Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3929


Great Black Dragon, Great White Tiger, Great Fire Phoenix, and Lord Stars Sect.

The four emperors are all called tianius genius.

Among them, Stars Sect is the master of World’s First since Great Ancient Era!

Once used to fight against Ancestral Dragon, Zu Feng, Zu Qilin together, and defeated in the end!

As for the remaining three emperors, they must not be underestimated!

The Great Fire Phoenix-Emperor Tianyi!

In fact, he is a distraction of Zu Feng.

In a sense, Di Tianyi is Zu Feng!

The Black Dragon Emperor, although mysterious, has no doubt that the Black Dragon Emperor is definitely a Dragon Race.

Others can be fake, but Dragon Soul can’t fake, Dragon Race Bloodline can’t fake.

However, the strength of the Black Dragon Emperor is beyond doubt.

10,000,000 years ago …

The Black Dragon Emperor, once teamed up with the White Tiger Emperor, and fought against Tianyi.

Although the final result, the Fire Phoenix Emperor Tianyi won.

But I can’t do anything with Zu Feng …

After playing more than 300 games in a row, the power of victory and defeat was finally divided.

It’s very powerful, so there is no need to say more.

Black Dragon King of Dragon Race, Fire Phoenix King of Phoenix Clan, White Tiger King of Monster Race.

The three Venerable Emperors all exist at the same level.

Although there may be wins and losses between each other, there is no doubt that they are all sacred places, or those closest to them.

As for the Stars Sect …

No need to ask more. Those who can defeat the three Great Saint Realms can only be Holy Realms!

At this time, the master of Liuxiang has been closed.

So, in this world …

The Black Dragon, Fire Phoenix, and White Tiger are the most powerhouses in the world.

Three emperors, respectively commanding Monster Race, Phoenix Clan, and Dragon Race.

In contrast, Demon Race, only Demon Sovereign, no emperor!

Maybe someone will say …

Why is Demon Race so stupid? Picking one directly is better than nothing!

But in fact, the Emperor is so good at it.

The first prerequisite for becoming the emperor of a family is to promote Battle Physique to 99 white light Saint Physique!

If this prerequisite is not met, you cannot become the emperor.

Even if everyone admits you are useless.

Is the Battle Physique high enough to be promoted to the emperor?

Of course not …

If anyone is strong and the emperor is the emperor, the emperor is too worthless.

To become an emperor, you must be proficient in all aspects of your race.

The emperor of Dragon Race must be proficient in Dragon Mark!

The emperor of Monster Race must be proficient in demon’s way!

The emperor of Phoenix Clan must be proficient in the Phoenix pattern!

In fact, no matter what race you are, you are very selfish and very selfish.

To put it plainly …

No matter how strong your personal strength is, do you have anything to do with other people?

What if Zhu Hengyu’s strength is invincible in the whole world?

No matter how strong you are, that’s your personal business.

Your strength is strong and you won’t send me money.

It won’t make me stronger.

So why should I dump you?

Why should I admit that you are the Demon Race Emperor?

I want everyone to be convinced, and give you my full support to promote the emperor.

It must be able to bring out the benefits of heartbeat and salivation for everyone!

Everyone must be convinced …

Race will happen better under your leadership.

To convince everyone …

Under your leadership, race will rise and revive!

Otherwise, why are you superior?

I really want to convince everyone.

It really benefits everyone.

Then, as the emperor, you must be proficient in the rune style of your clan.

Monster Race monster pattern, Demon Race magic pattern, Dragon Race Dragon Mark, Phoenix Clan Phoenix pattern, all exist.

Once you are proficient in the runes of your tribe, you can strengthen the level of runes in your tribe.

The monster general Zhu Hengyu is facing at this moment. They are all wearing Battle Armor and weapons engraved with dense monsters.

The Monster General, the inner sac behind them, the javelin full of monsters is the handwriting of Monster Race and White Tiger.

The javelin made by the emperor, can the formidable power be weak?

It’s not just the javelin in the hands of the barbarian …

In fact, in the hands of the giant ape in the front row, it was three meters high and heavy on the heavy steel shield.

Why isn’t it full of complicated monsters?

The existence of the emperor does not just represent a master who is infinitely close to the Holy Land.

The most important thing is that he can make the entire Legion stronger.

Even to make all cultivators of the entire race stronger.

Only everyone can gain benefits, and the Emperor can let everyone in the race obey his orders with all his heart.

Actually …

Now Zhu Hengyu is already on this path.

But, for the time being, his strength and influence are still very weak.

For the time being, he can only strengthen his army.

For the time being, he can only get huge benefits for those around him.

If you expand the scope to the entire Devil Clan.

For the time being, he will not be able to benefit all cultivators of the Devil Sheep.

Moreover, in terms of hard power, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t rank in the top 100 of the Devil Clan!

To use the exact adjective, that’s-lonely power!

But fortunately, Zhu Hengyu is already on this path.

As long as you work hard, you will reach it someday.

For the time being, Zhu Hengyu must face, Demon Race does not have this world.

He must bear, Monster Race Emperor, the blessing and increase of Monster Race army.

Looking at the pieces of Battle Armor, heavy shields, weapons …

Zhu Hengyu’s heart suddenly became extremely heavy.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s gaze …

Three Treasured Daughters Vulture Guard, 30,000 Goshawk Monster General, 30,000 Griffon Divine Archer, slowly pressed in in the sky.

Thirty thousand giant ape Monster General, holding super-sized monster-patterned war shields, walk in front.

Behind him is the General Bull Monster General carrying a ragged javelin rucksack.

Behind the Wild Bull Monster General, there are 30,000 crazy lions Monster General, 30,000 tigers Monster General, and 30,000 tyrants Monster General!

It can be said that all the monsters that are good at fighting and siege are gathered here.

Obviously, this is definitely not just the strength of the Golden Eagle Demon.

Unexpectedly …

The entire Blood Sheep Island Sea Territory, all the high-end forces of Monster Race, have gathered here at this moment!


Monster Race must not tolerate the nail of Giethoorn, stuck in the heart socket.

Unexpectedly, if you completely remove this nail, Monster Race is definitely sleepy.

Time to now …

The battle for the Blood Territory Sea Territory between Monster Race and Demon Race is completely over.

Temporarily, Demon Race and Monster Race have stopped all wars tacitly.

At this moment, Monster Race is consolidating its new Sea Territory.

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