Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3915


clang clang clang …

In the fierce snoring, Zhu Hengyu and the Golden Eagle Demon are fighting together!

On top of the mountain!

Zhu Hengyu and the Golden Eagle Demon are handsome, wielding their respective wings, constantly blasting at each other.

Sen Luo’s imprisonment sent by Zhu Hengyu, Sen Luo’s sword energy, was all caught by the Golden Eagle Demon handsome.

And Zhu Hengyu’s blood-thirsty Blood Devil Sword was also blocked by the Golden Eagle Demon, blocking one after another with a pair of broken claws.

Even with the sharpness of Blood Devil Sword, you can’t hurt the claws!

Between tumbling, the battle between two people, one dozen is more than three hours!

From midnight to dawn!

To be honest, Zhu Hengyu has really done his best.

But there is still no way to take this golden eagle monster!

All long-range strikes were caught by the Golden Eagle Demon.

Close combat, Zhu Hengyu’s addictive Blood Devil Sword, all blocked by the Golden Eagle Demon.

Even a few times …

Zhu Hengyu’s addictive Blood Devil Sword was caught by the sharp claw of the Golden Eagle Demon.

Unless blessed by the power of Purgatory, Zhu Hengyu’s power is much greater than the Golden Eagle Demon.

Otherwise, I’m afraid the Blood Devil Sword would have been snatched by the Golden Eagle Demon.

I have to say that the broken claws of the Golden Eagle Demon are really too bad.

Not only can you easily destroy all long-range energy shocks, but also law shocks.

In close proximity, terror is reaching its limit.

The speed of a pair of shattered claws is so amazing that it’s amazing.

If it wasn’t for Zhu Hengyu wearing a set of platinum rune Battle Armor, I am afraid this guy would have been divided.

The most terrifying thing is …

The Golden Eagle is handsome, but it’s not just a pair of broken claws!

He also has a sharp, sharp, pointed mouth!

Zhu Hengyu’s platinum rune Battle Armor is certainly strong.

Even the golden claw demon handsome’s shattered claw cannot leave a trace of scratch on it.

However, during the battle just now.

The most dangerous moment!

Zhu Hengyu’s addicted Blood Devil Sword was caught by the pair of shattered claws of the Golden Eagle Demon.

Just when Zhu Hengyu fought back.

The golden eagle demon handsome eyes flashed a fine light!

next moment, the horny pointed mouth of the golden eagle demon handsome turned into a golden light, and the lightning-moving towards Zhu Hengyu’s throat pecked over.

Fortunately, with the increase of 3,000 Mo Luo blood fruits and the power of Purgatory.

Zhu Hengyu’s reaction speed is almost reaching its limit.

At the critical moment, Zhu Hengyu tiptoe in time.

As Zhu Hengyu’s body improves.

The blow that originally rushed to Zhu Hengyu’s throat finally landed on the neckline of rune Battle Armor.

The pecking attack was really terrifying.

No matter the sharpness or impact, they are all heaven defying grades.

With the full force of the Golden Eagle Demon, Zhu Hengyu’s platinum rune Battle Armor turned out to be deformed!

The shape of the entire Battle Armor is distorted.

Especially the platinum plate armor at the neckline was pecked, and a small pit was sunken inward!

You know, this has absorbed 30% of the power in the Rune Rune.

And the result after the shield buffer formed by this 30% energy.

If this is not the case, even if you can’t poke the Platinum Battle Armor’s defense under this peck.

The violent shock alone is enough to shut Zhu Hengyu’s breath, even syncope!

Facing such a terrible golden eagle demon, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Although the two sides are comparable in strength, it seems that there is nothing you can do with each other.

Don’t think that only Zhu Hengyu didn’t take the golden eagle monster.

In fact, the Golden Eagle Demon is not very good at Zhu Hengyu.

This guy is really too difficult.

Open the distance, a sword energy fly over, each one is extremely heavy.

Although on the surface, the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal resists very easily, destroying the claws, and all attacks are instantly scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

But in fact, Zhu Hengyu and Jindiao Yaoshuai have the same strength.

The attack from Zhu Hengyu, even if the golden eagle monster can stop it, how can it be easy?

In addition, the Golden Eagle Devil has always broken the claws and broken the pecks, which has no effect on Zhu Hengyu.

For the Golden Eagle Demon …

Zhu Hengyu’s speed is too fast and his movement is too flexible.

Even catching his Blood Devil Sword is useless.

Zhu Hengyu can use his brute force to regain the sword by force.

Thus, I have been fighting hard for three hours.

Zhu Hengyu has nothing to do with the Golden Eagle Demon.

The Golden Eagle Demon handsome took Zhu Hengyu.

Helplessly watching the Golden Eagle Demon handsome, for a moment, Zhu Hengyu could not help secretly sighed.

Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo power, because there are too many Sen Luo Yin snakes, but there is not much formidable power.

But for future consideration …

Sen Luo Yin snake, the points still have to be separated.

Otherwise, if you rely on Zhu Hengyu alone, then it will be time that will never come to raise the power of Sen Luo?

As for the power of purgatory, although you don’t need to take the initiative to cultivate, the problem is that Zhu Hengyu’s time to obtain the power of purgatory is too short.

So the power of purgatory is still in its infancy.

The power, speed, and Devil Body strength that can increase Zhu Hengyu are still too few.

What Zhu Hengyu needs most now is actually time.

Just give him enough time for him to raise the power of Sunra and the power of Purgatory.

Then Zhu Hengyu will be invincible in both long-range and melee!

To this day, Zhu Hengyu knows that he must do something extraordinary.

Otherwise, let alone now, give Zhu Hengyu another ten or eight years, and he cannot defeat the Golden Eagle Demon in front of him.

Even after ten or eight years, it will require Zhu Hengyu to raise the power of Sen Luo and Purgatory to a sufficient height.

Otherwise, Zhu Hengyu still has no good way to deal with this golden eagle monster.

Changing a long breath, Zhu Hengyu secretly communicated with the Yin Linger in the sea.

The only way Zhu Hengyu can think of now.

It’s shot by Yin Linger!

Yinlinger can now control the body and launch an attack.

That war body is nothing else. It was exactly the hand of the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal that was the original female devil in Yangwei City!

Before, Zhu Hengyu didn’t know how such an overbearing female devil was defeated in the hands of the Golden Eagle Demon.

The Devil Body rank of the female devil can be eighty!

Enchanting, after condensing the demon Battle Physique.

Its Battle Physique rank is as high as 89!

89 Devil Body, how is she defeated against the golden eagle devil who can’t reach the 80th Devil Body?

No matter how you think about it, you can’t think of it.

However, now …

After more than three hours of head-to-head battle with the Golden Eagle Demon.

Zhu Hengyu is fully understood.

This golden eagle is handsome, it is too powerful.

The stealth of the female devil, and blinding, simply is a waste in front of the eagle eyes of the golden carved demon handsome.

stealth will be seen through at a glance.

Blindness will also be resisted by Hawkeye and will have no effect.

As for that poisonous blade!

Then don’t need to say more.

Although, Poisonblade belongs to the inheritance magic skill.

But know that although the poison blade cannot be avoided, it can be blocked.

With the golden claw demon’s broken claws and broken pecks, simply won’t give poisonous blades a chance.

Three major inheritance magic skills, all of which have been abolished.

In front of the Golden Eagle Demon, there is no other way for the female devil to be handsome.

Even in the Devil Body section, it is far higher than the Golden Eagle.

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