Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3933


The problem is that the Golden Eagle Demon is really unexpected. The fire power on Zhu Hengyu’s side is so fierce.

If you continue to fight … Although the Guardian will surely annihilate the entire army, I am afraid that my Air Force has very little left.

Golden Eagle Demon is unbearable for such a huge loss.

In particular, the Three Treasured Daughters Eagle Guard is the heart of the Golden Eagle Demon, which is his essence.

Anyway, he can’t break it here.

It’s not that the Golden Eagle is handsome and silly, but Zhu Hengyu is too determined.

Knowing that you will die, but you will die.

Look who is more afraid of death.

See who cares less about damage.

Obviously, Zhu Hengyu won resolutely in one hand.

The Golden Eagle Demon is not determined enough, and he is not willing to give up the Three Treasured Daughters.

Otherwise, from now on, the 3000 Guardian of the Demon Guard should have been wiped out.

Zhu Hengyu can only command the wolverine commander with three thousand wild cattle guards, and retreat to the mine.

Watch the Monster Race army quickly withdraw.

Zhu Hengyu coldly smiled, loudly said: “Pass me an order and immediately rest in place. After a quarter of an hour … the whole army is dispatched to hunt down the Monster Race army!”

No! Facing Zhu Hengyu’s order, the Guardian of the Three Thousand Heavens Demon Guard, and the guard of the Three Thousand Wild Cows, came suddenly to the rescue! When it comes to rest, there is nothing to rest.

Zhu Hengyu actually issued this order more, so he took time to think about it.

You know, the situation is very complicated.

Monster Race is an army of great soldiers and powerful.

Once the dumplings are wrapped, Zhu Hengyu’s soldiers and horses, simply don’t do much.

Monster Race can swallow them in one breath.

Therefore, we must think of a sure-fire policy before Zhu Hengyu dares to formally pursue his troops.

Time is passing by every minute … Zhu Hengyu stands on the city wall, looking at the gray sky, his brain is moving fast.

Obviously, it is absolutely impossible to gather troops.

If there is only one target, the other side will be easy, so you can surround him and wrap dumplings of Zhu Hengyu’s army.

Once one is accidentally surrounded by the Monster Race army.

Zhu Hengyu didn’t even have a reinforcement, so he just waited.

Another convenience, Giethoorn also needs to stay on guard.

Otherwise, once the Monster Race forces have captured Ram Tail and Ghorn Horn.

Zhu Hengyu entire group, there is nowhere else to go.

Zhu Hengyu must guard one of Yangjiaocheng and Yangweicheng.

If both are lost, Zhu Hengyu can only leave Giethoorn and declare that the battle has failed.

With Zhu Hengyu’s current strength and power.

Once he leaves Giethoorn, his position as a devil is definitely untenable.

Not that Zhu Hengyu is not confident of winning the game.

The key point is that if the military department meets directly, Zhu Hengyu’s handsome position can be rejected.

You are just a soldier. Why do you compare with others?

I know from the heels that Zhu Hengyu cannot win.

After taking the handsome position, it is absolutely impossible for Zhu Hengyu to let go easily.

Again … if you know you want to abandon the coach, why should Zhu Hengyu go after the demon soldier and take risks?

Monster Race is not a fool.

As long as Zhu Hengyu gives up Giethoorn, their brains will be drained and they will surely occupy it immediately.

Without the benefit of the city wall, Zhu Hengyu’s army will be destroyed instantly.

At that time … Zhu Hengyu was not facing the so-called 3000 metres city wall.

This Heaven and Earth is so big, all directions, where can’t you come?

At that time, all directions came around.

Then Zhu Hengyu has no way to heaven and no door to the ground, so he can only hold hands.

After repeated consideration, Zhu Hengyu called Zhu Xiaomei, Su Xiaowan, and Su Ziyun to hold a high-level meeting! After careful consideration, Zhu Hengyu made a decision.

Three thousand demon guards and three thousand wild cow guards are divided into three teams.

Each team consists of a thousand Sky Devils Guards and a thousand Wild Cow Guards.

The first brigade, commanded by Zhu Hengyu, is responsible for slaying the living power of Monster Race on Giethoorn.

The second brigade, headed by Su Ziyun, is responsible for cooperating with Zhu Hengyu to slay Monster Race on Yanggong Island.

The third brigade, headed by Su Xiaowan, is responsible for staying in Giethoorn.

As for Zhu Xiaomei! Her task is to fully mine the super-magic stone pit.

Build various barriers and trenches inside the mine! Once the battle was unfavorable, Zhu Hengyu and the others commanded the army and entered the mine.

There will be everyone’s final position! Therefore, although Xiaomei Zhu does not need to participate in the war, her work is the most important.

Also, if a wounded person appears in battle.

Immediately return to Giethoorn.

There is Zhu Xiaomei sitting in Giethoorn. As long as the wounded soldiers are still there, Zhu Xiaomei can be cured instantly.

The demon can reconcile, although it is a junior inheritance magic.

But I do n’t know why, the magic can reconcile, it is not compatible with any magic and magic skills! To this day, Xiaomei Zhu still can only reconcile this inheritance magic.

All other inheritance magics are reconciled by magic energy.

However, for Zhu Hengyu and his forces.

Zhu Xiaomei doesn’t need any other magic and magic skills.

No one wants to put her on the battlefield.

She also simply doesn’t need to be on the battlefield or fight anyone.

For Zhu Hengyu and his army.

Zhu Xiaomei is everyone’s pearl in the palm.

Who dares offend Zhu Hengyu? The problem may not be great.

Zhu Hengyu is tolerant enough and doesn’t know much about the general public.

But whoever offends Zhu Xiaomei, it is considered to have hit the reverse scale.

Not only Zhu Hengyu, including Zhu Hengyu, all the cultivators under Zhu Hengyu will never let go of that guy.

Zhu Xiaomei is so kind and has no dispute with the world.

Whenever she is needed, she will appear immediately.

A selfless helping hand pulled them back from the death line.

From start to finish, Zhu Xiaomei has never refused anyone’s request.

Many times, Zhu Xiaomei often does not sleep for several days in order to treat patients.

Many times, I fainted on the ground.

But when she woke up, she immediately went back to work.

In the words of Xiaomei Zhu … I take a break for one minute, and someone may die because of inadequate treatment.

Since I can still resist and have consciousness, I must not stop rescue.

After years of insistence, Zhu Xiaomei’s prestige under Her Majesty Zhu Hengyu is not weaker than Zhu Hengyu.

When Zhu Hengyu is away, Zhu Xiaomei is his spokesperson.

So, Zhu Xiaomei not only has high reputation, but also has all the trust of Zhu Hengyu.

The power in his hands is not inferior to Zhu Hengyu! Don’t think that only when Zhu Hengyu is away, Zhu Xiaomei will have the final say.

In fact, the more Zhu Hengyu is, the greater Zhu Xiaomei’s rights are.

Zhu Hengyu is very fond of Zhu Xiaomei.

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