Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3918


The Golden Eagle Demon is handsome, although on the surface, he didn’t say a word. It is because of this that it means that he has devoted all his attention and Mental Power to thinking about how to retaliate against Zhu Hengyu crazy. .

With a sigh, Zhu Hengyu’s heart was a little disappointed, but he did not regret it.

Although for the time being, it has failed.

However, this matter is imperative.

Between being lost …

Yinlinger’s voice rang in the sea of ​​knowledge.

Yin Linger smiled and said crunchily, “Don’t worry, if nothing unexpected, after 81 days, the Golden Eagle Demon will come to surrender!”


Zhu Hengyu suddenly wondered when he heard the words of Yin Linger.

What do you mean, why would the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal come to surrender?

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s doubts, Yin Linger smiled and explained.

It turns out …

I just launched a sneak attack on the Golden Eagle Demon.

The three rune stings are controlled and evoked by the ghosts.

Among those three rune stings, Yin Linger injected three Sen Luo Yin snakes.

So, while the Golden Eagle Demon was wounded, he was already invaded by Sen Luo Yin snake.

Although for the time being, Nashen Luo Yin snake has no way to occupy the sea of ​​golden eagle demon handsome.

For the time being, it can only rest on the corner of the sea.

However, you only need to give Sen Luo Yinshe nine or 81 days.

The Golden Eagle Battle Physique that allows the Sinuo Yin snake to infiltrate and invade the Golden Eagle.

Once the Nao Luo Yin snake completely controls and controls the Golden Eagle Battle Physique of the Golden Eagle Demon, you can launch a master attack on the Golden Eagle Demon’s knowledge of the sea!

Listening to Yin Linger, Zhu Hengyu didn’t come back to his senses for a long time.

frowned head, Zhu Hengyu’s expression of doubt.

Isn’t that the golden eagle demon handsome, possessing the strength of Chaos, can you Annihilating Everything’s energy and break all laws?

Nathan Lawn Snake is actually just a combination of soul energy and Law Force.

So, then …

Sen Luo’s strength should not be destroyed by the strength of Chaos?

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s doubts, Yin Linger made a silver bell laugh.

Behind the smile, Yin Linger explained …

Indeed, under normal circumstances, the strength of Chaos does restrain all Law Force.

But be careful!

Although the Golden Eagle Demon Handsome does have a chaotic Bloodline.

And control a strength of Chaos.

However, it can be seen only from the three heads that the Golden Eagle Demon has grown.

His chaotic Bloodline is not pure.

His strength of Chaos is not sound.

If the Golden Eagle Demon had nine heads.

That shows that he has a complete Chaos Bloodline, a complete strength of Chaos.

At that time, even though this World is big, no one can cure him.

Unfortunately, I only have three heads!

In other words, he only has one third of Chaos Bloodline, one third of Strength of Chaos.

In contrast, Zhu Hengyu’s side …

His strength is very sound.

With the imperfect strength of Chaos, aiming at the power of sound Senro, the result is naturally self-evident.

It’s like …

Water can overcome fire.

The same volume of water can easily extinguish the same volume of fire.

But it’s really useless if it’s nothing.

It’s not water that can’t be rejected …

It really is, a cart of firewood is on fire, what can you do if you pour a glass of water on it?

So, along with the three morrowing snakes, they are planted in the body of the Golden Eagle.

As long as 99,81 days, he is bound to be controlled by Sen Luo Yin snake.

However, in that case, the Golden Eagle Demon is also well aware.

In order not to be controlled, he must launch a full attack on Zhu Hengyu.

As long as Zhu Hengyu is killed, the power of Sen Luo will dissipate naturally.

The control of the Golden Eagle Demon is naturally lifted.

Ancient cloud …

Life is precious and love is more expensive. If it is free, you can sell both!

So within the next three months.

Before the Golden Eagle Devil is completely controlled.

He will absolutely desperately attack Zhu Hengyu!

It’s absolutely horrible!

So Zhu Hengyu must get back to Giethoorn as soon as possible.

Be prepared for all resistance …

While talking with Yin Ling’er, Zhu Hengyu hurried back to Giethoorn.

And immediately, it sounded the alarm.

Unsurprisingly, the Monster Race army will soon be killed.

Also, it is different from any previous battle.

The Monster Race army at this time will definitely be desperate.

The Eagle General Monster General that hasn’t been dispatched for a long time!

And the Griffin Divine Archer, the Vulture Archer, will all come out of the nest.

While it’s not bright yet!

While the Monster Race army is gathering.

Zhu Hengyu sent Su Ziyun to the seaside pier and gave an order to the old captain.

Once the situation is bad, the old captain can lead the 3000 Ice Demon Guard at any time to sneak attack Monster Race from the rear.

Inside and outside together, help Zhu Hengyu and the others in the city, kill the enemy group, escape alive.

However, this is just the last step back.

As a last resort, Zhu Hengyu will not do this.

However, Zhu Hengyu will definitely reserve the back road in advance.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Black gold battleship, and three thousand ice demon guards, must be in combat.

Reinforcement at Giethoorn at any time!

While Su Ziyun rushed to the seaside pier, the time to convey the order.

Zhu Hengyu summoned the three thousand heavenly demon Guard and the three thousand wild cattle guards.

The total of 6,000 soldiers is Zhu Hengyu’s most powerful ace teacher.

As for all other Legions, including the Purgatory Guards, their strength is still very low, and they have not reached the standards for participating in the war.

And the gap is huge.

At this moment, Zhu Hengyu is in control of battle strength. There are three Great Legions in total.

Legion of the demon, Legion of the ice demon, and Legion of the bull.

In these Three Great Legions, Sky Demon Legion and Ice Demon Legion each have sixty Devil Body.

However, neither of them has used the ancient mango fruit, nor has it taken the magic potion.

As for the Golden Core, it hasn’t even seen a shadow.

Therefore, for the time being, their Battle Physique position can only be stuck in the sixty Devil Body, no matter how difficult it is to advance.

Only the Cattle Legion is different …

Legion Bull, Devil Body’s rank, stays on average at 63!

They have used Demon Race General and Demon Race General of Golden Core!

Also, in their knowledge of the sea, Sen Luo Yin snake has been planted.

Once the enchantment is turned on, the demon Battle Physique is gathered!

The three thousand wild cattle guards will incarnation to the three thousand flying Divine General.

Its battle strength can soar to more than 70 paragraphs!

This is where Zhu Hengyu dares to take action against the Golden Eagle Demon.

Three thousand wild cattle guards, but an extremely horrifying force.

Even the demon cows, similar savage cow guards, have only 30,000.

But Zhu Hengyuguang has 3,000 masters!

This shouldn’t be a devil, it should be a power to master.

On the number of commanders.

Zhu Hengyu’s current knowledge has surpassed all the devil handsome of the devil tribe.

Even though it is still inferior to those old Demon Kings, the actual battle strength will only be stronger!

After all, the demon generals of the demon cow clan are generally superior to the demon generals of the devil clan.

Especially, these three thousand Demon Warriors also wear full rune armor!

Its defensive power is simply outrageous!

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