Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3924


There is a steel battleship capable of diving, whether it is going in or out, there is no problem.

After making a decision, Zhu Hengyu made a decided decision.

After packing all the belongings in Yangwei City into the Ice Queen bracelet.

Zhu Hengyu commanded the army and left Yangwei City all the way.

moved towards Giethoorn …

Rushing back to Giethoorn, Zhu Hengyu immediately issued a series of orders.

First, order the black gold battleship to rush back to Sky Magic City at full speed.

Communicate Zhu Hengyu’s order, let the old village chief prepare the hunted thousand miners, and send them to Giethoorn to help mine the magic ore.

At the same time …

Lian Ming and his tens of thousands of disciples, as well as the entire rune factory, have all relocated to Giethoorn.

After all …

Once the war begins, Zhu Hengyu can’t pull out at all to transport the magic bullets.

In this Giethoorn city, there is exactly a giant monster stone mine.

In this case, it is better to relocate the rune factory to Giethoorn.

In this way, the rune bullets produced can be directly handed over to the Demon Guards, and there is no need to send steel battleships for transportation.

Also, the materials needed to produce rune bullets can be mined directly from the pit.

Even those slags can be used directly.

Its convenience and savings cannot be counted …

hundred thousand miner, ten thousand rune craftsmen.

One is responsible for mining the magic stone, and one is for refining the magic stone into rune bullets.

With the combination of the two, they can produce just enough rune bullets consumed by the Guardian.

In the next day …

Zhu Hengyu has issued dozens of orders.

among which is included, build a metallurgical plant, a forging plant, and a series of factories within the valley behind Giethoorn.

After all, there are many associated mines of the magic energy ore.

There is a lot of gold, silver, and even black gold and black silver!

If you just throw it away, it’s probably a foolish thing.

So Zhu Hengyu issued a series of orders.

Each factory has a part of its technical backbone, which is transported to Giethoorn to establish a branch.

After dozens of orders were passed on, everyone in the entire Giethoorn city quickly got busy.

Even Qin Lan’er, Qin Yun’er, and Qin Ke’er are driving platinum battleships, constantly transporting various supplies and materials …

On the side of Zhu Hengyu, he brought Su Xiaowan and started inspections.

Now that you have decided, you must stay in Giethoorn for a long time.

So, as the chief military officer of Giethoorn, Zhu Hengyu must have a full and sufficient understanding of Giethoorn and even Giethoorn …

Otherwise, if the enemy follows the place he doesn’t know, he will enter the city all the way.

The responsibility of Zhu Hengyu is too great.

No one is qualified to blame him.

But the key is that Zhu Hengyu can’t pass this level himself.

Now that everyone is here, he must be responsible for everyone’s safety!

Not to mention, how all of His Majesty Zhu Hengyu ran to the west to prepare for the upcoming war.

This side …

Zhu Hengyu, accompanied by Su Xiaowan, began to inspect the situation around Giethoorn.

At first, Zhu Xiaomei also wanted to inspect with Zhu Hengyu.

Unfortunately, Zhu Xiaomei’s Devil Body just reached the 50th stage.

For the time being, she hasn’t achieved magic, simply flying doesn’t raise.

So, even if Zhu Hengyu wanted to take her, she couldn’t take it.

Also, Giethoorn is inseparable from Zhu Xiaomei.

After so many years of training, Zhu Xiaomei is no longer that Zhu Xiaomei.

Zheng Xiaoyu has been in charge of economics during Zhu Hengyu’s absence over the years.

In terms of construction, the old village chief is in charge.

But in fact, there is not much communication between Zheng Xiaoyu and the old village chief.

There is not much communication between the old village chief and the sea snake clan.

Although Zhu Xiaomei is just an ordinary girl, she is the younger sister of Zhu Hengyu!

Although this younger sister is not dear, all friends of Zhu Hengyu know that Zhu Xiaoyu has saved Zhu Hengyu’s life!

Moreover, Zhu Hengyu has not said anything.

Zhu Hengyu’s in mind, Zhu Xiaomei is the most important one.

Even when Zhu Hengyu left, he explained it many times.

If Zhu Hengyu can’t go back.

So Zhu Hengyu’s properties belong to Zhu Xiaomei.

Including Zheng Xiaoyu, the old village chief, the old captain and the others, everyone must assist Zhu Xiaomei unconditionally.

In other words …

Zhu Xiaomei is Zhu Hengyu’s successor.

So, although Zhu Xiaomei is on the surface, she is only saving lives, not at all.

But in fact, when Zhu Hengyu was away.

Zhu Hengyu’s forces are entirely under the control of Zhu Xiaomei.

And most importantly …

She has managed very well for all these years.

Although she doesn’t need to do too specific things, under the mediation of Zhu Xiaomei, Zhu Hengyu’s major industries and forces cooperate very well.

Zhu Xiaomei also showed her innate talent and ability.

No doubt she is a genius.

A genius in charge who can take on major missions and tasks!

So, although Zhu Xiaomei does n’t need to catch anything, all things on Yangjiao Island can be applied to Zhu Xiaomei.

Specifically …

When Zhu Hengyu is here, everything is decided by Zhu Hengyu.

When Zhu Hengyu is absent, everything is listened to Zhu Xiaomei.

In the past few years, Xiaomei Zhu has demonstrated her ability with practical actions.

Zhu Hengyu was able to take time out and have a look around just because there was Zhu Xiaomei.

Otherwise, there are too many things that require Zhu Hengyu’s decision.

Even if you leave for a short time, it will squeeze a lot of work and cannot continue.

Not to mention how Zhu Xiaomei works hard.

On the other side, Zhu Hengyu and Su Xiaowan began to investigate around Giethoorn.

Anyway …

Zhu Hengyu must completely control everything around Giethoorn.

You can’t let go of the slightest!

After a full three-day inspection, Zhu Hengyu thoroughly understood everything within a hundred-mile radius of Giethoorn.

The name of Giethoorn, even the name of Giethoorn, comes from the two mountain ranges behind Giethoorn!

Looking at the ground from a high altitude …

The two mountain ranges, like a pair of huge sheep horns, lie on the ground.

But …

Originally, two horns should have a herringbone canyon.

But in fact, the two mountain ranges are on the edge of the island.

One of the mountain ranges extends into the sea.

Looking at it from above, it looks like the horns of a sheep, plunging into the sea.

On the terrain alone …

Giethoorn and Sheeptail are actually similar.

It is surrounded by mountains on both sides and by the sea on one side.

It’s just that there is a dock in Yangwei City, but not in Yangjiao City.

Giethoorn is also close to the sea, but the side near the sea is a steep cliff with a height of several hundred meters!

Under the cliff, a reef stone forest stands, and undercurrents surging.

Any battleship is absolutely inaccessible.

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