Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3927


But for the time being …

The rails and pulleys and so on cannot be built yet.

After all, miners and smelting artisans haven’t been shipped yet.

But with Zhu Hengyu, everything is not a problem.

Although it is not yet possible to lay the rails and make a wheelbarrow, Zhu Hengyu can make an iron chain up to nine 100 meters long.

The whole iron chain is a circular link.

Under the drag of the Demon Cow Hercules, the iron chain will turn counterclockwise.

The cultivator on the black gold battleship below can fasten the buckle on the iron chain to your waist.

Then …

With the rotation of the chain, you can reach the top of the sea cliff as you walk on the ground.

Into Giethoorn …

Don’t say it …

Iron chains have just been refined.

At the edge of the sea cliff, the two winches have just been installed.

After the news came out, it was said to be a black gold battleship. The first batch of craftsmen who had delivered it had arrived at the dock.

However, by now, the dock was blocked by the Monster Race army.

Black gold battleship cannot be docked at all.

Even if they barely dock, the craftsmen on the battleship dare not come down at all.

Zhu Hengyu could not help but smile, and gave the order directly.

After receiving Zhu Hengyu’s order, Qin Laner, Qin Yuner, and Qin Ke’er three daughters, driving a platinum battleship, slid down the ramp into the sea.

Then, under the leadership of Platinum Battleship.

Black gold battleship reached the sea cliff along the underwater channel.

At the same time …

Zhu Hengyu commanded the Niu Niuxi and threw the black iron chain with a length of nine 100 meters off the cliff.

The black gold battleship below also extended the hook lock, hooking the iron chain over it, so that it dangled on the black gold battleship.

Next …

each and everyone The minion tribe miner fastened the buckle on the chain to his waist.

At the same time, the savage bulls on the sea cliffs began to turn the winch.

Under the winding hole of the winch, the chain slowly turned.

each and everyone Devil sheep miners pedal on the steep cliffs and buckle their belts over the buckles, and climb to the top of the cliffs like a flat ground.

Although it’s a bit slow and not very efficient, it took three hours.

Thirty thousand miners finally boarded the sea cliff and entered Giethoorn.

For the next half month or more.

Black gold battleship, constantly traveling between Heavenly Demon Island and Giethoorn.

Ship a large number of miners, smelters, and craftsmen to Giethoorn.

At the same time, the Maneng Stone Mine on Yanggau Island has officially started mining.

everyday all has a lot of ore, which has been mined.

The smelter has also initially built a paperback version.

everyday all There will be a large amount of various metals that are smelted out.

For those smelted metals, the more precious and rare metals have been hoarded by Zhu Hengyu.

After hoarding, you can use it as a refiner.

As for the more common metals.

For example, iron and copper are all forged into iron and copper plates.

Wait for a future truce to strengthen and strengthen the city wall.

Of course, there are too few existing iron and copper plates to reinforce the city wall.

So, for the time being, all iron and copper plates can only be hoarded.

Waiting for more than half a month, the Golden Eagle Demon Handsome never came.

Facing this scene, Zhu Hengyu can actually understand.

After all, the Golden Eagle Demon has seen the horror of the Demon Guard.

So unless he doesn’t come back …

Once he returns, he must be ready for everything.

I don’t say I have the certainty to win, but at the very least, I should be able to face the demon guard.

Otherwise …

If it’s the same as before.

Even if there are thousands of monster soldiers, it doesn’t make sense at all.

Come more, kill more.

The only difference is the length of time it takes.

Finally …

A month has passed.

Under the full transportation of the black gold battleship, various craftsmen in Giethoorn have reached more than a thousand people.

The entire Giethoorn city is overcrowded.

Just at this time …

There is news ahead, Monster Race, finally here!

After receiving the news, Zhu Hengyu immediately ordered.

All craftsmen enter the mine and dodge.

Although there is a city wall outside to block enemies, those powers above the demon commander can leap over the city wall and enter the city.

But now of course everything is fine.

Hundreds of thousands of artisans have all hid in the pit.

The entrance to the pit was also blocked from the inside with wedge-shaped stones.

Unless Giethoorn really fell.

Otherwise, there is no need to worry about the safety of the miners.

After setting up a good miner …

Zhu Hengyu entire group, arrived on the city wall.

Looking towards the horizon, the tide-like Monster Race army is rolling in from the sky.

Looking at hiding the sky and covering the earth, the army of Monster Race rolling in.

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