Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3909


This black-gold combat suit is simply a hammer that won’t break and smash!

During the next three days, the Great Demon King of the Demon Clan gathered together to reposition Zhu Hengyu’s identity and status.

After research, everyone made a decision …

Zhu Hengyu, is the most distinguished guest of the Demon Cow!

The three thousand wild cow guards taken by Zhu Hengyu are not fake wild cow guards.

The three thousand wild cattle guards are the Demon Sovereign of the Demon Cow clan. They are presented to Zhu Hengyu for guarding their body!

The Monster Race is out of control.

But as far as Demon Race is concerned …

The enemy of Zhu Hengyu is the enemy of the Demon Cow Clan!

Don’t need to doubt. For Daoxiu Clan, Zhu Hengyu’s Dao of Refining is really important.

With the cooperation of Zhu Hengyu’s Dao of Refining, the Demon Cow Clan will have no opponents!

Not to mention how the demon cows make decisions …

On the other side, Zhu Hengyu rode in a platinum battleship and rushed all the way towards Giethoorn.

On the way, passing by Heavenly Demon Island, Zhu Hengyu loaded up a lot of gold and took Zhu Xiaomei with her.

This turned around and rushed towards Giethoorn at full speed.

Almost three months after Zhu Hengyu left.

Zhu Hengyu finally returned to Giethoorn again.

Looking out of Giethoorn …

As you can see, the earth has been stained with blood and dark red.

The breeze blew, a blood-reeking qi breathed, and the person wanted to vomit.

Obviously, there must have been fierce fighting here in the past three months.

Back to Giethoorn …

The return of Zhu Hengyu makes everyone very excited and very happy.

After Zhu Hengyu’s understanding, Monster Race’s offense has been extremely fierce in the past three months.

Strangely, though, Monster Race’s offense can be described as brutal.

But the ones responsible for the charge are nothing more than the Goblin Demons!

Those Eagle Generals rarely hit the city wall.

The Griffin Divine Archer rarely blasts off.

Therefore, although the fighting is extremely fierce and the casualties are incomparable gigantic, in fact, the intensity of the siege is not too great.

After checking again and again, making sure everything is fine in Giethoorn.

Zhu Hengyu is relaxed …

In the night, Zhu Hengyu was taking advantage of the night.

Zhu Hengyu’s Devil Body, just appeared above Yangwei City, was discovered by the Golden Eagle Demon.

I have to say that the Eagle Eagle Magical Powers of the Golden Eagle Demon is really against the sky.

Being so far away, he can clearly see Zhu Hengyu.

Even his looks are very clear.

For Zhu Hengyu’s arrival, the Golden Eagle Demon is not at all.

Instead, let Zhu Hengyu fly all the way and land in front of himself.

In the face of the Golden Eagle Demon, Zhu Hengyu didn’t have Doron

With a big wave of hands, the gold contained in the Ice Queen bracelet is directly released.

in an instant ……

Neat and tidy, golden bricks exuding golden rays of light.

Row by row, row by row, row by row, appear one after another in front of the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal.

Looking at the mountain of gold, the golden eyes of the golden eagle demon handsome, suddenly staring to the limit!

In the eyes, he was extremely excited, and extremely greedy rays of light were flashing violently.

So, the world is full of benefits and the world is full of benefits.

This is especially true for Monster Race!

For Monster Race, gold and silver are their favorite.

For these yellow and white things, they would rather risk their lives.

For Monster Race, gold and silver are not only resources for cultivation, but also currency in circulation.

The more gold and silver they have, the stronger their strength, the greater their influence, and the stronger their wealth.

In Monster Race, with gold and silver, everything is there.

In Monster Race, there is such a proverb …

In this world, there is nothing, money cannot buy.

Including freedom, but also love!

Although this proverb is definitely wrong.

But in Monster Race, this is the most famous saying.

The truth that all Monster Races believe in!

Looking at the gold bricks piled on the ground, the Golden Eagle Demon handsome grinned his hands while hehe smiled.

For the Golden Eagle Demon, Zhu Hengyu is his gold master.

It is the existence that can help him make a lot of money.

So he is very polite to Zhu Hengyu.

You can even describe it with respect.

Grinding his hands, the Golden Eagle Demon handsomely said, “Many thanks, you pull, hehe … I don’t know if you still have this gold?”

Zhu Hengyu without the slightest hesitation nodded and said, “Yes, there must be! Why … Do you still lack gold?”

Are you still short of gold?

Hearing the words of Zhu Hengyu, the Golden Eagle Demon can not help but startled.

What’s the problem?

Or is that also the problem?

Who will not lack gold!

No one minds owning more gold, even with more gold!

even more how, gold is an expensive consumable for Monster Race.

Gold has the same effect on Monster Race as it does on Demon Race.

No amount of gold fills appetite for Monster Race.

Hesitantly looked at the Golden Eagle Demon, Zhu Hengyu said, “Why … continue the truce, is there any problem with you?”

The golden eagle demon handsome haha ​​said with a smile: “No problem, absolutely no problem!”

Positively straightened his chest, the Golden Eagle said handsomely: “You know, I’m close to Monster King.”

As long as there is a lot of gold, the Golden Eagle Demon can soon be promoted to Monster King!

And once promoted to Monster King, it will be scary!

The innate talent and potential of the Golden Eagle Demon, plus his race innate talent, have a huge advantage in the collapse of the battlefield.

It can be said that once he becomes Monster King, he will become the throne of Monster Sovereign, the most powerful contender!

The Golden Eagle Demon is not only powerful and powerful, but also has power, background and background.

From the perspective of the magic sheep clan …

Only those who have offended the powerful, have no foundation, no background and background, will be assigned to the front line to face Monster Race directly.

But know, this is only for the Devil Clan.

From a Monster Race perspective, this is not the case.

For Monster Race, only those top powers, that is, Monster General and Yaoshuai who have a strong foundation and a strong background and background, have the opportunity to be sent to the front line.

For Monster Race, the front line is where the most oil and water is.

Under the search of aggression, isn’t that a huge amount of wealth?

For the Golden Eagle Demon, although he can’t attack Giethoorn for a long time, his reputation will be damaged.

But as long as you can get a lot of gold, prestige and so on, you can ignore it.

As long as the Golden Eagle Demon can be promoted to Monster King!

Then he must become the next Monster Sovereign, the most powerful competitor.

For the Golden Eagle Demon, the difference in this step is the world.

Without taking this step, he will always be just a little little monster with power and background and background.

And once he takes that step, he will be eligible for the throne of Monster Sovereign.

Become the most Supreme existence of Monster Race!

But there is too much gold to take this step.

Zhu Hengyu in front of him is exactly his biggest gold master.

As long as Zhu Hengyu Ken is desperately working for him, it is really possible for the Golden Eagle Demon to be promoted from Monster Demon to Monster King in a short time!

At that time, hehe …

Between thoughts, the Golden Eagle Demon handsome rubbed his hands, hehe said with a smile: “No problem, as long as there is enough gold, it doesn’t matter how long you want to stop the war.”

paused, the golden eagle demon handsome put away a smile, extremely serious; “If there is enough gold, even if you give up Giethoorn, or even other nearby islands to you, there will be no problem!”

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