Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3920


Fortunately, although this rune machine gun consumes too much, the crossfire net under it is too scary.

The battle lasted only for breathless breaths, and it was completely over.

Millions of goat-type monster soldiers all fell on the charge.

Looking ahead …

On the ground outside the city of Giethoorn, millions of monster soldiers, all lying on the ground.

It is worth mentioning …

Millions of demon soldiers have all died.

No wounded soldiers!

Shooting in a rain of rain mixed with the power of Senro.

Once it is hit by a bullet, it will be dead.

Although the damage of the fleshhy body is not enough to kill them, the power of Sen Luo contained in the bullets is enough to hang their souls instantly.

The soul is dead, and the fleshhy body is naturally not alive.

When the Golden Eagle Demon is handsome, he finally rides a car and arrives in Giethoorn all the way.

It’s a terrible sight!

Millions of goat-type monster soldiers have been wiped out!

Although this damage is not a big loss for Monster Race.

But for the Golden Eagle Demon, this loss is really not small.

The most important thing is!

Followed by the Goats.

The Monster Race army has lost the possibility of continuing the battle.

Without the Goat Tribe, the Monster Race army can’t reach the city at all.

Despite the anger in the heart, the Golden Eagle Demon also knows that this battle can no longer be done.

Unfortunately, the Golden Eagle Demon can only order to mobilize the army to withdraw from the battlefield.

Watching the Monster Race army quickly withdraw, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help sneering.

The formidable power of the rune machine gun greatly exclaimed Zhu Hengyu’s expectations.

A battlefield of 3000 metres, in fact, does not use 3,000 rune machine guns at all.

Looking at the Monster Race army that was going away, a bold idea could not help but come to Zhu Hengyu’s mind.

There are three thousand rune machine guns. Actually, there is no need to keep here.

As long as there are enough bullets …

They can actually charge ahead. On the plain, the formidable power of the machine gun can get the maximum display.

rune The penetration of machine guns is terrifying.

If you shoot down from the city head, even if you kill an enemy, the bullet will be slanted into the ground, and you can’t hurt other enemies.

If it’s on the plain, the rune machine gun can fire flat.

The rune bullet can continue to fly after it has penetrated an enemy.

Penetrate through the second, even third, and fourth enemies.

In this way, the formidable power of the machine gun can reach the extreme!

If there are more monster soldiers trying to rely on the quantity advantage, they will rush over.

In front of three thousand machine guns, only one round of fire is needed, and I am afraid that all the enemies will lie down.

Even if Zhu Hengyu’s calculations are wrong.

Even if the enemy rushes forward, they are not afraid.

There are 3,000 magical cow guards in the ranks of the magic, even if they can’t beat, they will definitely run away.

Because the brain quickly thought, Zhu Hengyu quickly made a decision.

The fierce lifts the head, Zhu Hengyu said loudly: “Everyone has it, hit open the city gates immediately, and chase me!”



Su Xiaowan, who was conservative by nature, was suddenly stunned when she heard Zhu Hengyu’s order.

until now, in the face of Monster Race’s attack, the Devil Clan can only stand up.

Being able to hold the city is already a big deal.

But now, Zhu Hengyu is trying to chase the Monster Race army, this is crazy!

Fucking Su Xiaowan, Zhu Hengyu frowned, angrily said, “What are you still doing? Send me an order, and chase it immediately!”

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s scolding, Su Xiaowan finally came back to his senses.

Although inwardly, it is still terrifying.

But in the face of Zhu Hengyu’s order, she did not dare to disobey.

Everything here is from Zhu Hengyu.

Here, Zhu Hengyu’s order is above all else!

As long as it is Zhu Hengyu’s order, even if it is wrong, it must be executed.

As long as Zhu Hengyu disagrees, no matter how correct it is, must stop.

Soon …

Three thousand wild cow guards immediately arrived at the city gate.

Quickly clear out the blocked stones in the city gate.

Three thousand demon Guard and three thousand wild cow guards roared out of the city gate.

moved towards Monster Race The army retreated and chased at full speed.

As soon as you leave the city, everything is still not visible.

The three thousand wild cattle guards and the three thousand demon Guard go hand in hand and chase the Monster Race army together.

But as soon as he ran out, Su Xiaowan quickly ran to Zhu Hengyu.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu eagerly, Su Xiaowan said, “How about, should you really chase or do something like that?”

Zhu Hengyu was suddenly puzzled.

Looking at Su Xiaowan in suspense, Zhu Hengyu said, “What is it like, and who is it to show? Of course it is chasing it!”

After hearing from Hengyu Zhu, Su Xiaowan said anxiously: “Since it is really chasing, then we can march in a hurry!”

Just marching?

Zhu Hengyu first heard Su Xiaowan’s words.

But soon, Zhu Hengyu understood it.

Nodded fiercely, Zhu Hengyu said loudly: “Order the barbarian guard to hurry at full speed, and order the demon Legion to start the magic can and enter the state of rapid march!”

With Zhu Hengyu’s order …

Three thousand days of Legion’s army, at the same time turned on the magic can!

in an instant, a full three thousand rays of light, rising from the body of the three thousand heavenly demon Guard.

At the same time, the speed of the demon Legion has more than doubled.

Moreover, as time goes on, their speed is getting faster.

In just a short period of time, the speed of Tenmag Legion has increased.

After more than ten breaths, the demon Legion has turned the wild cow Legion, and he can’t even see the shadow.

Although the Devil Clan is not known for its speed, compared with the Demon Wolf family, the Devil Clan is actually just a prey series.

But the question now is …

How can a regular army possess the inheritance magic skills that the magic can perform?

Even though some people do, most people do not.

Like Legion, the entire Legion is equipped with magical powers, and it is unique.

Under the increase of the magic energy, the speed of the demon guard is far faster than all creatures.

Unless you can fly, otherwise … you can’t run Sky Demon Guard.

And the gap will be very wide!

Of course, if the opponent also turns on magical powers, or similar accelerated magic skills or magic.

That turns out to be another story.

So, it took less than a quarter of an hour to chase it all the way.

The Guardian of the Demon overtook the Monster Race army.

However, Zhu Hengyu is not at all anxious to attack.

Before moving, Zhu Hengyu commanded 3000 Guards of the Demon Guard, and passed the Monster Race army all the way, and the army moved toward Monster Race.

Fast as lightning all the way …

The speed of the Demon Guard is more than double that of the Monster Race army.

So, one hour later, Zhu Hengyu commanded three thousand heavenly magic Guard and reached a valley.

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