Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3917


Facing the stubborn golden eagle demon handsome, Zhu Hengyu shook the head and did not intend to argue anything.

immediately show the spirit of the imperial soul, forcibly refining the Golden Eagle Demon!


I felt the power of Zhu Hengyu’s soul.

For a moment, the Golden Eagle demon handsomely widened his eyes.

In the eyes of golden, the angry flames are burning!


next moment, in a whistling sound, a pair of golden wings behind the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal opened instantly.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s horrified gaze …

The whole body of the golden eagle demon handsome, a turbulent black gas, poured out violently.

Hum …

coldly snorted, the eyes of the golden eagle demon handsome, staring coldly at Zhu Hengyu.

next moment ……

There are two heads on both sides of the head of that golden eagle demon, between black light flashed, giving birth to two heads!

As soon as the two heads condensed out, they turned left and right, and moved towards Zhu Hengyu launched a broken peck!

Zhu Hengyu reluctantly released his right hand, and his body retreated from lightning.

At the same time!

The heads of the two newborns did not stop at all.

One left and one right, moved towards the surrounding Sen Luo imprisoned, pecked in the past.

Dudu … pop!

In the sound of two light sounds, under the collapse and pecking, Sen Luo’s imprisonment was Shattered!

Obviously, the Golden Eagle Demon is broken and pecked, just like the broken claw.

Every energy and rule can be broken.

Even if Sen Luo is imprisoned, he can also collapse.

Zhu Hengyu watched quickly, with a look of caution.

The golden eagle demon handsome climbed up from the ground.

Looking at the Golden Eagle Demon standing up tremblingly, Zhu Hengyu’s complexion became more serious than ever.

Three heads!

The golden eagle monster has three heads!

Does this golden eagle demon handsome have a Bloodline with a chaotic nine-headed eagle?

The Nine-Headed Chaos is a legendary power that can be associated with Ancestral Dragon, Zu Feng, and Zu Qilin mention on equal terms.

Once upon a time, the Nine-Headed Chaos was the Universal One One.

The so-called Flood Dragon is just his snack.

The so-called Phoenix is ​​just his snack.

Longgan and Fengdan are the favorite cuisine of Chaos Nine-headed Eagle.

Ordinary gold carvings can only be used to tear tigers and leopards.

But the chaotic nine-headed eagle can tear even Qilin!

In those times of great chaos …

Dragon, Phoenix, Qilin, rule the Aragon World.

The Nine-Headed Chaos is at the top of the food chain!

However, because of the chaos, the nine-headed eagle is too powerful.

So, they were strangled by dragons, phoenixes, Qilin, and the three races.

Under Ancestral Dragon, Zu Feng, Zu Qilin.

The Nine-Headed Chaos has finally fallen.

The strength of the Nine-Headed Chaos is beyond doubt …

However, his strength has reached the point where Heaven and Earth is intolerable.

Therefore, the Nine-Headed Eagle of Chaos is bound to be destroyed.

The Golden Eagle Demon in front of him is likely to have the Bloodline of the Chaos Nine-Headed Eagle.

Although the Nine-Headed Chaos has no direct line to Bloodline.

But even so …

Even if there are only three more heads, the Golden Eagle Demon is already invincible.

At the very least, he will be invincible if he fights in close quarters!

Long-range strike …

The Golden Eagle Devil has a pair of sharp claws and three sharp mouths.

If you attack at a short distance …

The Golden Eagle Demon can lock his opponent with both hands.

Then, the three heads of the Golden Eagle Demon can start three pecks at the same time!

Like the long spear of a gold parquet in a par 3 hole, attack the target.

Once caught by this guy …

Then three heads of the Golden Eagle Demon can create thousands of holes in the opponent’s body in a flash!

Maybe someone will say …

You can open the distance and use long-range strikes to attack the Golden Eagle Demon!

But the problem is that the golden claw monster’s broken claws and broken peck can both destroy energy and break the law.

Unless you can absolutely crush the Golden Eagle Demon Master in strength.

Otherwise, the so-called long-range strike is just a joke.

In a way …

As long as you cannot crush the Golden Eagle Demon with your strength.

So … the Golden Eagle Demon is immune to all long-range attacks!

The only way to defeat the Golden Eagle Demon is to fight him close.

And in close combat, the Golden Eagle Demon is handsome-invincible!

You! How dare you want to enslave!

Hanging a straight body, the golden eagle demon handsome hair stands up in anger, growling at Zhu Hengyu!

Just now, if you didn’t feel the power of the soul that Zhu Hengyu released to him.

I am afraid that the Golden Eagle Demon is not so angry.

Unable to reach a state of enough anger, the Golden Eagle Demon can’t excite the chaotic nine-headed Bloodline.

The golden eagle monster looking at hair stands up in anger!

At this moment, the poisoned state of the Golden Eagle Demon has completely disappeared.

The three rune stings have all been eroded into ashes.

Looking at the horrible golden eagle monster, Zhu Hengyu sighed and shook the head.

No wonder, the Golden Eagle Demon is so easy, it can destroy energy and collapse the rules.

Obviously, the golden eagle monster is handsome and has the Bloodline of the chaotic nine-headed eagle.

Although his Bloodline is not pure and can only have three heads, it is really enough …

Unsurprisingly, this golden eagle demon is handsome, it should be the product of a chaotic nine-headed eagle and a cross with the golden eagle.

The broken claws and broken pecks of the Golden Eagle Demon are actually not battle skills or Magical Powers.

Say white point …

The Golden Eagle Demon has a Bloodline with a chaotic nine-headed eagle.

The Bloodline of the Nine-Headed Chaos must contain a trace of strength of Chaos.

strength of Chaos can bring all order back to chaos.

Can Annihilating Everything energy, break all rules.

Chaos is in opposition to order!

strength of Chaos and Law Force!

As long as you cannot crush the Golden Eagle Demon in strength.

He can use strength of Chaos to destroy and destroy all energy and laws.

So, the only way to defeat the Golden Eagle Demon is to fight in close quarters.

But the question now is …

The opponent has three sharp claws and two sharp claws. This is simply a fight!

So Zhu Hengyu knows that today’s battle will be nothing more.

And the other side …

The Golden Eagle Demon is actually desperate for Zhu Hengyu.

Not to mention, he is now seriously injured and can hardly heal for a while.

The point is that the Golden Eagle Demon Handsome lacks a long-range attack method.

It is worth mentioning …

The Golden Eagle Demon is actually very good at long-range attacks.

But the strongest point of the Golden Eagle Demon is definitely broken claws and broken pecks.

Comparatively, his long-range attacks are not enough.

Limited long-range attack on Zhu Hengyu is painless and itchy.

Even Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo’s shield can’t be broken, and it won’t cause any harm.

No long-range attack, then only melee!

The Golden Eagle Demon is confident and can beat Zhu Hengyu in a close-up state.

But the problem is …

Zhu Hengyu’s Sky Demon Battle Physique, combined with the enchanted state.

Supported by Zhu Hengyu’s infinite magic affinity.

His flying speed and flexibility are much higher than that of the Golden Eagle Demon.

As long as Zhu Hengyu doesn’t want it, the Golden Eagle Demon can’t approach his body.

Zhu Hengyu, of course, has no way to take the golden eagle monster.

The Golden Eagle Demon handsome takes Zhu Hengyu, in fact, there is no means.

No one can help anyone!

Furiously looking at Zhu Hengyu, the golden eagle devil handsome clenched the teeth, turned around and jumped off the valley, and moved towards the direction of Yangwei City!

Although before leaving, the Golden Eagle Demon did not let go of a few words.

But Zhu Hengyu knows that this time things are probably broken.

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