Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3913

Once the battle is unfavorable, Zhu Hengyu can take command of the Guardian of the Three Thousand Heavens and the Guard of the Three Thousand Wild Cows at any time, leaving Giethoorn and Giethoorn.

There are platinum battleships and black gold battleships.

Monster Race simply has no way to get them!

After confirming that everything is ready, Zhu Hengyu adjusted his state, taking advantage of the night, and hurried towards the Yaoshuai Mansion in Yangwei City.

Enlighten the enchantment and condense the demon Battle Physique …

Between Zhu Hengyu and Feiteng all the way, it took only half an hour to reach the sky above the Yaoshuai Mansion in Yangwei City.

Looking down, Zhu Hengyu looked towards the Yaoshuai House below.

What you see …

The golden eagle with golden feathers rises into the air, flaps his wings, and appears in front of Zhu Hengyu.

Nodded in front of the Golden Eagle Demon, Zhu Hengyu turned around, and moved towards Yangwei City outside.

Silhouette watching Zhu Hengyu flying away …

The golden eagle devil is a stunner at first, his eyes flashing with suspicion.

But soon, the golden eagle demon handsome smiled proudly, flapping his wings, chasing behind Zhu Hengyu, and flew out of the city.

Flying all the way, the two one after the other arrived outside Yangwei City, on the top of a mountain soaring into the clouds.

Zhu Hengyu circled around the mountain after several consecutive rounds.

This fierce convergence of demon wings fell on top of the mountain!

The Golden Eagle Demon was handsome, and rushed over from behind.

Following Zhu Hengyu, the Golden Eagle Demon handsome circled in a volley, and landed on the mountain smartly.

Standing opposite Zhu Hengyu.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu in excitement, the Golden Eagle Demon handsomely said, “How about, have you considered it for so long, have you decided?”

Facially smiled and said:

“Before the formal decision, I feel … it is necessary to weigh your strength.”

“If you are strong enough, then I promise you to help you raise gold as much as you want!”


When he heard what Zhu Hengyu said, the Golden Eagle Demon handsome lightened his eyes.

I heard that there is gold!

And there are as many as you want.

The Golden Eagle Demon is so excited that he cannot restrain himself.

Especially, I heard that Zhu Hengyu wanted to weigh his strength.

The Golden Eagle Demon is even more excited.

Monster Race is combative, no doubt about it.

Golden Eagles, when they hunt, they are actually fighting.

Raw tigers and leopards, swallowing the Flood Dragon python.

Every hunt is actually an uphill battle.

So for the Golden Eagles, they have long been used to fighting.

hehe ……

A smile of excitement, the golden eagle demon handsomely said: “Don’t underestimate me, I can have today, I can rely on more than just my background and heritage.”

Know that Monster Race and Demon Race are actually the same.

If you want to be superior, you can rely on family power, background and background.

But if you really want to be in the top position, you still have to rely on your own strength!

Looking at Zhu Hengyu’s differential expression, the golden eagle demon handsome suddenly laughed.

In laughter, the Golden Eagle Demon handsomely said, “If I read correctly, your Devil Body rank seems to be only 70!”

Indifferently smiled Zhu Hengyu said: “Indeed, my Devil Body is lower than you, but …”

Looking deeply at the Golden Eagle Demon, Zhu Hengyu said, “Once the Demon Race commander turns on demonization, his strength will increase sharply, so you better not underestimate …”

Until Zhu Hengyu finishes talking, the golden eagle devil shrugged and said, “I don’t know your demonization, but … some time ago, the devil handsome who died in my hand , Devil Body is a full ten paragraphs higher than you! “

A smile of pride, the golden eagle monster straightened his chest and said, “She will also be demonized, and can gather the demon Battle Physique, so I advise you, do n’t just weigh it casually.”

“Otherwise, if I accidentally hurt you, it would delay the major event.”

Zhu Hengyu could not help frowning.

Indeed, this Golden Eagle Demon is definitely not simple.

You know, the Devil Body of the female devil has 80 paragraphs.

Compared to Zhu Hengyu, ten steps higher!

At first, Zhu Hengyu always thought that it was just a golden eagle demon handsome. It was killed by virtue of its many people.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case now!

However, this is the end of the matter. Even if Zhu Hengyu is brace oneself, he must fight for it.

The so-called danger lurks within the riches and honour is absolutely impossible without risking.

Took a long and deep breath, Zhu Hengyu slowly extracted Blood Devil Sword, calmly said: “Anyway, I will not make up my mind if I don’t weigh it myself.”

“Don’t say I didn’t remind you, but I will spare no effort, if you are paralyzed, you will die!”


When he heard what Zhu Hengyu said, the Golden Eagle Demon handsome narrowed his eyes.

Haha smiled, and the golden eagle demon handsomely said: “For our golden eagle family, it is absolutely not careless.”

Golden Eagles have hunted by themselves since childhood.

From the moment they remembered, under the teaching of blood, they understood what it means to be a hawk, and they have to use all their strength.

Even if they look weak, they have the ability to hurt them or even kill them.

Even if it’s weak like little white rabbit, you can come up with a hawk to hawk the hawk and hurt the golden cultivator.

It can be said that the golden eagle cultivator, who always loves the idea, has long died.

Can survive, and become a demon handsome all the way, never careless.

Even if the opponent is too weak, they will definitely spare no effort!

Long inhalation, the golden eagle demon handsome slowly reached out his hands.

铮 zheng!