Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3928


What exactly, how, and to what extent …

Everything can only be decided by Xiaomei Zhu herself.

Looking outside the city, the dark Monster Race army.

Zhu Xiaomei bit her lip tightly and hugged Zhu Hengyu, then turned and ran towards the mine.

At the same time …

On the battlefield in front of the city, the Golden Eagle Demon is out of the crowd.

Appeared in front of Zhu Hengyu!

Looking at Zhu Hengyu standing tall on the city wall, although the Golden Eagle Demon was very angry inside, but he did n’t hate him too much at all.

What makes the Golden Eagle Demon handsome angry is a good source of money, so it’s gone.

If Zhu Hengyu is willing to cooperate with him …

If Zhu Hengyu can help him, replace all magic stone with gold and silver.

It won’t be long before he can be promoted to Monster King!

Even after becoming a Monster King, he can continue to move towards Monster Sovereign with the help of Zhu Hengyu!

Unfortunately, this guy Zhu Hengyu is so brave.

Suddenly tried to enslave him!

However, for Zhu Hengyu himself, he is not at all too angry.

Everyone is hostile, and each other is a deadly enemy!

No matter what method Zhu Hengyu uses against him, it should be his share.

On the contrary, if Zhu Hengyu really ignores the life and death of the Moyang tribe, and cooperates with him with all his strength.

Even if the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal has obtained a lot of benefits from Zhu Hengyu.

I still look down on traitors like Zhu Hengyu.

In the view of the Golden Eagle Demon, if Zhu Hengyu really did that, he would definitely be a national scum.

Think about yourself. If the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal has such ability, he can completely enslave Zhu Hengyu.

Will he do that?

No need to doubt!

If the Golden Eagle Demon is really capable, then immediately, he will enslave Zhu Hengyu.

No hesitation.

For the Golden Eagle Demon, Zhu Hengyu is the enemy.

Since each other is hostile, it is normal for the other party to do everything.

A person, as long as he is not stupid, will not be angry because the enemy is not good at himself.

Since you are an enemy, you should be bad for you.

It is things, not people, that make the Golden Eagle Demon handsome angry.

So, for Zhu Hengyu on the city wall, the Golden Eagle Devil is not at all shouting.

After all, as a demon handsome, he also has face, status, and dignity.

I can’t do that kind of shrew scolding.

Finally, the Golden Eagle Demon has a big hand …

The battle erupted in an instant!

Millions of goat-type monster soldiers shouted towards the city wall.

At the same time …

On top of the sky, three thousand gold sculptures, Monster General, dive down towards the city from a height of 300 metres.

Thirty thousand Goshawk Monster Generals approached the city from a height of two 100 meters.

Thirty thousand Griffon divine archers, suspended at a height of 100 meters, bend bow and place arrow, sharp arrow points, aimed at the demon Guard on the city wall, and the wild cow guard.

Not only that …

On the ground, there are 30,000 giant ape warriors, holding a large, three-meter-high super heavy shield, marching towards the city wall.

giant ape Behind the generals is 30,000 Monster General Monsters!

Behind every Wild Cow Monster General is carrying a large rucksack.

The inside of the rucksack is full of javelins.

Look closely, the javelin is full of one after another monster pattern.

If you do n’t know, it is naturally a javelin javelin!

Its speed, range, and formidable power are unquestionable.

Seeing this, maybe many people are surprised.

What do you mean?

Does the Monster Race also have a cultivator for the bull race?

In fact, the Demon Race’s Barbarian was originally transformed from the Monster Race’s Barbarian.

In this world, there was no Demon Race.

Demon Race was created after the demon ancestor recruited and naturalized a large race.

Therefore, Demon Race has a bull cow, and Monster Race has a bull cow.

The two are homologous, same sect.

Compared to the ordinary barbarian, although the barbarian is also a barbarian, even the three ace of the barbarian Legion are named after the barbarian.

For example, Iron Bull Riding, Guard Guard, and Guard Guard!

This is enough to explain everything …

Compared to the normal Monster Race.

Demon Race’s bull generals are obviously more powerful and scary.

Once you break through the sixty Devil Body 桎梏, you can cast enchantment to gather the demon Battle Physique.

In the state of Devil Battle Physique, the battle strength of Devil Body will be improved according to the purity of Bloodline.

The highest Zhu Hengyu can even improve the battle strength of ten Devil Body.

While wanting to break through sixty Devil Body, the minimum is Bloodline purity of Sixth Grade.

Without the Bloodline purity of Sixth Grade, it is impossible to increase the Devil Body’s rank to sixty.

So once the demon Battle Physique has condensed.

The demon cow cultivator can increase the battle strength of at least six Devil Body.

Not only that …

The most important thing is that the demon ox family also possesses the inheritance magic skills and magic left by them.

This is a wild cow of the Monster Race, which is not comparable.

Of course, if you just underestimated Monster Race, you would be wrong.

Although the demon ancestor possess great magical power, the battle strength is so powerful that it can destroy the entire ancient world.

But no matter how strong the demon ancestor is, it can’t change a fact!

The Five Great Races on the battlefield are Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Monster Race, Star Immortal Sect, and Demon Race.

Apart from the Demon Race, all other Four Great Races have a powerful leader, bringing together the entire force.

The Dragon Emperor of Dragon Race is the Chaos Black Dragon.

Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Emperor is Chaos Fire Phoenix.

The Monster Emperor of the Monster Race is the Chaos White Tiger.

As for the star Immortal Sect in the middle of the town, it is the Stars Sect master who is invincible in the whole world!

It is worth mentioning …

For a race, the Great is truly Supreme.

So-called emperors, each tribe has its own emperor.

The Devil Sovereign has Demon Sovereign.

The Demon Sovereign is the Demon Sovereign.

The demon wolf family has the Demon Sovereign of the demon wolf family.

But for Demon Race as a whole, not at all Demon Race.

The real Demon Emperor can overpower all Demon Sovereign, and consolidate the entire Demon Race into a united whole.

Obviously, for the time being Demon Race, there are no such heroes who have such a rough mind.

In fact, there are only five Demon Sovereign in the demon wolf family!

The Demon Clan also has three Demon Sovereign.

In their own clan, they cannot choose an emperor.

Not to mention the entire Demon Race?

Take the demon cow and the demon wolf …

Even if they only have one Demon Sovereign.

But, in the end, should Demon Sovereign be promoted to Demon Emperor?

Should it be promoted to Demon Emperor by Demon Sovereign of the demon wolf family?

If Demon Sovereign of the demon wolf family is promoted to Demon Emperor, then the demon cow family will not do it first.


What are the multiple heads of your demon wolf family.

Why did you become Demon Emperor?

Although the Demon Cows are really bad at siege, they can’t even siege.

But whether it’s a heavy cavalry charge in the wild or a city wall, they are invincible!

Why the Demon Sovereign of the demon wolf family become Demon Emperor?

Conversely …

If it is the Demon Sovereign of the Demon Cow family, then Demon Emperor.

Demon wolf’s top five Demon Sovereign will probably quit immediately.

What can we do besides the demon wolf tribe?

Our iron riders of the demon wolf clan, although they cannot confront the heavy cavalry of the demon cow clan.

But under the shooting of our demon wolf clan, in this world, they are really not afraid of anyone.

If you are fighting in the field, the demon wolf light cavalry can use the speed advantage to carry out kite tactics.

Holding the Demon Cow heavy cavalry all the way, unlimited kites, unlimited shooting.

Although the bow and arrow of the demon wolf clan, it is difficult to cause too much damage to the demon clan wearing heavy armor.

But the Devil Cow Cavalry wants to catch up with the demon wolf Light Cavalry, that is definitely a delusion, daydreaming!

Although the demon wolf clan is not good at defending the city, your demon cow clan is not good at attacking the city.

Therefore, the demon wolf is a powerful race that is definitely inferior to the Demon Cow.

Why, your Demon Sovereign, the Demon Cow, will be promoted to Demon Emperor!

Back ten thousand steps …

Even the demon wolf and demon cows have no opinion.

But Demon Race doesn’t just have demon cow, devil sheep, demon wolf, these Three Great Races.

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