Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3937


When you first entered the valley, it was absolutely impossible to say not to be nervous and not to be afraid.

But come all the way

The previous section and the Middle Section are both safe.

Everyone’s vigilance will be reduced uncontrollably.

Especially when the exit is near, everyone will be relieved subconsciously.

And at this time, Zhu Hengyu will give them a fatal blow!

At this moment

On both sides of the cliff at the exit of the valley, there are two thousand demon guards and two thousand wild cow guards.

At this moment

They are all hidden in the jade coffin and buried deep ten meters underground.

I can only hide ten meters

Because Zhu Hengyu prepared the iron solder for everyone, it is only ten meters long.

That iron is specially prepared for the mountain.

The tip of the brazing iron is a spiral drill.

As long as you turn the iron, you can drill into the rock and reach the depth of ten meters directly.

After pulling out the iron, you can throw the jade coffin into the drilled hole.

In this way, the jade coffin was buried underground ten meters deep.

It’s almost impossible to find such a deep depth.

Even if you give them enough equipment and they know the exact location, I’m afraid it’s useless.

Without three or five hours to dig, simply cannot dig so deep.

even more how, it is impossible for everyone to let the enemy know where the jade coffin was buried.

It is almost impossible to dig out a large jade coffin in such a wide cliff.

Even if you dig for a few days, you may not be able to dig one.

Time goes by every minute and every second

During the trek, Monster Race finally crossed the first half of the valley and the middle, and entered the second half of the valley.

Looking at the valley exit hidden in the night ahead.

For a while, all the monster soldiers didn’t speak, but everyone was relaxed.

The expression on my face is relaxed.

Just at this time

In the valley passage ahead, a raging fire suddenly rose.

Between the fire and the light, a robust silhouette, waving the wings behind it, suspended in mid-air!

ha ha ha

In a series of loud laughter, a loud voice sounded: Zhu Hengyu has been waiting here for a long time, let’s die.

Zhu Hengyu’s appearance instantly attracted all the attention of Monster Race.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu suspended in mid-air, all the demon soldiers instantly fell into endless panic.

Of course, among the monster soldiers, there are also those heroic heroes.

I found Zhu Hengyu’s immediately, hundreds of Monster Generals, wield dual wield, and flew towards Zhu Hengyu from all directions.

Zhu Hengyu dare not neglect, although his strength is better than anyone present.

But in the case of the enemy and the widowed, a little care may make him fall here today.

Zhu Hengyu appeared because he wanted to attract all monster generals.

Only when the density is large enough can the blow effect be good enough.

Just as Zhu Hengyu appeared.

On the hillside, one after another, a silhouette silhouette, appears on the ground.

As soon as he appeared, the one after another robust silhouette, he quickly took out the magic rifle and a multifunctional stand.

If you look closely, the stent looks simple, but it is very particular about it.

On the triangle bracket, there is a card slot in which the magic rifle is inlaid.

Also, there is a series of scales and adjustment instruments on the stand.

All Guardians, quickly support the bracket, and stuck the magic musket on the card slot.


All Demon guards began to quickly adjust the ruler on the stand.

With the adjustment of the ruler, the magic rifle slowly lifted an angle under the traction of the slot.

However, the muzzle of the magic rifle is directed towards the peak, not the lower part below.

Actually, the location of the Guardian is not on the cliffs on either side of the valley.

It’s on the back of the valley cliffs, on the other side of the hillside.

Behind the Demon Guard is actually not a valley, but an endless sea.

At this moment

Heaven Guard, and those monster generals, separated by a mountain range.

So if you want to shoot those monster monster generals, you must point the muzzle at the top of the mountain range.

The magical warhead can only hurt the monster general in the valley if it crosses the top of the mountain range and then drops like a raindrop.

For this shooting method, Zhu Hengyu named beyond shooting!

The so-called transcendence shooting is the research result that Zhu Hengyu has obtained with painstaking efforts in the past month or so.

Well known

Threw away a stone and force it away.

Stones pass through a parabolic track under the influence of gravity.

Changed to the outside world.

A fist-sized sharp stone, after flying over a distance of 100 meters, fell down.

It is guaranteed that an ordinary person can smash his head and cause blood to cause huge damage.

You can even be killed directly!

But don’t forget, this is the core area of ​​the advanced too Ancient Battlefield-the crumbling place!

The gravity of Advanced Battlefield is ten million times that of World.

Here, a stone flies over 100 meters

Under the gravitational pull, it will have huge kinetic energy.

Once you are hit, you can hurt your muscles in a mild way, but you can’t afford to hit it on the ground or even die on the spot.

Note, this refers to the advanced too Ancient Battlefield, not the core area-collapse the battlefield!

If the gravity of Advanced Battlefield is ten times higher than that of World outside.

The gravity of this collapsed battlefield is again the gravity of other areas of the Advanced Battlefield, which is ten million times more than other areas!

The world ’s formidable person to rebuke Heaven and Earth came to the battlefield, but it was like a three-year-old baby, and he could n’t even stand up.

Take advantage of the incomparable horrible gravity above the collapsed battlefield.

With the help of Dao of Refining inheritance obtained by Zhu Hengyu, he has developed this method of shooting beyond shooting!

It is produced from the magic ore pit, and the associated mine is made of black iron.

Combining magic stone, smelt new magic bullet.

The Xuanyuan Xuanyuan is notoriously heavy and strong.

After mixing with Super Magic Stone, you can create a super scorpion iron warhead—armor piercing projectile!

However, black iron is hard and heavy enough.

But because of this, when using a black iron warhead, the range of the magic bullet is reduced by a full ten times!

But that goes beyond shooting, but it’s very special.

Beyond shooting, you don’t need to aim at the enemy.

Just point the muzzle at the sky and shoot at the sky.

The bullet hits the air, and after passing a parabola in the air, it will fall to the ground.

The formidable power of the bullet depends entirely on the height the bullet reaches.

The higher the bullet reaches, the stronger the kinetic energy it has under the traction of supergravity, and the greater the formidable power

Thus, this magic piercing bomb is worth a lot.

Each magic piercing shell contains a whole higher-level magic stone.

Cost alone costs more than 10,000 magic stones.

This side

On the back slope of the mountain range on both sides, two thousand days of magic guards have set up magic muskets.

The guns were pointed in the direction of the mountain.

The muzzle of the black hole of a long time, pointed at the sky!


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