Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3919


The wild cow guard is not just defense.

Once the Monster Race will kill the city head, the Bull Guard can launch the Battle Skill of the Bull Race-Bull Race!

A savage cow crashed and bombed, unless it was a monster like Legion, a buffalo Legion, and a hippo Legion in person.

Otherwise, if you change any other service, you will definitely be knocked out.

But in fact …

Monster Race’s three brute force Legions are indeed overbearing.

The power is even stronger than the barbarian!

However, just like the Bad Cows are not good at siege.

Battle Elephant Legion, Buffalo Legion, and Hippo Legion are also bad at attacking the city.

Even compared to the barbarian tribe, the Three Great Legions of Monster Race are even less adept at siege.

There are no ladders that can support their weight.

Moreover, their speed is really too slow.

While they rush to the front of the city, I am afraid they will be shot and killed by the demon Legion.

The current situation is …

The one who can stop the barbarian from colliding will not climb the ladder at all, nor can he get up to the city.

While the real ones can come up, they will definitely be smashed by the bulls.

Bull cows are not ordinary Yellow Ox.

Bull cows, known for their brute force!

The power of the barbarian is even greater than that of buffalo and hippos.

Only a little inferior to the war elephants.

Based on calculations …

The power of a wild bull is greater than the power of nine Yellow Ox combined.

Under test status …

A wild cow can drag nine Yellow Ox upside down and run all the way!

Using the power of nine cows, it is the strong men of the barbarian tribe!

Looking down, watching the ant-like goat tribe soldiers sweeping by.

Zhu Hengyu could not help but take a long and deep breath.

The next battle does not require Zhu Hengyu to command.

In the past few years, these three thousand days of magic Guard have stayed here to fight against the Monster Race army.

They don’t need anyone to command, they know how to fight.

And to be honest, although Zhu Hengyu is the commander of Giethoorn, and even the whole of Giethoorn, in fact, he does not really spend much time here.

There is also very limited understanding of frontline warfare.

So, instead of commanding indiscriminately, it’s better not to command.

Although Su Ziyun didn’t get back in time, he was blocked outside.

But Su Xiaowan is here …

With Su Xiaowan’s full authority, there won’t be too many problems.

Soon, the Goat tribe soldiers rushed all the way to the city.

During running all the way, the Goat tribe stepped on a steep city wall, as if walking on a flat ground, moving towards the city head.

Facing this, Su Xiaowan first ordered nodded to Zhu Hengyu.

The order for free firing was issued shortly thereafter.

in an instant, one after another whistling, burst into the air!

Bang! peng ~ peng ~! peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ ……

During the fierce roar, one magic energy warhead, propelled by nine Fire Crystal stones, whistled out from the magic energy musket …

After Zhu Hengyu’s improvement, even after transformation.

The entire formidable power of the musket is greater, the impact is stronger, the penetrating power is more sufficient, and the shooting accuracy is higher.

A magic bullet can punch out and instantly penetrate a monster’s body.

Three thousand days of magic Guard, spraying magic bullets at a rate of three rounds per breath.

In this way, you can shoot nearly 10,000 rounds in just one breath.

Look down and look …

Three thousand days of Demon Guard’s hands, one after another blazing flame is constantly spraying at the muzzle of the demon musket.

Whether the Rune Way is comparable and comparable?

However, must give this magic musket a name that is most suitable.

The rune machine gun is probably the most accurate.

rune machine gun, referred to as machine gun …

Said nodded with satisfaction, Zhu Hengyu glanced over at the battlefield outside.

As you can see, three thousand machine guns laid a crossfire net.

Under the sweep of three thousand bullet chains, the Goat tribe soldiers fell down in pieces.

Each time there are tens of thousands of bullets, the longest range is 3000 metres!

Facing such a barrage, no matter how brave the Goat tribe soldiers are, they can’t get close.

In front of three thousand machine guns, it is useless to rely on a large number of people.

Dudu Dudu …

哧哧 哧哧 …

In the dull sound, a torrential rain, mixed with the power of Sen Luo, whistled and shot down the city.

It ’s hard to imagine the horror without anyone who has witnessed it.

With the consumption of 10,000 bullets, more than 70 million bullets can be fired in an hour.

At most two hours, the hundreds of millions of bullets hoarded by Giethoorn will be used up.

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