Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3931


The Golden Eagle Demon can be today.

In other words, if the Golden Eagle Demon is going to continue to climb up.

So, this Three Treasured Daughters carved guard is his biggest hole card.

If all the damage is done here today, his heritage will be lost forever!

dang dang dang …

Finally, the bell of Qingyue sounded behind the Monster Race army.

Hearing Zhongming, the Monster Race Air Force in mid air turned around and fled!

Monster Race is not a fool.

Especially for the Monster Race Air Force, all the Battle Physiques are in the 60s and above.

Everyone knows …

If you continue to rush like this.

Perhaps the Demon Guard will be annihilated!

But the same, I’m afraid the Air Force of Monster Race don’t even want to leave alive!

Use the hunted thousand Monster Race Air Force to replace the Guardian of the Three Thousand Days Monster, which is definitely a loss to home business.

The most important thing is …

As the Monster Race Air Force itself, they don’t want to use their lives at all to go against the Guardian of the Demon!

So, when they heard the bells ringing after the Monster Race, they ran faster than one.

Facing the Monster Race Air Force fleeing wildly, Zhu Hengyu is not at all relenting.

Although the Bull Guard had a range of only 1,000 meters, he quickly stopped flying axe attacks.

But the range of the Sky Guard is 3000 meters.

Thus, three thousand fire chains were pursuing the Monster Race Air Force.

When the last Monster Race Air Force was out of range of the Guardian of Demon.

hundred thousand Monster Race The Air Force has been shot and killed more than 30,000!

Facing such a huge loss, the Golden Eagle is handsome!

Such a huge loss, even for him, it is difficult to explain to the Monster Race military.

At the same time as the Golden Eagle Demon is ready for there funeral.

On the side of Zhu Hengyu, his eyes widened and he shook violently.

In just a few ten breaths.

Tennis Guard and the Bull Guards have teamed up to shoot over 30,000 Monster Race Air Forces!

You know …

The 30,000 Monster Race Air Force, everyone’s Battle Physique, is over 60!

Convert to Demon Race …

These Monster Race Air Forces, all of them, are all magical!

As we all know, there is a huge gap between magic and non-magic generals.

Although ordinary cultivator, if innate talent is good enough, cultivation is hard, and luck is strong enough.

You can also practice Battle Physique to sixty paragraphs.

However, compared with the same sixty paragraphs of Battle Physique, the gap is incomparable gigantic.

This is not just a gap in energy.

It’s not just the difference in the strength of Battle Physique.

Not even the so-called power, the speed difference.

In fact, the biggest gap lies in the transformation of the soul!

If you say that the ordinary cultivator of the Devil Body in sixty paragraphs is just a ants.

The magic monsters above the sixty Devil Body are the real Flood Dragon!

This is not a change in quantity, but a qualitative leap!

Specifically to Monster Race …

A normal Monster Race soldier.

Even if his demon body reaches sixty paragraphs, its soul energy is actually not very powerful.

Compared to the forty-fifty section of the demon body, but only a little more.

Even if this amount is doubled, doubled, or tripled, it doesn’t make much sense.

Slapping two 40-segment monsters is equivalent to killing a 50-segment monsters.

Slaying two monster soldiers with fifty segments of monsters is equivalent to killing one monster soldier with sixty segments of monsters.

So Zhu Hengyu doesn’t really value the monster rank of the monster soldier.

As long as there are more, the same number of paragraphs.

But …

Monster General is really different from the monster soldier.

Although many Monster General monsters are still in the 60s.

Have the same monster body as the top monster soldier.

But …

Monster General is Monster General.

The reason why the monster soldier is a monster soldier.

That wasn’t artificially prescribed, nor was it artificially promoted.

Demon Race has ridiculous magic fruits.

Monster Race has Celestial Demon Undying Grass.

These two existences can greatly enhance the energy of the soul.

Make a qualitative leap in the soul of cultivator.

From the perspective of the soul …

You can even think of Monster General as another creature, another race.

Specific to Monster General and Monsters of Monster Race.

Slay a monster general. The psionic energy swallowed by Sen Luo Yin snake, although only two or three times more.

But the quality is thousands of times higher!

Swallowing the soul of a Monster General, Sen Luo Yin snake gains more than swallowing 10,000 monster soldiers!

This is not a quantitative increase, it is a leaps and bounds caused by qualitative changes!

In just a few ten breaths, the Demon Guard and the Bull Guards teamed up to kill more than 30,000 Monster General.

In this way, Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo Yin snake has gained a huge promotion to unimaginable.

In terms of actual results …

Thirty thousand Monster General’s promotion of Sen Luo Yin snake is equivalent to the sum of 300 million ordinary monster soldiers!

Looking at the monster generals Monster General who fled, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes could not help but release fiery rays of light!

Licking his lips greedily, Zhu Hengyu completely gave up his plan to escape.

Three thousand days magic Guard?

Give up, give up …

If all monster generals can be left behind.

So how terrible the ascension of Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo Yin snake will be!

After completing this sale, Zhu Hengyu’s strength will get a qualitative leap!

Only with the power of Senro, it is enough to confront Demon King directly, and even win the battle!

And most importantly …

It’s not just the power of Sen Luo who slayed the 30,000 Monster General and got a profit!

At this moment …

Zhu Hengyu’s knowledge of the sea.

In the 18th Layer Purgatory Tower, more than 30,000 soul energies are burning.

Once the purgatory tower is completely refining, and absorb more than 30,000 Monster General’s psionic powers.

What realm will Zhu Hengyu’s Devil Body’s power, speed, and strength increase to!

I’m afraid you don’t need demonic energy!

With the power of fleshy body, he can be tied with the ordinary magic handsome.

Emphasis here …

The power of Sen Luo consumes the soul and soul of the cultivator.

The power of purgatory is devouring the power of the earth soul of the cultivator.

The two powers, each devouring their own energy, will not interfere with each other, nor will they invade each other.

As for the soul!

That is no power that can be devoured.

The fusion of heaven and soul and the sky, disappear without a trace, cannot be considered.

If even the soul of the sky is swallowed up! Then this life form is the real extinction.

This is the case with the so-called natural destruction.

Heavenly and extinct, heavenly and heavenly soul, and earthly and evil soul.

The heaven and earth souls are destroyed, so the soul can only be the soul flew away and scattered.

In this way, this life body is completely erased from this Heaven and Earth.

It cannot be resurrected in any way.

Looking at the monster general Monster General who ran away, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes became firmer than ever.

Anyway, these monster soldiers, Monster General, Zhu Hengyu is settled!

Although, Zhu Hengyu may have to catch the Guardian of the Three Thousand Heavens!

But war is like that, how can it not be dead?

If the sacrifices of the Three Thousand Days Guard can be exchanged for the elite thousand Monster Races in front of them, then they are considered dead.

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