Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3904


What! 30,000!

When I heard Zhu Hengyu’s words, Jiu Great Demon King suddenly changed color!

You know, the most elaborate barbarian iron rider of the Demon Cow family must master the Demon Charge.

Otherwise, such a heavy demon cavalry, plus an extremely heavy armor.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

simply I ca n’t run fast and I ca n’t rush!

As long as you have mastered the inheritance magic skill—the magic can charge.

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Only the strong bull iron rider who really rushes up can really achieve no stronghold one cannot overcome.

Even if you face up to the Monster Race against Guard, you can still win.

Deeply looking at Zhu Hengyu, that Demon King said coldly:

“Do you really have 30,000 inheritance magic balls that can charge?”

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“I ’m never kidding, and I dare not make fun of the Great Demon King in the army of the Demon Clan!”

The nine demon kings nodded deeply, and then got together, and whispered to each other.

for a while …

That Demon King turned his head and said to Zhu Hengyu:

“Inheritance magic balls are precious, but you also know that relatively speaking … the magic will be more important.”

Ordered nodded …

Zhu Hengyu said: “I just want to know now, how many magic cattle of the 30,000 group can be replaced by the inheritance magic balls of 30,000 monsters?”

Deeply watching Zhu Hengyu, Demon King headed deeply:

“We just talked about … 30,000 monsters can charge, we can give you a thousand monsters of the demon cow family!”

What! This …

Zhu Hengyu suddenly widened his eyes, his face was incredible.

Thirty inheritance magic balls, can they be replaced by a magic player?

Are the magicians of the demon cow tribe so worthless?

Did Zhu Hengyu and Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan beside him be worth only 30 inheritance magic balls?

If you say …

The thirty inheritance magic balls are the ultimate inheritance, but that ’s all.

But the problem now is that it’s just a normal advanced inheritance magic ball.

Not even rare …

He looked stunned and unbelievable at Zhu Hengyu.

The nine Great Demon King couldn’t help laughing.

For those 30,000 inheritance magic balls, they really want to dream.

With these 30,000 inheritance magic balls, they can set up a 30,000-strong iron bull ride.

Even if you pay a thousand wild cattle for this, it is definitely worth it.

So they gave the highest price within their authority.

If Zhu Hengyu is still not satisfied, they have nothing to do.

If you want to increase the price, you must ask for three Demon Sovereign.

Demon Sovereign prohibits everyone from disturbing instead of the major event related to the life and death of the Demon Cow.

Looking at the thirsty Nine Great Demon King, Zhu Hengyu did not think to continue bargaining.

After all, thirty inheritance magic balls, for a magical general, this is already a big profit.

If it ’s still unsatisfactory, God can’t see it.

Zhu Hengyu hesitantly said: “So … if I take out 30,000 more magical powers?”

What! You …

When I heard Zhu Hengyu’s words, Jiu Great Demon King was shocked.

Get together quickly, after a heated discussion.

Nine Great Demon Kings made a decision together.

This magical power is a must-have inheritance magic skill for the Bull Guard.

Only with the increase of magic power, they have enough power to throw the tomahawk 1000 meters away.

With these 30,000 magical powers, the Demon Cows can once again set up a 30,000 barbarian guard.

So, after only a little discussion, the Nine Great Demon King made a decision.

Thousands of magical powers can also be exchanged for 1,000 magical cows and monsters!

Zhu Hengyu was so excited that he laughed.

Now the magic power and the magic charge are sent out.

Then, the Battle Armor is useless.

Thinking …

Zhu Hengyu asked, “So, what if I take out 30,000 more Magic Battle Armors?”

Nine Great Demon King is completely speechless.

Whether it’s a bull cow iron rider or a bull cow guard, you need the Magic Armor.

Even the Guardian, which is only 3,000, is needed.

In fact, the three thousand wild cows Guard learned are Magic Power and Battle Armor.

However, as the guard of the bull, the third inheritance magic skill they learned is that the magic can throw, not the magic charge.

Magic Power, Battle Armor, Magic Charge, three-in-one, you can train 30,000 real barbarian iron riders!

Heavy cavalry of the Demon Cows, collectively referred to as the Iron Bull.

But in fact, within the Devil Bull family, the Iron Bull is the ultimate arm.

One of the three Demon Sovereigns is in charge of an elite Bull Iron Rider.

This wild bull iron rider and mount are all colorful and colorful Ox King.

And their inheritance magic skills are precisely the magic power, the magic battle armor, and the magic charge!

At that time, with the 30,000 iron rides, one day and one night, the 30 Million Monster Race coalition was destroyed, it was the wild cattle iron rider under Demon Sovereign!

At that time, with 30,000 iron riders and 3,000 Guards, the Monster Race warrior Guard was defeated in front of him, which is also the wild bull iron rider under Demon Sovereign.

Thirty thousand magic power, thirty thousand magic energy Battle Armor, thirty thousand magic energy charge.

It’s enough to set up again, a 30,000 barbarian iron ride Legion!

Although, they have to pay three thousand demon cows for this reason.

But it is definitely worth it for the Demon Cow.

You know, under the command of Demon Sovereign, there are only 30,000 wild cattle and iron riders.

If this deal is really concluded.

The number of Demon Sovereign’s Bulls and Iron Riders will then double.

This sale can really be done.

So-called, soldiers are expensive, but not expensive.

The real wild bull iron rider is definitely the best among the best.

Therefore, this sale, Nine Great Demon King, is extremely difficult to refuse.

Just a few eyes, and the Great Demon King makes a decision.

As long as Zhu Hengyu takes out thirty thousand sets of inheritance of the magic iron rider, they will be willing to exchange them with three thousand wild cow magicians.

Looking at Nine Great Demon King’s eagerness, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help laughing.

From the current situation, the other party seems more urgent!

Although Nine Great Demon King has been covering up …

But it’s clear that the inheritance of these 30,000 sets of wild cows and iron rides is too important for the demon cows.

So, even if they’ve gone all out.

But there is still a trace between talking and manners.

Thinking …

Zhu Hengyu opened the mouth and said: “This sale can be done, but …”

I heard Zhu Hengyu say nothing but two words, Jiu Great Demon King immediately became eager.

I’m so afraid of this sale.

Under the anxious gaze of Nine Great Demon King, Zhu Hengyu said: “This exchange, although it looks good, but … I still seem to lose a bit!”

The Demon King, headed by Zhu Hengyu, was suddenly anxious.

Expanded the bull’s eye, that Demon King said: “Loss? How can you lose? 30,000 sets of inheritance, change to 3,000 members, you also make a lot of money when it comes to the sky!”

Frowned head, Zhu Hengyu said: “It’s not enough just to be a magic general. What I need is the Devil Body level, breaking through the sixty-first magic level!”

Now the Great Demon King laughed bitterly when he heard what Zhu Hengyu said.

Although there is only a difference.

But obviously, the difference between this paragraph is as different as heaven and earth.

But …

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

But he still gritted his teeth and agreed.

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