Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3922


With the ebbing of time …

More and more Monster Race troops are entering the valley.

Finally, behind the Monster Race army.

A luxurious carriage, slowly heading towards the entrance to the valley.

Crunch … creak … creak …

Suddenly, the carve slowly opened his eyes in the sound of car pumping.

In the last battle with Zhu Hengyu, he was really hurt.

Until now, many of his bones are still broken.

Without a few months, nothing can be better.

The biggest headache for the Golden Eagle Demon is that there are three extra gloomy energies in his body.

The three energies, like the bones of the cheekbones, are rooted on his golden eagle Battle Physique.

Anyway, it cannot be peeled off, let alone removed.

Tight frowns …

The Golden Eagle Demon is secretly worried.

Suddenly, a pressure of Mori came from the front.

Look up and look …

As you see, there is a deep valley in front of you!

Although naked eye looked at everything, everything seemed to be very normal, but the super-sense of the golden eagle monster made his whole hair explode!

Not good!

The army stopped moving!

With the words of the Golden Eagle …

The tens of thousands of troops around stopped suddenly.

I saw the Golden Eagle demon handsomely kick out the carriage.

Flying into the air between wings.

The probe looks around. The Golden Eagle Demon can not help but grumbled inwardly.

By now, most of the Monster Race forces have entered the canyon.

Only the 10,000 gold eagle guards, the 10,000 goshawk guards, and the 10,000 griffon guards, who remain under the command of the Golden Eagle Demon, remain with him …

As the guards of the Golden Eagle Demon, they will not be too far away from the Golden Eagle Demon.

As for the other Monster Race forces …

Including 30,000 Griffin shooters, they have already entered the valley.

Just as the Golden Eagle Demon rises into the sky, and orders the army to stop moving forward.

Yin Linger immediately, relayed the message to Zhu Hengyu.

After receiving the news, Zhu Hengyu did not dare to neglect, and immediately issued an order.

Along with Zhu Hengyu’s order, the Three Thousand Heaven Demon Guard rushed out of the hiding place.

At the fastest speed, I reached the ideal shooting point.

And rune machine guns!

After confirming that all teams have entered the battle position and that they are ready for battle.

Zhu Hengyu ordered and fired three thousand rune machine guns at the same time!

On the other side …

The bottom of the valley.

Over two million Monster Race troops are walking through the valley in a sluggish manner.

Today’s fighting has hit them too much.

Hundred breaths in a short time!

Millions of goat-type monster soldiers wiped out the entire army.

If only they heard, maybe they are not so scared yet.

But the problem now is that everything is in their eyes.

What happened under everyone’s attention …

Thinking about the bullet rain, all the monster soldiers couldn’t help but feel terrified.

Just as everyone is frightened …

The familiar beep sounded again in my ear.

The puzzled lifts the head looked around.

For a while, all the monster soldiers were a little faint!

What’s going on, why is the beep so clear and even deafening?

Under the gaze of all the monsters!

Half mountainside on both sides of the valley.

one after another familiar bullet rain, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Facing the fiery tongue of one after another …

For a while, all the monster soldiers went crazy!

Everyone knows, the fiery barrage passes by.

No one can live, no one!

For a moment, all the monster soldiers fled frantically.

Some people try to turn around and rush out of the valley.

Some people try to continue the charge, charging ahead directly from the other side of the valley.

Others tried to find rocks nearby to block the fiery barrage.

More demon soldiers, with their knees softened, fell directly to the ground and raised their hands to surrender …

2,000,000 Demon soldiers, all reactions.

Looking down, there are more than two million demon soldiers in the whole valley.

It’s like an ant on a hot pot of more than two million, running frantically and fleeing.

But the more they flee, the more flustered they become.

Everyone you rushed at me, I hit you, I was stuck in place.

Three thousand Demon Guards fired wildly, and Monster Race soldiers fell down one after another.

At the same time …

Listen to the horrifying roar in the valley.

The Golden Eagle Demon Shuai could not help but closed his eyes in pain.

At this time, the Golden Eagle Demon is very clear that the 2,000,000 army is over.

Then they died in the hands of the Devil Soldiers.

This is the war …

Either you die, or I die!

There is nothing to talk about.

Be kind to your enemies is cruel to yourself.

If you can choose, then of course you die!

After a quick sweep of the battlefield …

Zhu Hengyu gives the next order.

Under the command of Zhu Hengyu, the three thousand Heavenly Devil Guard will move towards Yangwei City at full speed!

At the same time, Yin Ling’er was sent in the direction of the Bull Guard.

Follow Zhu Hengyu’s order!

Three thousand wild cattle guards will return to Giethoorn and stay at the city wall of Giethoorn!

Three thousand demon guards marched violently.

While the entire Monster Race army is overwhelming, attack Yangwei City!

Once the city of Yangwei is captured, the Moyang tribe can resume its rule over Yangjiao Island.

In this way, Zhu Hengyu’s position as a devil can be considered completely seated.

Under the march, the speed of the Demon Guard is extremely fast!

Fast as lightning all the way, the Demon Guard finally kills Yangwei City.

Looking at it from afar …

The gate of Yangwei City is tightly closed.

On the city wall, there is a silence, not even a half of the silhouette.

Seeing this, Zhu Hengyu frowned.

Enlighten the enchantment and condense the demon Battle Physique …

Silhouette of Zhu Hengyu rises into the sky and moves towards Yangwei City.

Look down and look around …

As you can see, people are already empty in Yangwei City.

Obviously, after the Golden Eagle Demon found that the situation was irreversible.

Not only immediately chose to evacuate Giethoorn.

Moreover, he must also send a master of the Golden Eagle tribe, and immediately came to Yangwei City.

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