Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3935


A few hunted thousand monster race armies, and the monster ace Legion of Monster Race comes together.

But still killed by Zhu Hengyu.

If they don’t retreat fast, I am afraid that all the Imperial Family Guards of Monster Race will die in front of Giethoorn! Within the Monster Race, the Golden Eagle, Goshawk, and Griffon tribe are born into the Imperial Family.

Thus, the Golden Eagle Guard, Goshawk Guard, and Griffin Divinine Archer are all Imperial Family Guard troops of Monster Race! Belongs to Monster Race’s top battle strength! However, Three Great Legions totaled hundreds of people, but they were killed by Zhu Hengyu’s Guardian of the Three Thousand Days and Guard of the Guardian of Three Thousands of Cows. That ’s all, that ’s all.

After all, although the old captain is proficient in naval warfare, to be honest, he does not know much about land warfare.

On the sea, the old captain is absolutely fearless.

But if you go up to land and engage in a city wall offensive and defensive battle, the old captain is no different from an idiot.

So, although Zhu Hengyu’s performance is extremely arrogant, he can be called against the sky.

But honestly, the old captain didn’t really understand.

The captain who really has absolute confidence in Zhu Hengyu is actually the black gold battleship and the three thousand ice magic guards! 10,000,000 years ago, this Ice Demon Guard was the Guard of the Demon Sovereign Demon Sovereign! At that time, in the era when Xuanbing Demon Sovereign lived, it can be said to be a master.

Number One Expert Demon King is born in the same era as Demon Sovereign.

In addition, Purgatory Demon King is Xuanbing Demon Sovereign’s biggest opponent! But in the end, why did n’t the Number One Expert of the Devil Tribe compete for Demon Sovereign?

In fact, the reason is simple … It is because Xuanbing Demon Sovereign has three thousand ice magic guards! If it’s on land … Purgatory Demon King’s purgatory guard is definitely an invincible existence.

But above the sea, everything is completely different.

The Ice Demon Guard can directly cast mysterious giant beast onto the enemy’s battleship.

Thanks to the terrible destructive power of mysterious giant beast, with the demolished one, the opponent ’s battleship can be dismantled.

Although Demon King’s purgatory guards can also directly cast lava giant beasts on top of each other’s battleship.

Although the purgatory guard has the strongest attack power, the ice demon guard can cover the battleship with a thick layer of ice armor.

As we all know, among Five Elements, water can overcome fire! Therefore, in the case of comparable strength, the purgatory guard cannot destroy the battleship covered by Xuanbing.

While waiting for the lava giant beast to blast the Xuanbing Battle Armor, the battleship where the purgatory guards are located has already been blasted.

On top of the sea, once the battleship is lost, the Devil Clan is not as strong as a falling dog.

On the sea, the Ice Demon Guard is invincible.

This is not just because they can consolidate the Xuanbing Battle Armor to protect the battleship.

Moreover, every Ice Demon Guard is the best Master of the Weave, Refiner Master, Shipbuilder … The battleship controlled by the Ice Demon Guard is the overlord of the sea.

Xuanbing Demon Sovereign’s life is not without defeat.

But at sea, he kept winning! No one can defeat Demon Sovereign at sea.

Even Demon King is no exception! Of course, if the change is land.

The winner is Demon King.

No matter how you fight, as long as it is on land, Purgatory Demon King cannot lose.

But unfortunately … Demon Race is now retreating to the island, the overlord of the sea is the real Sovereign! Light energy dominates the land and is useless.

Xuanbing Demon Sovereign commanded the Ice Demon Guards, and continued to open up and expand the territory, laying a big river and mountains.

The Demon King, even if it is powerful, is destined to defend only one city and one island.

Although the purgatory guard is invincible in defending the city! But the three thousand purgatory guards can only guard one city and one island.

Xuanbing Demon Sovereign is different … Invincible maritime supremacy, allowing him to control the blocky Sea Territory just by blocking the sea.

Whoever tries to invade.

Don’t wait for your opponent to approach the island, you will be sunk by Xuanbing Demon Sovereign.

You ca n’t even do the islands close to people. How can the land battle be invincible?

If not everyone belongs to Demon Race.

Xuanbing Demon Sovereign can completely defeat Demon King at sea.

All purgatory guards have to feed the fish! Although for the time being, the ice captain under the command of the old captain cannot summon the mysterious giant beast.

But just cover the battleship with the Dark Armor Battle Armor.

With continuous refinement, battleship is constantly being strengthened.

It is enough to make the black gold battleship invincible and the sea.

The Captain is confident … even now he immediately encounters the Demon King of Purgatory.

As long as he is above the sea, he can win.

Even … Demon King of Purgatory couldn’t even see their shadow. The battleship they were riding on had been broken into pieces.

Even Demon King can escape alive with great strength.

But all his three thousand purgatory guards have to die! It is precisely because of this … that the old captain’s confidence in Zhu Hengyu is too much.

He can’t think of how Zhu Hengyu defeated! The difference is just a larger loss or a smaller loss.

Time is slowly passing … more than two hours after all the Monster Race battleship was sunk.

Monster Race’s defeated soldiers quickly swarmed onto the dock.

Looking above the sea, there are pieces of wood floating on the sea.

For a while, all Monster Generals lost their interest in speaking.

The golden eagle demon is handsome, riding the carriage, and hurried to the pier.

Looking at the outside harbor, the pieces of wood covering the entire sea surface.

For a moment, the golden eagle demon handsome could not help anger! Bold! It was too daring … looking at the pieces of wood floating across the sea.

Only an instant, the Golden Eagle Demon handsome saw through Zhu Hengyu’s ambition.

Obviously … Zhu Hengyu this is the way to cut their back! He didn’t plan to let them go.

This is to kill them more than 300,000 Monster Races! The Golden Eagle Demon really couldn’t figure out where Zhu Hengyu’s courage came from, where’s the confidence! Although he has suffered a great deal under Zhu Hengyu in the past month or so.

But that’s just because the Golden Eagle Demon has never seen the horror of the Demon Guard.

Now that he has seen it.

Also, he has over 300,000 Monster Race ace Legion in his hands.

So … Zhu Hengyu does n’t hurry to take the opportunity to escape that ’s all.

Where did the guts come from, they want to trap them on the island and kill them all! However, despite the anger in his heart, after all, the Golden Eagle Demon is an old churros that have been around for many years. He soon forced himself to calm down and thought quickly.

I thought about it for a little while.

The Golden Eagle Demon Handsome made the decision! Now that all battleships have been destroyed.

For the time being, these 300,000 Monster Races are so elite that they cannot leave Giethoorn.

Then they have to find a place to live.

The situation now is that Giethoorn has been occupied by Zhu Hengyu.

Although the Golden Eagle Demon Marshal has found a way to capture Giethoorn, the 300,000 Monster General Monster General has been frightened by successive tragedies.

Therefore, it is absolutely unwise to immediately attack the army.

It’s getting late, it’s going to be dark soon.

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