Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3903

I did n’t say it carefully during the meeting …

Facing Nine Great Demon King, Zhu Hengyu filed an application.

I hope the Demon Clan can send a group of elites to help the Demon Clan defend the city.

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s application, Nine Great Demon King rejected it!

Although it is the same as Demon Race, there is not too much friendship between the Demon Clan and the Demon Clan.

It’s not impossible to hire a demon soldier.

But in terms of price, it must be enough!

As for Zhu Hengyu’s request, he hired a large number of elite elites, and there was no room to talk.

In Demon Race, magic will definitely be the most precious resource.

With the magic general, it is possible to give birth to the devil, as well as Demon King and even Demon Sovereign.

And as soon as Zhu Hengyu spoke, the demand was huge.

As the meeting lasted less than a quarter of an hour, Nine Great Demon King lost his interest in continuing to talk and got up to leave.

In the view of the nine demon Ox King, Zhu Hengyu’s thoughts are purely fantastic.

The Demon Clan does not owe the Devil Clan, so why should those many elite soldiers help them?

If you want to talk, it’s not impossible.

Let the Demon Sovereign of the Devil Tribe talk in person …

It doesn’t work, it’s OK to send a Demon King-level delegation to talk.

If you don’t transfer a lot of benefits, the Demon Cow will not sell.

The question now is that the Monster Sheep will start fighting with Monster Race in successive years. What other benefits are there for sale?

And most importantly!

The Demon Cow Clan has been for a thousand or two thousand years and has not experienced war.

Although the Demon Cows are trapped on the island, their development is very modest.

But at the very least, it has already reached the end of food and clothing.

In contrast, the Devil Tribe …

After the war, all the resources are available to the front.

However, Zhu Hengyu didn’t want to throw it all at once.

If you give them all, then Zhu Hengyu will have nothing left.

But which of the three inheritance magic tricks will you sacrifice?

Magic Power, and Magic Battle Armor, are common to the Magic Bull family, and are best suited to their inheritance magic skills.

As for the magic charge, it is more available only when the plain charge.

Whether it’s a walking charge or a horse riding charge, it’s very powerful and very useful.

However, Zhu Hengyu wanted to recruit the demon cow elite, so he wasn’t trying to siege the city.

To put it bluntly, Zhu Hengyu’s most urgent task now is to defend the Giethoorn!

In this way, the magic can charge, it seems useless.

The city wall in Giethoorn is spacious.

But even this is not enough to cast any magic charge on the city wall!

The so-called charge has to accelerate at least 100 meters away.

Without a distance of at least 100 meters, simply cannot consolidate the momentum of no stronghold one cannot overcome.

If these three inheritance magic tricks, must sacrifice one.

So there is no doubt that the magic can charge!

The most important reason is that the city wall is too narrow.

Another objective reason is that Zhu Hengyu couldn’t find a strong enough bull mount at all.

Don’t talk about colorful, colorful, and colorful.

Even with the ordinary Commander, Zhu Hengyu doesn’t know where to go.

If you charge on foot, forget it …

That doesn’t have any formidable power at all.

During the groan, Zhu Hengyu quickly made a decision!

Looking deeply at Nine Great Demon King, Zhu Hengyu categorically said: “I use the magic energy to charge the inheritance magic ball and change your demon cow elite. What do you think?”

Magic Charge!

When I heard Zhu Hengyu’s words, the nine Great Demon Kings of the Demon Cow were startled.

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