Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3936


All the Monster Race troops, all immediately rushed to Hurricane City.

Of course, the Golden Eagle Demon is not unconsidered. Zhu Hengyu will split up and seize Yangwei City.

However, if Zhu Hengyu really dares to do it, the Golden Eagle Demon is handsome.

Zhu Hengyu has fewer soldiers.

Now dare to split up and defend the two cities.

So, as long as the Golden Eagle Demon is ordered, the other party can be drowned instantly!

As long as Zhu Hengyu is not stupid.

As long as his brain hasn’t broken.

Don’t dare to split the army and defend two cities at the same time.

Therefore, Yangwei City must be empty.

As soon as you get over, the Monster Race army has a place to live.

On the other side, Zhu Hengyu has already arrived, and the Golden Eagle Demon has only one way to go.

You know, there are three fresh water sources on Giethoorn.

These are Giethoorn, Sheeptail, and Island Heart Lake.

However, although the lake at the heart of the island is still alive, the buildings there have been abandoned and are in ruins and cannot live.

So, as long as the Monster Race can’t leave Giethoorn, they will definitely go to Sheeptail City.

Of course

Zhu Hengyu will not be stupid, and dare to station in Yangwei City.

Ambush, but you can still play.

The location of the ambush is still the canyon.

Although, the Golden Eagle Demon was successfully ambushed here last time.

Theoretically speaking, the Golden Eagle Demon is no longer fooled.

But everything is artificial and everything is not absolute.

It’s been over a month since the last ambush.

During this period, Zhu Hengyu has refined a complete set of hiding tools for the three thousand Heavenly Demon Guards.

This includes not only engineering scoops, engineering drafts, but also a range of tools.

It even includes the jade coffin that temporarily dives into the ground and hides everything!

The so-called jade coffin is a jade coffin that can only hold one person.

The length and width of the jade coffin are just enough to fit one person.

The height is exactly the same as the thickness of a person.

You can bury a jade coffin by digging a pit in the ground with an engineering shovel, engineering draft.

The jade coffin is very particular, only the size of an adult’s palm, which is not enough for a meal.

Inside the jade coffin is the inscription of space expansion.

So, although it looks like a palm, it’s about the size of a palm.

But the space inside is enough to hold a bull guard who is more than two meters tall and stout to an exaggerated figure!

In practice

Just dig a small pit in the ground with an engineering shovel, engineering draft.

You can bury the jade coffin with a big palm.

With a little cover up, it can be perfectly hidden, which is not difficult.

Don’t say that they are super elites who have endured many battles.

Even an ordinary child who has never cultivated can hide it perfectly.

A small jade coffin contains the Dao of Refining by Peak.

Throughout the entire battlefield, I do n’t know if a second person can make it.


When the Golden Eagle Demon is handsome and commanding over 300,000 Monster Race troops, he rushes to the dock.

Zhu Hengyu and Su Ziyun respectively commanded two armies and ambushed on both sides of the canyon.

Among them, Zhu Hengyu ambushes on the left and Su Ziyun ambushes on the right.

The reason is to be in charge.

Because once the situation is unfavorable, everyone will run away separately.

So from the first ambush, the two armies were separated.

Can’t be mixed together.

Of course, in a fight, Zhu Hengyu was still in charge.

After all, Su Ziyun doesn’t have a Sen Luo mother snake.

He has no way to communicate and communicate with every team member at any time.

Especially when everyone hid in the jade coffin, even if Su Ziyun shouted and broke his throat, they would not hear it.

It is worth mentioning that this jade coffin can hide its tracks naturally.

So, Divine Immortal is hard to break!

There is no way to detect the jade coffin buried underground.

Unless you dig the ground three feet, dig out the jade coffin.

Otherwise, no jade coffin could be detected by any means of detection.

Because time is sufficient

So Zhu Hengyu and Su Ziyun checked it in person.

After confirming that everyone has perfect and without blemish.

That’s where I feel relieved.

However, even at this time, the Golden Eagle Demon and his Monster Race army have not yet arrived.

Nothing happens. Zhu Hengyu and Su Ziyun lead everyone to continue the exercise.

Discuss a series of coping strategies and coping strategies for various situations that may occur.

Time passes slowly

Finally, after exactly six hours, the Monster Race army finally arrived outside the valley!

At the same time, all the soldiers in the valley are hiding in the jade coffin.

Hidden perfectly

Beyond the valley, the Golden Eagle Demon smirked and stopped at Taniguchi.

More than a month ago, in this within the valley, he suffered the biggest failure of his life.

To this day, although the Golden Eagle Demon Handsome did not think that Zhu Hengyu dared to ambush again here, but the Golden Eagle Demon Handsome still dare not care.

Stop the Monster Race army at the mouth of the valley.

Then, under the command of the Golden Eagle Demon, the remaining Golden Eagle guards flew all the way into the valley to investigate whether there was an ambush in the valley.

If possible

Golden Eagle Devil will definitely bypass the valley that brought him great failure.

But there is no way. If you want to go to Yangwei, you must pass through this valley.

Time goes by every minute and every second

It gradually darkened.

Soon, there is news ahead.

Although for the time being, the end of the valley has not been explored, there is no ambush within 10 li of the entrance to the valley.

After hearing the report, the Golden Eagle Demon Handsome did not want to wait any longer.

Although there may still be an ambush in the valley, they can enter as long as there is no ambush at the mouth of the valley.

In fact, Monster Race is not afraid of being ambushed.

I’m afraid I’ve fallen into an ambush.

Looking at it getting darker and darker.

The Golden Eagle Demon Handsome knows that he can’t continue to waste time here.

As night falls, Yin Fiend Qi will become richer.

Every quarter of an hour outside, everyone ’s demon body will suffer great erosion.

Moreover, the Golden Eagle Demon Handsome really doesn’t think that Zhu Hengyu dare to continue to ambush here.

Once detected by Monster Race!

The absolute number advantage of Monster Race.

Zhu Hengyu simply cannot compete.

You know, there is no city wall here.

After being discovered by Monster Race, more than 300,000 demon soldiers burst into their heads.

Ren Zhu Hengyu was born with Three Heads and Six Arms, and he will be annihilated on the spot. There is no luck!

After receiving the order of the Golden Eagle Demon.

The 300,000 Monster Race army slowly advances into the valley.

At the same time

Zhu Hengyu waited patiently at the other end of the valley, near the exit.

Last time, Zhu Hengyu chose to ambush in the first half of the valley.

And this time, Zhu Hengyu chose to ambush in the second half of the valley.

There are reasons for this.

This valley is very long, more than thirty kilometers long.

Monster Race scouts, the first half, and the middle, will definitely be cautious and frightened to investigate.

But it ’s been that long.

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