Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3923


I have to say that the Golden Eagle Demon can repeatedly make great achievements and lay such a large area.

I really did n’t come by luck …

Seeing that nothing could be done, the determined man broke his wrist and evacuated Giethoorn.

The monster soldiers in Yangwei City have also been immediately commanded.

Without the slightest hesitation, she gave up Yangwei City, and she walked with great pleasure, without any muddling!

In fact, as long as the demon soldiers in Yangwei City delay a little, Zhu Hengyu and his demon guards will probably kill them.

Don’t even leave one!

Not to mention the situation over the Golden Eagle Demon.

On this side, Zhu Hengyu lowered his body and opened the city gate.

Soon, the three thousand heavenly demon guards enter the sheep tail city.

From this moment …

Yangjiao Island is back under the control of the Demon Clan.

As for the center of Giethoorn, the freshwater lake.

Abandoned as early as the Monster Race captures Ogano Castle.

After all, it is not suitable for long-term residence.

Enter Sheep’s Tail …

Three thousand demon guards, every three people as a group, quickly patrol the city.

If you find Monster General, kill him!

At the same time …

Zhu Hengyu stepped into Yaoshuai Mansion.

I have to say that the Golden Eagle Demon is losing too much this time.

Even the gold returned by Zhu Hengyu has not had time to take it away.

Looking at the pile of gold in the warehouse, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help laughing.

Compared to Giethoorn …

Yogaocheng is better and better.

The reason why Giethoorn is called Giethoorn is that there are two horn-shaped mountain ranges surrounding it.

Yangwei City, however, does not have such good terrain conditions.

Yangwei City is surrounded by the sea on one side, mountains on both sides, and one side facing the plain.

If you say, Giethoorn is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

So Yangwei City is definitely easy to attack and defend.

From the direction of the sea, you can attack Yangwei.

From the land, you can also attack Yangwei.

Therefore, to guard Yangwei City, more soldiers are needed.

But …

Since there are disadvantages, there must be advantages!

Yangwei City is easy to attack and difficult to defend!

But Yangwei has a deepwater pier.

If you want to evacuate, you can leave by boat directly from here.

So, the strategic position of Yangwei City is actually much higher than that of Yangjiao City.

Advance can attack, retreat can defend.

Giethoorn can only defend, not attack!

Once it is besieged, there is no way to heaven and no door to the ground.

Even supplies will be cut off!

Not to mention the advantages and disadvantages of Yangwei City …

After searching by the Demon Guards, the entire city of Yangwei has been completely empty.

Because of walking too hastily, the Monster Race army left a lot of wealth.

However, for that gold and silver, Demon Race doesn’t value it.

So all the gold and silver were collected and handed over to Zhu Hengyu.

At the same time, Zhu Hengyu entered the handsome mansion of the Golden Eagle Demon.

Walk slowly to the wall, above the huge sea chart.

Looking at it, the golden flag of Monster Race has covered all the surrounding islands.

What makes Zhu Hengyu feel bitter …

The islands near Giethoorn have fallen.

The entire Blood Sheep Island Sea Territory is the only solitary tower of Yangjiao Island.

apart from this, all the islands of Blood Territory Sea Territory have fallen!

Looking at the lonely Giethoorn …

Looked again at the golden demon flags stuck in the 36 close and numerous surrounding islands!

For a moment, Zhu Hengyu just felt bitter.

How can I fight this …

The entire Blood Sheep Island Sea Territory has been invaded by Monster Race.

Especially looking southwest!

Golden flags are on thousands of islands!

Billions of Monster Race troops stationed on those islands.

Looking at the past …

The island community occupied by Monster Race stretches into the sea like a strong arm.

And the more than thirty islands in Blood Territory Sea Territory are Iron Fist at the front of the arm.

At this moment …

Yangjiao Island was tightly held in the palm by the Iron Fist!

A long breath …

Zhu Hengyu knows that he won an unprecedented victory in this battle.

But in fact, this is not the end.

It’s just the beginning!

For the next time, the Monster Race army will continue to Giethoorn.

Unless the nails are removed, the Monster Race army cannot continue to invade.

If …

Zhu Hengyu faced before, but it was just a million monster monster army.

Then what Zhu Hengyu will face next, I am afraid that it is a monster army with a scale of 10 million or even 10 million.

Moreover, not only the size of Legion, but also Legion’s strength class will rapidly rise!

The wild cow guards, as well as the guardians of the demon, will surely suffer the most severe test!

Now, Zhu Hengyu faces a choice problem.

Whether you want to defend Yangwei City or continue to station in Yangjiao City?

The advantage of Yangwei City is that it is right next to the port, and you can fight if you don’t want to fight.

The other side of Giethoorn is trapped in a small town. Do n’t even think about charging ahead in one step.

Once the vicinity of the pier is blocked by the Monster Race battleship, the retreat is completely cut off.

For a long time, Zhu Hengyu finally made a decision!

This sheep-tail city cannot be defended anyway.

Even if you can keep it, it will take too much time and energy.

It is surrounded by mountains on both sides, on the sea side, and on the plains.

So, once the war starts.

Zhu Hengyu’s army will not only stay in the direction of the plain.

It will be hit by maritime forces.

As for the problem of retreat …

Although for the time being, Giethoorn does not have a retreat.

But Zhu Hengyu is very experienced.

Know that Ice Crystal on Heavenly Demon Island is the best example.

From now until now, there is a passageway to seabed in Tenmon City.

The trade between Tianmocheng and the Sea Snakes has been completely under the water.

Sea snakes will transport the goods to the city of heaven through the underwater channel.

The supplies of Sky Magic City will be transported into Sky Magic City.

At the underwater passage, make contact with the sea snake clan.

Convert to Giethoorn …

Although for the time being, not at all access to the sea, but as long as you go all the way down to the island edge.

So one day sooner or later, a passage to seabed will be dug.

Maybe someone will say …

What if a tunnel is dug up?

Can the cultivator of the devil tribe swim all the way through this passage that is hundreds of kilometers long?

No! No …

It is really difficult for the Moyang tribe to swim hundreds of kilometers underwater.

But don’t forget it!

Zhu Hengyu has a steel battleship.

Also, steel battleships can dive below the surface.

As long as the aisle is sufficiently wide, the black gold battleship can follow the aisle and enter the mountainside all the way.

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