Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3932


The battle between Monster Race and Demon Race, the Devil Race is the front line! Monster Race does not dare to provoke the demon wolf tribe, nor can it provoke the demon wolf tribe.

Thus, many of Monster Race’s main units, the main legion, and even the ace Legion, are gathered in the Blood Territory Sea Territory.

At this moment … In order to destroy Giethoorn, Monster Race has concentrated 80% of the Navy’s high-end military power on Giethoorn.

Attempting to destroy Thunderhorn in an instant.

To achieve complete occupation and complete control of the strategic goals of Blood Territory Sea Territory.

Miss this opportunity … the elite Legion of the hunted thousand Monster Race, the ace Legion, will spread out.

Scattered over each Sea Territory, over each island.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu cannot miss these elite Monster Races anyway.

After this village, there really is no such shop.

Zhu Hengyu is willing to pay the price of the life of three thousand days of Demon Guard.

This battle is not just for Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo Power and Purgatory Power.

The most important thing is … after this battle, the elite of the Monster Race Navy will be gone! At that time, the Monster Race navy wanted to continue to attack the Mo sheep tribe and continue to occupy the islands of the mo sheep tribe, I am afraid it will not be so easy.

After having a plan in mind … Zhu Hengyu immediately fluttered his wings and landed on top of the city, beside the old captain watching the battle.

Seriously watching the old captain, Zhu Hengyu said seriously: “The Monster Race army will definitely retreat in a while, you must be ready for battle.”

Ready to fight?

The old captain was stunned.

He doesn’t understand who to start a war with and why, and how?

Originally, the old captain should not be here. As the captain of the black gold battleship, he should stay on the black gold battleship.

But the old captain has never seen a battle between the Devil and the Monster Race.

Curious, he ran secretly, hiding in the corner of the city wall, and admiring a peerless war.

Between looking overwhelmed by emotions, but Zhu Hengyu was found, and was arrested.

But it is clear that Zhu Hengyu not at all blamed him and continued to open the mouth and said: “After a while, after the Monster Race army retreated, you are responsible for driving the black gold battleship and rushing to the seaside dock.” >

Destroy all Monster Race battleships docked at the dock! Completely cut off, the Monster Race army escapes the retreat of Giethoorn.

As long as the Monster Race army cannot leave Giethoorn.

Then Zhu Hengyu has a chance to command the 3000 Guardian of the Demon Guard and the guard of the 3000 Guardians.

Play a survival game with the ace army of Monster Race.

The entire Giethoorn is a huge playground.

The two sides fight hard on the entire island.

Who can live to the end depends on their respective capabilities and their respective creations! Looking deeply at the old captain, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes lighted up: “Anyway, in the next month, no Monster Race battleship is allowed to approach Giethoorn. How can I do it?”

Please face Zhu Hengyu. The eyes of the old captain suddenly emit sharp rays of light.

Since getting the black gold battleship, the old captain hasn’t been able to enjoy a great battle.

until now, the old captain is fighting the pirates.

But can the island compare with the ace fleet of the Monster Race Imperial Family?

From now on, after many improvements to the black gold battleship, in addition to the platinum battleship, it is already the cashiest and strongest steel battleship in the world.

until now, the old captain wants to play vigorously.

But I never found a chance.

But now it’s fine.

The opportunity that the captain is looking forward to is finally here! Under the control of three thousand ice monster guards, the black gold battleship will never fear any opponent! Even if the opponent is the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race, it is the ace fleet of Monster Race.

The old captain is also fearless! Between thoughts … The old captain haha ​​smiled and said excitedly: “Relax, commander, within the next month, I promise that there will be no Monster Race battleship near the pier in Giethoorn.”

Eun … Nodded, pleased, Zhu Hengyu said, “I will give you the things at sea.”

Even if you can’t persist for a month, try to persist for as long as possible.

Anyway, these hundred thousand monster general Monster General, Zhu Hengyu must all eat.

Not one less! After receiving Zhu Hengyu’s order … the old captain turned very happily and left the city wall.

Soon, along the chains, the old captain returned to the black gold battleship.

Running the black gold battleship, the old captain was in command of the three thousand ice demon guards, and moved towards the dock.

The three thousand ice demon guards were the guards of Emperor Xuanbing.

Not only are they proficient in melee combat, they are also good at ranged magical strikes.

Most importantly, they are still the most powerful navy! When fighting … Three thousand Ice Demon Guards can cover the Battleship with a layer of Xuanbing Battle Armor.

Enhance the strength of battleship and increase the defense of battleship.

Great Ancient Era … The real Ice Demon Guard can even release ice bombs remotely, strike the target battleship remotely.

After the ice bomb landed on the deck of the enemy battleship, it could not only have a huge impact on the battleship and the seafarers.

That huge ice bomb will condense into a giant beast! That’s right … it’s so scary! That’s it! The real ice demon guard can remotely place mysterious giant beast on the enemy’s battleship.

Destroy the enemy ’s battleship directly and grab the opponent ’s battleship directly! That alone is actually nothing.

The most important thing is that these three thousand ice demon guards are not only soldiers, but also not just summon divisions.

The most terrifying thing is that … at the same time, they are also rune divisions, Refiner Masters, shipbuilders … When fighting, they can incarnation as soldiers.

When on the road, they can incarnation as seafarers.

When there is nothing to do, they can become rune masters, Refiner Masters, shipbuilders … Therefore, the battleship controlled by the three thousand ice magic guards will always be continuously refined and strengthened.

The battleship they control is also destined to be the most powerful, scariest, and most invincible battleship! Watching the old captain leave quickly … Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but be complacent. The next month will be an extremely bloody month.

The whole Giethoorn will be permeated with blood.

Looking into the distance … Under Zhu Hengyu’s gaze, the Monster Race army slowly withdrew from the battlefield.

Before finding a solution, the Golden Eagle Demon will never return.

Maybe some people think that the Golden Eagle Demon is a bit silly … It’s not enough to eat once, so why eat a second time?

But in fact, it was a bit wrong for him.

In the first battle, the Golden Eagle Demon was seriously injured, so he took a carriage to the battlefield.

By the time the Golden Eagle Demon arrives, the battle is over.

The only thing the Golden Eagle Demon sees is the corpse on the ground.

As for the process and scene of the entire battlefield, he not at all witnessed it.

Then … on the way back … Although the army of the Golden Eagle Demon was ambushed, the Golden Eagle Demon could only ride on the carriage because he was seriously injured.

So, the Golden Eagle Demon is actually not at all into the canyon.

I haven’t seen the scene of the fighting with my own eyes.

And to be honest … this time, Monster Race’s army is absolutely sufficient.

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