrior, is worth 300 million!

In terms of the number of troops, it has already surpassed Demon Race ’s cannon fodder race, the Devil Race!

You know!

On the front of the battlefield, the soldiers of the Devil Clan have always been expendable arms.

It depends on the quantity!

The Devil Cows are different!

Demon Race soldiers, that’s all the best of Demon Race.

is the most powerful heavy infantry and heavy cavalry.

No matter which World, no matter which generation!

Heavy infantry and heavy cavalry must be elite among the elite.

But now …

The number of the soldiers of the Demon Clan has reached 300 million.

This is really exaggerated.

You know, when millions and millions years ago, Demon Race retreated to the Northern Domain islands.

The demon wolf clan has 30 million stringmasters.

millions and millions of years, there are still 30 million string control people in the demon wolf family.

In contrast, the Demon Cow!

millions and millions years ago, when the Demon Cows retreated to the Northern Domain islands.

A total of only 3,000,000 elite soldiers.

millions and millions of years later, the army of the Demon Cows has grown to 300 million!

A hundred times more!

So many elite troops are not born out of thin air.

It’s not that all the cultivators of the Demon Cattle are elite warriors.

Only in terms of Bloodline purity and magic affinity.

There is no difference between the demon cow and devil sheep!

That is …

The 300 million elite soldiers of the demon cow family are based on the huge devil cow clansman mouth.

As for the population of the Mo Niu tribe, that is not what Zhu Hengyu can understand.

This demonic tribe has not conducted a census. No one knows how many demons the demonic tribe has.


The Demon Cows are because of good guarding.

So, the number of islands controlled by the Demon Clan is the largest.

Comparatively …

The Moyang tribe only controlled three thousand island groups.

The number of island groups controlled by the Demon Cows has reached more than thousand thousand!


East of the Devil Clan covers the entire northeast and the islands in the east.

All are under the control of the Demon Cow clan.

Three thousand pairs, this is the gap between the demon sheep and devil cattle.

At this point, many people will definitely think.

Clansman has a lot of mouths, so he’s more elite.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

But in fact, it’s not!