Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3938


Although the range has been reduced tenfold!

But it is because of the use of superior magic stone as the material.

Every magic bullet is pushed to high altitude by ten thousand meters with strong power.

However, the driving force of the magic warhead has begun to decrease rapidly.

At the same time that the driving force is reduced, the supergravity on the battlefield is destroyed, and the formidable power is started.

Under the gravitational pull, the magic warheads began to turn around.

A sharp bullet pointed at the ground below.

Then at this time

The green lines gradually lit up above each of the magic bullets.

The green green texture is exactly what the moire craftsmen made-supergravity rune!

You know, black iron is one of the heaviest metals.

Coupled with the supergravity on the battlefield that collapsed, it is quite enough.

But even so, Zhu Hengyu is not enough.

On top of the black iron warhead, Zhu Hengyu added a supergravity rune again!

It is worth mentioning

Zhu Hengyu added rune marks instead of magic lines.

Zhu Hengyu hasn’t obtained the magic way of inheritance.

He just accompanied the Rune Way, and inherited many Rune Ways.

But even that is enough.

The supergravity rune can increase the weight of an object by three thousand times.

Under the gravity that collapsed the battlefield

Cooperate with the super gravity rune of the magic piercing bomb.

For a moment, one after another, the demon warhead started to accelerate madly and dived down towards the ground.

xiū xiū xiū

With the ebbing of time, the speed of the one after another magic warhead is getting faster and faster.

Besides the emerald green super-gravity rune, a crimson fire is gradually lit up again!

Don’t get me wrong, this red fire is not a rune light.

It is because the speed of the magic energy warhead is too fast, and the high-temperature flame generated by friction with demonic energy, Primal Chaos Qi, and Yin Fiend Qi!

Every piercing bullet in the air of crickets was burned red.

If the melting point of black iron is not too high!

I’m afraid it’s been burned into molten iron while still in the air.

The height of ten thousand meters, it sounds like nothing.

But in fact, ten ten thousand meters, that’s ten kilometers and a distance of two 10 li.

Under the pull of hypergravity and hypergravity rune, each magic can be armor piercing, and incarnation becomes one after another meteor.

Dragging a long, scarlet-red trail, whistling and swooping down towards the ground.

xiū xiū xiū

At the same time!

In the valley below, all the monster generals, Monster General, can’t care about encircling Zhu Hengyu.

Look up and look into the sky!

As I saw it, the sky that had already been dim was lit up strangely.

close and numerous meteors, sliding down from the sky.

moved towards the ground, the close and numerous monster general Monster General spilled down.

哧哧 哧

next moment, the sky full of fire wave stars finally fell heavily on the earth.

dong dong dong 咚咚

In the dense roar, those fire wave stars don’t seem to have much momentum.

Each fire wave star fell on the ground and did not set off a big explosion.


If anyone underestimates this one after another tiny fire wave star, it is definitely the most stupid.

Be aware

Except for the heavy shield in Monster Race.

Besides the super heavy armor on Monster Race.

Demon Race’s other heavy armors, as well as light armors, were instantly punctured and torn!

As for the hard leather armor and soft armor, let alone.

In front of the fire wave stars, all the leather armor and soft armor are the same as if they were not worn.

Ah! Ahhh

In an instant, the screams screamed loudly.

The dense meteor fire rain is different from the real heavy rain, though.

But under the fire and rain, it was sprinkled everywhere, and no place to hide was found.

If the Demon Guard shoots down from a hillside.

Perhaps those Monster Generals can also find rock cover.

But now, those magic piercing bombs have dropped from the sky.

Across the entire earth, there is no cover at all, which can block these bullets dropping from the sky.

Meanwhile, the left and right sides of the hillside

Two thousand demon guards are constantly firing magic piercing onto the sky at a rate of three rounds per breath.

Two thousand days of magic guards, every breath is six thousand rounds of magic piercing ammunition.

It takes more than ten minutes to fly from the magic piercing bomb to the upper ten thousand meters, and then to the ground.

Ten breaths, enough time for the two thousand days of the Devil Guard to send more than 100,000 demon armor-piercing bullets into the sky.

Facing this sudden blow, the Monster Race army not at all bombed the camp instantly.

After all, I came here this time, but they are all the elite divisions in Monster Race, the ace divisions!

Everyone knows that panic will only accelerate their death.

Only if you are calm and calm can you get a glimmer of life!

But unfortunately

Even if the Monster Race army is calm and calm, no one can do anything about this attack from the dropping from the sky.

Uncovered by fire and rain, there is no room to hide at all.

Even how the opponent attacked, and where the opponent is now, have no idea.

In fury, the Golden Eagle Demon also knew.

Not that Monster General is too incompetent.

But Zhu Hengyu is too difficult and troublesome.

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